Nursery and Reception News

Week Beginning 17th June

It is hard to believe that this is our last week at school.  When you look back through this news page it is quite amazing to see what a busy year we have had and how much all the children have grown!  Mrs Schofield and Miss Soames wish all the children in the EYFS a lovely summer holiday, and offer our sincere thanks to all of the parents for the continued support that you have given us in building the foundations of your child’s education.  Thanks to Robson’s suggestion we enjoyed a summer tea party as our end of year celebration!



Week Beginning 10th June
This is always an exciting and much looked forward to week in EYFS as it is our Summer Trip. Fasten your belts and off to Hesketh Farm Park we go… We had a great day out and did not let the weather spoil what we were doing!! We even managed to dodge the rain to have a tractor ride, paddock walk and collect the eggs.



Week Beginning 3rd June

We all really enjoyed our visit from Mr Hill this week.  He came to tell us all about being a pilot…  He showed us what his plane looks like, what it is like in his cockpit and also all the different places that he travels to.  We found out all about the computers on board the plane and what they have to do if an alarm goes off – thank you for visiting us!



Week Beginning 20th May

Following a question from a little boy about cows, we have been learning what we get from different animals.  The children loved that bacon came from a pig and asked if we could have bacon sandwiches – looking at those faces it was really enjoyed!!  They learnt about cleanliness whilst cooking, handling raw meat and also that sometimes are choices aren’t as good as we thought, but that’s OK and next time you would choose something different, for example some chose bread but think that a wrap next time might be nice.



Week Beginning 13th May

Following the sunny weather and the children enjoying playing and learning outside, they decided to build their own complex of a swimming pool, café, shop and carpark.  This has continued throughout the week with plenty more additions to their complex and also modifications of their original plans!  Once houses were added, those chose lots of different designs and told Miss Soames that it was awesome.


Week Beginning 6th May

Throughout the week the children have been practising all of their phonic knowledge of letters and sounds.  The children are all working at different phases of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and are very proud of their achievements, applying the knowledge that they have gained.


Week Beginning 29th April

The children have really enjoyed working with Mr Campbell learning how to programme ‘Dash’ using the interactive whiteboard and also an iPad.  The children have been thoroughly engaged by this and as a result are now programming the beet bots with greater confidence and accuracy using specifically designed mats.


Week Beginning 25th March

In EYFS this week we have had some Frogspawn given to us. The children helped to set up the tank for them. They helped to put the Frogspawn into the tank and from then they have been eagerly watching the development. The children noticed how quick they were growing and said that they thought that we would have some tadpoles wriggling round very soon. We had great excitement on Thursday morning when the children arrived at school, they noticed straight away that some had hatched and were wriggling round the tank.

Week Beginning 18th March

Mrs Schofield has got a poorly knee so the children decided that they would turn into doctors and nurses and would make it all better!!

Week Beginning 11th March

Red Nose Day preparations got underway this week with EYFS baking ready for selling to people around the site.  We raised £101 for Comic Relief selling our cakes…  We did celebrate British Science week too, making bubble blowers and rainbow skittles.




Week Beginning 4th March

Pancake Day was upon us and as is traditional in EYFS we celebrate in style!  The children enjoyed making the batter and then tossing the cooked pancakes.  They wrote invitations to the teachers to come and join us at break time.  They even took them to some senior members of staff around the school site…


Week Beginning 18th February

This week the children have continued along the theme of a café having our very own tea shop!  They tried to make tea and coffee using cold water and then pointed out it needed to be hot!!  So a pot of tea was made using hot water and they enjoyed dunking biscuits, adding lemon and some even just drank it black!!  They had a super time using the proper tea set…


Week Beginning 11th February

What a lovely time we had visiting our Apple Café.  The children enjoyed taking orders and then preparing the food to be served!  We looked on google for a recipe to make smoothies, so made a shopping list and will make some smoothies another day!


Week Beginning 4th February

Following the children setting up chairs to make a train we had a lovely afternoon on our ‘train’….  We went to London via Sheffield, we bought drinks from the buffet trolley, made our tickets and chatted throughout the journey!  Miss Soames popped to the station café for a quick snack before she jumped aboard with  her new friend.  Miss Soames and Mrs Schofield had an issue with their reserved seats but it was all sorted!!

