Queen Ethelburga’s judged to be ‘Excellent’ by ISI

Celebrations are underway at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (QE) this week after the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) awarded the Collegiate the top grading of ‘Excellent’ across all schools and areas, praising the pupils’ outstanding academic achievements and personal development.

QE’s Early Years Foundation Stage provision in Chapter House, was also assessed as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas.

The glowing ISI reports follow a three-day inspection in February this year, with inspectors observing every aspect of school life at QE through attended lessons, assemblies and extra-curricular activities. They held discussions with pupils, parents and staff across the school, in addition to examining samples of pupils’ work. Inspectors also visited boarding houses and the wider facilities, together with learning support and educational resource areas.

QE supports students through four schools: Chapter House (3 months to Year 5), King’s Magna (Year 6 to 9), The College and The Faculty (both Year 10 to 13). The key findings for all four schools are set out in two reports, as follows:

The College (including the Chapter House and King’s Magna provision):

  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.
    • Pupils achieve very high standards in their GCSE, IGCSE, BTEC and A-level examinations and make excellent progress across all areas of learning throughout their time in the school.
    • Pupils are highly articulate and have excellent communications skills; pupils who speak English as an additional language make exceptional progress as a result of the support they receive.
    • Pupils achieve much success in a very wide range of sporting, cultural, academic and outdoor activities, facilitated by the very comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities on offer.
    • Pupils have extremely positive attitudes towards their work and activities, showing the ability to work both collaboratively and independently, and a strong desire to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent.
    • Pupils display great self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience; they reflect on their learning and demonstrate an excellent understanding of how to improve further.
    • Pupils in all year groups collaborate well and are supportive of each other; relationships amongst the pupils and between staff and pupils are strong.
    • Many pupils make an excellent contribution to the school community, through undertaking roles of responsibility or acting as mentors and buddies, and to the wider community through volunteering and involvement in charity work.
    • Pupils from a very wide range of different cultures get on extremely well with each other in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding, recognising that each pupil is unique and valuing their differences.

The Faculty:

  • The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.
    • Pupils of all ages seek to achieve to the best of their ability and make excellent academic progress.
    • Pupils have well-developed communication skills. They are highly articulate and confident speakers and listen and respond maturely.
    • Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and are hardworking and resilient.
  • The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent.
    • Pupils display consistently high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, fully in line with the school’s aims.
    • Pupils have a highly developed sense of responsibility to their school community and relationships with each other are warm and positive.
    • Pupils have deep respect for their own and other cultures; they demonstrate a caring, tolerant attitude and sensibility towards the needs of others.
    • Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary; they have a well-developed sense of right and wrong and take responsibility for their behaviour and actions.

The reports also comment on the outcomes of the high quality of education provided, noting that:

  • At GCSE in years 2015 to 2017, performance has been well above the national average for maintained schools.
  • A-level results in the years 2015 to 2017 have been well above the national average for sixth formers in maintained schools.

Steven Jandrell, Principal said: “We are absolutely delighted that the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has found Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate to be ‘Excellent’ across all schools, praising our pupils’ outstanding academic achievements and personal development.

“These are the Inspectorate’s highest possible ratings and are a ringing endorsement of the quality of teaching delivered, extra-curricular opportunities offered, and pastoral care provided to students here at QE. The findings reflect our collective determination to always provide our students with the best possible opportunities to develop successfully and happily.

“I would like to thank our staff, pupils and parents for their continued support in making the QE community the special place it is.”

The full reports can be viewed and downloaded from the ISI’s own website here.

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