Co-curricular Enrichment Activities

At Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate we pride ourselves on the breadth of the Co-Curricular provision we offer to students to enrich their experience beyond the classroom. This provision runs alongside the academic curriculum to facilitate the holistic development of our students and their involvement in the Collegiate community. This year in Chapter House we will offer students a broad range of free activities across the following enrichment categories:

Category  Description 
Community  CONTRIBUTE to the school community, organising fundraising for charity, volunteering for conservation and community work. E.g. regularly representing the school or competitive house, helping at open days as an Ambassador, attending Boarding/Food/School Council Meetings, being a Buddy etc. 
Creativity  EXPRESS creativity through artistic design, performance, higher order thinking e.g. STEM, Drama, Debating, Gymnastics, Dance and related Colours etc. 
Culture  IMMERSE in cultural experiences, such as the theatre performances in the King’s Theatre, opera, formal dinners, experiencing other cultures, visiting other countries, positive participation in international week events etc. 
Health & Exercise  PARTICIPATE in weekly activities beneficial to physical, social and mental well-being, showing dedication and improvement. E.g. the gym, swim, team games, meditation, yoga, THRIVE, achieving sports colours etc. 
Leadership  LEAD others so they follow your example E.g. Mentoring a new student, motivating and inspiring the team you captain, player of the match if it relates to you influencing others, chairing a committee/council, being a prep buddy, debating and gaining support for your opinion, helping someone to improve or change their actions/behaviour etc. 

Spring Term Activities



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

(12:30 – 13:20)




KS2 Swimming development – invitation only (Max 6)

KS1 Mental Maths Games

KS2 Blue Peter badge club  

KS2 Digital leaders

KS2 Sewing Club

KS2 Mixed Football 

KS1 and FS Story Club 

FS & KS1 Ballet 

KS2 Doodle Club 

KS1 Sewing Club

KS2 Fun fitness 


KS2 Swimming squad – invitation only (Max 10)

KS2 Swimming development – invitation only (Max 6)

KS2 Inspired by Art

KS2 Gymnastics 

KS2 Science Club

After school 15:40 – 18:00 FS & KS1 After School Care

15.45 – 17:00 KS2 Day Student Homework Club

15:40 – 18:00 FS & KS1 After School Care

15.45 – 17:00 KS2 Day Student Homework Club

16:15 – 17:00 KS2 Football (Boys)

16:15 – 17:00  KS2 Netball (Girls)

15:40 – 18:00 FS & KS1 After School Care

15.45 – 17:00 KS2 Day Student Homework Club


15:40 – 18:00 FS & KS1 After School Care

15.45 – 17:00 KS2 Day Student Homework Club

15:40 – 18:00 FS & KS1 After School Care

16:15 – 17:00 KS2 Basketball

Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 clubs

  • Story Club – Each week the children will listen to a story from a picture book and enjoy some book talk which will include some VIPER style questions to help improve comprehension. VIPERS is an acronym to aid the recall of the 6 reading domains as part of the UK’s reading curriculum. They are the key areas which we feel children need to know and understand to improve their comprehension of texts. VIPERS stand for: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Sequence or Summarise.
  • Mental Maths – Each week, the children from Years 1 and 2 will play different games linked to stage, not age, appropriate mental maths skills. The games will cover doubles, halves, times table facts as well as problem solving and team based activities.
  • Sewing Club – this term the children will design and make their own puppet or soft toy.

Key Stage 2 clubs

  • Blue Peter Badge club – The Blue badge is the most iconic badge in the UK! Mrs Mazza and Mrs Young are going to help you plan and execute your creative entry to Blue Peter to gain this prestigious award. We are going to start with the iconic BLUE badge but there are others to try for too.
  • Doodle Club – The children will create simple drawings using different drawing tools. Using a range of stimuli, these easy drawings may or may not have meaning and will include shapes, textures, patterns, cartoons, fictional beings and landscapes. It is a time to relax, share ideas and let your pencil surprise you!
  • Digital leaders – Digital leaders gives the children a chance to investigate computing and technology and understand how we can keep safe in an online world. There will be the opportunity for coding investigations along with other creative technologies such as music making, book making and animation.
  • Inspired by Art – This club will look at the work of famous artists and involve recreating versions of their most well-known pieces. If you enjoy are interested in creating your own masterpieces, please come along!
  • Sewing Club – This children will be learning about different stitches then designing and making an Easter gift.
  • Fun Fitness – Just as the name suggests a chance to blow away the cobwebs, increase fitness levels –all while having fun!
  • Science Club – These sessions will provide science enrichment across the KS2 science curriculum through hands-on activities and investigations to enable children to respond to the big science questions of ‘why’’ and ‘how’.