Week Beginning 28th January

We had great fun trying to break the ice surrounding our penguins and dinosaur bones!!  We tried lots of different ways of doing it but the hairdryer seemed best!!  Hot water was also suggested which worked well.  We then learnt some great scientific words.

Week Beginning 21st January

As part of our Maths Magic Moments the children have begun to learn to tell the time.  They have been finding out about ‘O’ clock and half past the hour, they tried to use their own mini clocks to make the correct time!


Week Beginning 14th January

This week one of the chefs came to see us to show us a large range of healthy foods.  The children were very brave trying all sorts of different things – they were quite surprised at some of the things they enjoyed such as avocado….  There were some funny faces too…


Week Beginning 7th January

Happy New Year to everyone!!  This week in the investigation area the children found some really big pipettes that they enjoyed using, transferring water from one container to another.  They added dried pasta and wondered why it didn’t look like the pasta that they have served to them…….  Watch this space for finding out how!!


Week Beginning 3rd December 

With 19 sleeps to go it was time to go and visit Santa’s little elves in the kitchen garden that had become a grotto thanks to Year 7 children!!  After all we needed to go and post our letters…


Week Beginning 26th November

With Christmas fast approaching it was time to begin putting up our decorations!  The children have made some lovely baubles for the tree so they proudly put them on it.


Week Beginning 19th November

As part of our numeracy work this week, we have been learning how to double and halve numbers and to also halve and quarter shapes.  Learning how to share cakes with our friends was a really good way of working out quarters and halves.


Week Beginning 12th November

This week we have been working really hard on thinking about not only ourselves but also the needs of our friends.  We have enjoyed lots of different group activities including card making, writing in the den, building lego models and also making bird feeders during our outdoor day.


Week Beginning 5th November

Mrs Young and her class made us some lovely chocolate krispies this week – so we wrote some cards to say thank you!  Then the children asked to make something for Year 5 so we tried to make some truffles….. some worked well, some weren’t so good but they were great to eat!


Week Beginning 22nd October 2018

Miss Soames, Mrs Schofield and the EYFS children have had a lovely week celebrating the school’s 106th birthday!  How lucky were we to spend a whole week doing birthday themed activities?!  All the children participate in something birthday-ish and loved it!

We hope that you all enjoy a well earned rest and look forward to seeing you all refreshed after the half term holiday.


Week Beginning 15th October 2018

It is very important that we learn to listen carefully – this not only helps with learning to read and write but also to know that we can hear and follow instructions!!  This week we listened to some noisy socks – what was inside?  The marrowfat peas seemed very strange – not at all like the peas the children knew, so Miss Soames brought some from home for the children to try, we then started to soak our own!! It was commented that the peas were already cracking and evolving in the water…


Week Beginning 8th October 2018

We have had great fun using the outside construction area in this beautiful weather.  Our building skills are second to none – the Leaning Tower of Pisa seems an appropriate comparison.  We worked well together as a team, sharing the tools.


Week Beginning 1st October 2018

Training to join TEAM NINJA!!  The children enjoyed lessons in a variety of challenges set by one of the boys in order for them to be able to join his team!



Week Beginning 24th September 2018

The children have been learning how to recognise numbers to 5, 10 or 20.  They have been gaining confidence in counting and making their own number lines using conkers!


Week Beginning 17th September 2018

In the EYFS we have enjoyed playing doctors and nurses! Thankfully the children were not too poorly and thanks to our fantastic medical skills all made a good recovery and were allowed home!


Week Beginning 10th September 2018

This week we have enjoyed a visit from One Day Creative, who provided us with a fabulous workshop of drama and movement. We all dressed up as pirates and had a great day full of fun and mischief…


Week Beginning:  3rd September 2018

Welcome to all our new children and welcome back those that have continued in the EYFS. We have had a great start to the term finding new friends and get back into our routines.


Week beginning 21st May:

EYFS and KS1 has a fantastic afternoon taking part in the Chapter House Sports Day. They all demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, cheering on their friends and congratulating the winners of each race. A big well done to all of the boys and girls!

