Co-curricular Enrichment Activities

We aim to start enrichment activities in the summer term – an email will be sent shortly with more details.


At Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate we pride ourselves on the breadth of the Co-Curricular provision we offer to students to enrich their experience beyond the classroom. This provision runs alongside the academic curriculum to facilitate the holistic development of our students and their involvement in the Collegiate community. This year in Chapter House we will offer students a broad range of free activities across the following enrichment categories:

Category  Description 
Community  CONTRIBUTE to the school community, organising fundraising for charity, volunteering for conservation and community work. E.g. regularly representing the school or competitive house, helping at open days as an Ambassador, attending Boarding/Food/School Council Meetings, being a Buddy etc. 
Creativity  EXPRESS creativity through artistic design, performance, higher order thinking e.g. STEM, Drama, Debating, Gymnastics, Dance and related Colours etc. 
Culture  IMMERSE in cultural experiences, such as the theatre performances in the King’s Theatre, opera, formal dinners, experiencing other cultures, visiting other countries, positive participation in international week events etc. 
Health & Exercise  PARTICIPATE in weekly activities beneficial to physical, social and mental well-being, showing dedication and improvement. E.g. the gym, swim, team games, meditation, yoga, THRIVE, achieving sports colours etc. 
Leadership  LEAD others so they follow your example E.g. Mentoring a new student, motivating and inspiring the team you captain, player of the match if it relates to you influencing others, chairing a committee/council, being a prep buddy, debating and gaining support for your opinion, helping someone to improve or change their actions/behaviour etc.