Co-curricular Enrichment Activities

At Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate we pride ourselves on the breadth of the Co-Curricular provision we offer to students to enrich their experience beyond the classroom. This provision runs alongside the academic curriculum to facilitate the holistic development of our students and their involvement in the Collegiate community.  Details of the colour-coding for the activities and more information on each activity can be found further down this page.

The summer term activities are as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunchtime Ballet – EYFS, Years 1 & 2

French – Years 3-5

Swimming development -Years 3-5

KS2 Choir – Years 3-5

Mindfulness colouring – Years 1-5

First Aid for Beginners -Years 2-5

Recorder – Years 1, 2 & 3

Years 3-5 Athletics

KS1 Choir – Years 1 & 2

Swim Squad – Years 3-5 (by invite only) 

Fun Fitness – Years 2-4

KS2 Instrumental Ensemble – Years 3-5

Tennis – Years 3-5


 Mini Enterprise Club – Years 3-5

Parachute Club – EYFS, Years 1 & 2

Dance Club -Years 3-5

Photography Club – Years 3-5

Accelerated Science Years 3-5 (by invite only) 

Philosophy for Children (P4C) – Years 3-5

Latin – Years 4 & 5

Nature Club – Years 2 & 3

Gymnastics – Years 3-5

Coding – Years 3-5

After school 3.30 to 4pm British Sign Language taster for 4 weeks (max 25 children) – Year 5

4.10 – 5pm Years 3-5 Homework Club

4-5pm Years 3-5 Boys’ Cricket

4-5pm Years 3-5 Girls’ Rounders

4.15- 5.30pm Brownies & Rainbows onsite

4.10 – 5pm Years 3-5 Homework Club

4.10 – 5pm Years 3-5 Homework Club 3.30 – 4pm Gardening Club – Years 1&2

4.10 – 5pm Years 3-5 Homework Club

4-5pm Basketball -Years 3-5

Cheerleading (by invite only)

This year in Chapter House we will offer students our broadest range of free activities to date across the following enrichment categories:

Category Description
Community & Teamwork CONTRIBUTE to the school community, organising fundraising for charity, volunteering for conservation and community work. E.g. regularly representing the school or competitive house, helping at open days as an Ambassador, attending Boarding/Food/School Council Meetings, being a Buddy etc.
Creativity EXPRESS creativity through artistic design, performance, higher order thinking e.g. STEM, Drama, Debating, Gymnastics, Dance and related Colours etc.
Health & Exercise PARTICIPATE in weekly activities beneficial to physical, social and mental well-being, showing dedication and improvement. E.g. the gym, swim, team games, meditation, yoga, THRIVE, achieving sports colours etc.
Leadership LEAD others so they follow your example E.g. Mentoring a new student, motivating and inspiring the team you captain, player of the match if it relates to you influencing others, chairing a committee/council, being a prep buddy, debating and gaining support for your opinion, helping someone to improve or change their actions/behaviour etc.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Clubs

Ballet – The children will get the chance to learn creative and imaginative dances to music.

After-school Gardening Club – Gardening Club is a fantastic opportunity for the children to attend a weekly session in the QE community garden where they are joined by the kitchen staff who teach them all about how food gets from the ground to our plates! They tend to the gardening plots, see the chickens and plant produce ready for the harvest in the Autumn term.

Parachute Club Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 –Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children are welcome to join in this fun club using the parachute to play a variety of games. Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and sharing. Playing with the parachute also strengthens shoulder, arm and hand muscles. (This club can accommodate a maximum of 12 children, so it may be split into 2 groups.)

Mindfulness Colouring – All children within Chapter House are welcome to gather once a week to take part in mindfulness colouring activities. The children can mix socially as well as enjoying some relaxation time. Relaxing music is played whilst the children think and talk to their peers.

KS1 Choir – A choir for all KS1 students in which students learn to sing a variety of fun songs which can be performed in assembly.

Nature Club – Year 2 and 3 children are invited to join Nature Club. The children will explore the different areas around school and learn about the different plants and animals that live there while using their knowledge and skills in Art and Science.

Recorder (Year 2 and 3) – This club is to enable those children that enjoy learning to play the recorder some dedicated fun time to explore different pieces of music.

Key Stage 2

CH Instrumental Ensemble – The CH instrumental ensemble helps develop skills in ensemble performance, using simple arrangements in a variety of musical styles.

French – Students will have the opportunity to practise their French by playing different games using different ICT software.

KS2 Choir – It is a very exciting term for KS2 choir! They will be performing a variety of songs as part of the Queen Ethelburga’s Choir Festival in May, as well as performances in the Creative Arts Celebration Assembly and Speech Day.

Photography club – Key Stage 2 children are invited to join photography club. We will be looking at photographs taken by professional photographs and using the ipads to take pictures and explore different aspects of the site. We will be focusing a different aspect each week including looking at objects from unusual angles, candid shots, architectural, seeking out lines, the most interesting framing within the shot, emotions, texture

P4C-Philosophy for Children – Key stage 2 children will follow a structured session of enquiry-based approach to open up children’s learning through the exploration of ideas. The session Starts with a stimulus and children are encouraged to draw on their imagination to ask a question based on wonderment (I wonder why…?).
Children make a collective decision on the question they are most interested in and the discussion starts but is then not contained. It follows its own path guided by the children’s thoughts and ideas, agreeing and disagreeing, but always giving a reason for their point of view.

Mini Enterprise club – Key Stage 2 children are invited to join our Mini enterprise club. The children will research, investigate, design and evaluate their very own business considering elements such as finances, advertising and premises.

Accelerated Science Club – A sequence of science enrichment activities that augment science curriculum objectives from Y3 – Y5 and encourage discussion, research, collaboration, use of scientific vocabulary, record, presenting and the skills of working scientifically.

Fun Fitness – The children are invited to join a fun fast paced fitness club. The children will be doing short bursts of activity to get their heart rates increasing, therefore increasing fitness and stamina.

First aid for beginners – In this club the children will have fun working towards the level 1 St John’s Ambulance First Aid for School Pupils certificate, or level 2 if they have already completed level 1. The course will enable the children to be confident in the following aspects of first aid: asthma, choking, communication and casualty care, coping in an emergency, fainting, primary survey and the recovery position. Those who completed Level 1 last term will move on to Level 2 discussing more advance first aid aspects including bleeding, scalds and diabetes.

Coding – Using a variety of online platforms to learn and develop the mysterious, challenging and rewarding art of programming.

Health and Exercise clubs – All the other sporting clubs are run by QE staff and coaches, unless otherwise stated.