Useful Information – Boarding

House Routines 

6.40am – The children are woken up by staff and then get up and get dressed ready for breakfast. They make their own bed, tidy their rooms, clean teeth, wash faces and prepare everything for school. This includes sports kit, musical instruments and anything else they may need for the day.
7.25am – We all go to breakfast together, which is served in the Undercroft. Children sit with their house staff.
3.45pm – Prep is completed in school, where the boarding and academic staff are there to help children. They do a session of reading to staff, their set prep and then silent reading. If they have any difficulties, there are teachers on hand to help.
4.45pm – Students return to house to change.

5.10pm – Girl’s tea in the Undercroft.

– Boys house tidy and playtime outside.

5.45pm – This is structured activity time for the girls to play with their friends outside or in house, do activities and games or have some chill time.

6.00pm – Boys’ tea in the Undercroft

7.00pm – Time for showering and getting things ready for the next day. We also have our snack then where students can have milk and toast and it’s chocolate spread on Friday and Saturday!

7.20pm – Phone call and electronics for communication time.  Please make sure your child is aware of phone call times from home so they can be in their rooms ready for the phone call.

8.00pm – In this time, children go to their own rooms to settle in for bedtime. Teeth are brushed and uniform is checked for the following day. Staff will collect in all laundry and ensure students have settled for the evening.

8.15pm – All phone calls from home must be finished in order for the children to settle for bed and so that the other students in the room are not disturbed.

8.30pm – Lights out.

Please note that between 5:15pm and 7.00pm the children will not necessarily be available for phone calls due to activities and teatime.  On a Saturday children will be involved in activities between 2.00pm and 4.00pm and on a Sunday between 10.00am and 12 noon, so again they will not be available for phone calls.

In Chapter House we place a huge emphasis on developing our boarders into future leaders throughout the school. We run several schemes throughout the boarding community to encourage students to get involved in helping others and developing their communication and leadership capabilities. We run a student voice committee who speak with their peers and bring forward ideas to staff in the form of a committee meeting which takes place every half term. In house we have a prefect system which allows students to get involved in assisting with tasks such as toast time, laundry collection and preparation for sports fixtures. This year we are launching a two-tier praise system for our students in order to positively reinforce good behaviour. We will have a group-based points reward system which will allow students to win prizes as a mentor group, thus encouraging team work. We will also be handing out individual awards each week to recognise those who are working well within our community. We will have several areas within the boarding house to display the positive achievements of our students and the great work they do in school. Mentors will regularly contact parents and guardians to send home pictures and news of notable achievements by students.

Uniform shop email address
Boarding staff are happy to liaise with the uniform shop in order to get the best fitting uniform for your child. We will take measurements in house and place orders with parental consent. Please be aware boarding staff will not place any orders without prior agreement from parents and we require direct contact from you regarding this. If you would like to contact the shop to arrange appointments or with any uniform queries, their email address is