Nursery and Reception News

Week beginning 12th April

Today the children have enjoyed exploring the grounds together looking for birds nests. They were very excited when they found one in the secret garden – we have collected twigs to make our own!

Week beginning 15th March:

This week the children have been learning about the Census.  They have taken photographs of the school and written letters to their friends of the future – we are putting it all together into a time capsule that can be opened in 2121 to see how the school and life have changed!

Week beginning 8th March:

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone in Foundation Stage!

During this period of remote learning, updates will be given via the QE Facebook page and @HeadofCH twitter accounts.

Week beginning 7th December:

In the EYFS, we have really begun to get into the Christmas spirit with our activities.  The children have really enjoyed making wreaths, fluffy snowmen, elves and Christmas puddings and robins.

Week beginning 30th November:

This week some snow arrived in the EYFS! The children have enjoyed trying to make igloos with sugar lumps and marshmallows and to save the polar bear from the ice block that appeared overnight as it was so cold!

Week beginning 16th November: 

This week the children have started learning about Space. They have been really fascinated and enthusiastic learning facts about the moon. We were walking the children out to the car park to go home yesterday and some of the children spotted the moon in the sky. By us looking at the cycle on the internet the children knew how much of the moon they should be seeing and they were so excited to see that it was absolutely right!!
One of our creative activities has been to make a spaceship and to put an Alien in our spaceship. This has proved a very popular and fun activity amongst the children.  The children are now wanting me to hang them from the ceiling! (That is the spaceships not the children!!)

Week beginning 9th November:

Wednesday’s Children in Need theme was Get Active, so EYFS threw their best yoga dance shapes. Everybody joined in!

Week beginning 2nd November:

The EYFS children enjoying their new writing area!  They are really gaining confidence at using the phonics that they know to write, and read back to others what they have written.

Week beginning 19th October:

It has been a busy end of term with a School Birthday Celebration enjoyed by all.  See all of the photos on the QE Facebook page:

Week beginning 12th October:

The Foundation Stage children have been learning about autumn this week. They enjoyed a walk in our stunning school grounds and collected lots of natural resources.  They then made a beautiful autumn garden outside.

Week beginning 5th October:

This week the children have enjoyed observing how Aquabeads change when they are put in water.  They watched them grow and chatted with each other about what they could see. Benny and Hettie tried to write about what they did too.

Week beginning 28th September:

Everyone is now settled into EYFS and we have started to check our tricky words! This week the children have been looking for them around the classroom, recognising them in our group reading and some of the children trying to write them themselves.

Week beginning 21st September:

During the week in our mathematical magic moments we have been looking at lots of different patterns.  The children managed to continue a pattern on the whiteboard, build a pattern into a tower and also looked at number patterns.

Week beginning 14th September:

A very big WELCOME to our EYFS children who have settled into our new school routines!

This week we returned to doing our Movement for Learning sessions with Mrs Duston.  We were concentrating on balance; jumping from side to side with both feet together, practising writing our first sounds, ending with relaxation and a counting exercise!