Nursery and Reception News

Week beginning 9th March:

What an experience for the Foundation Stage children this week! They decided they wanted a wedding and planned the whole event themselves through ‘planning in the moment’. Thank you to the parents and staff who made it possible.


Week beginning 2nd March:

The Early Years children had a visit from the Reading Fairy this week. They read stories, sang songs and joined in with dancing and actions.

Week beginning 24th February:

What a lovely week we have had celebrating Shrove Tuesday!  The children enjoyed helping to make the mixture that Miss Soames and Mrs Pilley then used to make pancakes for everyone, as has become the tradition.  The children in Nursery and Reception did some beautiful writing as a follow up task to making the pancakes.

Week beginning 10th February

In PE this week we learnt about our hearts and how doing exercise and eating the right foods helps to keep us healthy.  The children were completing one minute exercises and then feeling their heartbeat to see how much quicker it was.  We then looked at some different foods thinking about whether they were healthy or not – remembering it’s OK to have unhealthy foods in moderation!

Week beginning 3rd February

When we went to the library one of the children was excited to find a book about vehicles. The children were interested in learning about vehicles in the sky. Therefore, this week we have started to make hot air balloons and flown our own paper planes!

Week beginning 27th January

The children have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week.  We made a dragon and then danced and played instruments to go with some themed music.  They have made their own little dragons and money envelopes and have also learnt about some of the Chinese New Year traditions.

Week beginning 13th January

In celebration of Wellbeing Week, we have participated in some class massage!  We partnered up with our friends and then learnt some different movements for the massage – the children all went home very relaxed!

Week beginning 6th January

To start the new year the children have been exploring their own feelings and have considered the five things that make them happy!

Week beginning 9th December

Christmas is here!!  On Monday, we enjoyed a trip to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and on Wednesday we performed our own version of ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’.  The children all sang beautifully and remembered their actions.

Week beginning 25th November

Christmas has really got underway in the EYFS! The children have really enjoyed decorating our tree, using some decorations that they have made themselves and are really looking forward to lots of festivities next week.

Week beginning 18th November

This week in our maths sessions the children have been learning about the names and properties of 2D shapes.  They used shapes to create their own pictures and Christmas trees.


Week beginning 11th November

What a busy week we have had!  We have enjoyed learning French, learning to write our sounds, programming ‘DASH’, dressing up and ‘Show and Tell’!  We ended the week joining in with raising money for Children In Need.

Week beginning 4th November

On 5th November the children enjoyed creating their own firework pictures – quite messy but great fun!!

Week beginning 21st October:

As part of our SMSC activities, the children in EYFS have been talking about friendships.  They made a friendship flower with each petal containing a statement about their relationships with family and friends.

Week beginning 7th October

We had great fun trying to see how much popcorn we could float on a piece of foil.  The children then refined their flat foil into boats and then tried to see if their boats would carry conkers that we knew would sink without it.  Guess who the wettest person in the end was… Mrs Pilley!!!  The children loved it.

Week beginning 30th September

In the EYFS, the children have been fascinated by autumn and the changes that it brings to our environment. They have enjoyed painting using autumnal colours and also adding some texture to their work using leaves. It has been wonderful to see how they took such care in what they were doing.

Week beginning 23rd September

EYFS and KS1 have enjoyed a day with One Day Creative today taking part in a drama workshop based on Jack and The Beanstalk. The children loved participating in the drama and were so excited when they managed to get the gold from the giant whilst he was asleep!

Week Beginning 16th September

We have been thinking about  change as part of our Personal Development curriculum.  The children have put aqua beads into water and then watched how they change over a short period of time.  Much fun has then been had playing with them!

Week Beginning 9th September

Our busy, little children have been very excited by the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week.  They have decorated gingerbread men, shared them with their teachers and enjoyed eating them too!!  We also drew our own ones and tried making them using playdough.  We are going to try and make our own ginger smelling playdough next week.



Week Beginning 2nd September A very big welcome to all the children in EYFS. We have spent the first two days getting used to new faces, new names and new routines! We went for a walk around the school to explore the different places within our environment. We have had a successful start to the new school year.

Summer Term 2019

Week Beginning 17th June

It is hard to believe that this is our last week at school.  When you look back through this news page it is quite amazing to see what a busy year we have had and how much all the children have grown!  Mrs Schofield and Miss Soames wish all the children in the EYFS a lovely summer holiday, and offer our sincere thanks to all of the parents for the continued support that you have given us in building the foundations of your child’s education.  Thanks to Robson’s suggestion we enjoyed a summer tea party as our end of year celebration!

Week Beginning 10th June

This is always an exciting and much looked forward to week in EYFS as it is our Summer Trip. Fasten your belts and off to Hesketh Farm Park we go… We had a great day out and did not let the weather spoil what we were doing!! We even managed to dodge the rain to have a tractor ride, paddock walk and collect the eggs.

Week Beginning 3rd June

We all really enjoyed our visit from Mr Hill this week.  He came to tell us all about being a pilot…  He showed us what his plane looks like, what it is like in his cockpit and also all the different places that he travels to.  We found out all about the computers on board the plane and what they have to do if an alarm goes off – thank you for visiting us!

Week Beginning 20th May

Following a question from a little boy about cows, we have been learning what we get from different animals.  The children loved that bacon came from a pig and asked if we could have bacon sandwiches – looking at those faces it was really enjoyed!!  They learnt about cleanliness whilst cooking, handling raw meat and also that sometimes are choices aren’t as good as we thought, but that’s OK and next time you would choose something different, for example some chose bread but think that a wrap next time might be nice.

Week Beginning 13th May

Following the sunny weather and the children enjoying playing and learning outside, they decided to build their own complex of a swimming pool, café, shop and carpark.  This has continued throughout the week with plenty more additions to their complex and also modifications of their original plans!  Once houses were added, those chose lots of different designs and told Miss Soames that it was awesome.

Week Beginning 6th May Throughout the week the children have been practising all of their phonic knowledge of letters and sounds.  The children are all working at different phases of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and are very proud of their achievements, applying the knowledge that they have gained.

Week Beginning 29th April

The children have really enjoyed working with Mr Campbell learning how to program ‘Dash’ using the interactive whiteboard and also an iPad.  The children have been thoroughly engaged by this and as a result are now programming the beet bots with greater confidence and accuracy using specifically designed mats.

Week Beginning 25th March

In EYFS this week we have had some Frogspawn given to us. The children helped to set up the tank for them. They helped to put the Frogspawn into the tank and from then they have been eagerly watching the development. The children noticed how quick they were growing and said that they thought that we would have some tadpoles wriggling round very soon. We had great excitement on Thursday morning when the children arrived at school, they noticed straight away that some had hatched and were wriggling round the tank.

Week Beginning 18th March

Mrs Schofield has got a poorly knee so the children decided that they would turn into doctors and nurses and would make it all better!!