Week beginning 14th May:

At the end of our ‘Right Royal Week’ the children decided to set up their own café. They worked out what they would need for the café, thinking about a menu and also a list of items required to set it up! Everyone then visited the café after break to make their milkshakes and eat their fruit. Of course they needed to clear up afterwards, so they washed and dried their cups and spoons, returning them to the kitchen afterwards. What a busy but thoroughly enjoyable week!

Week beginning 7th May:

This week some of the children have been learning about shapes. The really little ones learning what they are called and recognising different sizes of the same shape. Some of the older children learnt about tessellating patterns!

Week beginning 30th April:

Over the last few weeks, the children in EYFS have had great fun designing and painting some tyres given to us from RAF Dishforth. These are going to be used to decorate the town of Boroughbridge in recognition of their Freedom Of Boroughbridge that 6 Regiment have been granted. The celebrations in the town will take place on Monday 7th May.

The regiment said, ‘Since moving to Dishforth we have been busy getting to know the local community, and have partnered in many events and moments of life so far. To recognise the special relationship between the Regiment and the local community Boroughbridge Town has granted the Freedom of Boroughbridge to us. So to mark this significant moment we will be having a parade in the town, followed by a day of activities and events in the town showing off all things 6RLC!’

Week beginning 23rd April:

In EYFS we have been learning about fractions – looking at halves and then moving onto quarters of shapes and numbers! In true Miss Soames and Mrs Schofield style, food was involved… Cutting Jaffa cakes in half and then quarters, and then finding half of a specific number of Maltesers! Most of the children even tried to write 1/2 and 1/4.

Week beginning 9th April:

Practising our sporting skills in the EYFS… ready for Sports Day!

Week beginning 19th March:

Happy Easter from EYFS – more home-made yummy delights this week -hot cross buns and chocolate Krispies!

Week beginning 12th March:

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week. Each day the children have taken part in different experiments, pondering the question – “I wonder what might happen if…?” and then using scientific words to describe what they saw. They made up some great words including resolbed (dissolved) and smudgy!

Week beginning 5th March:

Today, the children in EYFS and KS1 planted their potatoes for our whole school potato project! They had lots of fun and worked well as a team. Well done everyone!


On a cold snowy day what better is there to do than to make bread! The children enjoyed making the dough, kneading it, shaping it, waiting for it to rise, baking it and best of all EATING it! They used a timer to check how long it needed to bake, scales to weigh the ingredients and then thought about words that described what it was like to smell it and taste it!

Week beginning: 26th February:

The snow on Wednesday produced some great science investigations – snow was collected from outside using all sorts of containers and then brought to a tuff spot to use – icebergs, snow mountains and snowbergs were created and lots of great narrative then evolved! Each morning playtime after snow fun outside, the children warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows. By Friday lunchtime this had become hot strawberry milk and marshmallows. Who knew that would be so tasty?!

Week beginning 19th February:

This week we really enjoyed a visit from One Day Creative who presented a workshop on the well known story We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. The children took part in a music and movement extravaganza using the story as a basis.

Week beginning 5th February:

We have had fun counting this week with our youngest children. Recognising their numbers to 10 and then counting the correct number of marshmallows to the number, showing their understanding of value. But then where did the marshmallows go…….bulging cheeks gave that game away!!

Week beginning 29th January:

This week we have been exploring colour. The children have had the opportunity of mixing their own colours and also exploring what happens if we put flowers in coloured water or kitchen roll from one colour to another – we achieved our very own rainbow!

Week beginning 22nd January:

We had a lovely but very blowy afternoon, with the gardeners helping them to plant the planters outside in the new outside learning area.

Week beginning 15th January:

Looking at the investigation cupboard Roman found a packet of Smarties…. “Ooh Miss Soames – can we do the Smartie investigation?”

Week beginning 8th January:

The question asked this week was….. I wonder how you make custard?
A selection of readymade and custards to make then arrived at school and we investigated which we liked the best and whether hot or cold was better. The children followed the instructions and used some good descriptive words when talking about it.

Week beginning 4th December:

This week in EYFS we have been really busy enjoying the build up to Christmas – singing our hearts out a Ripon Cathedral, practising the nativity on the REAL stage and creating lots of Christmas creations. There was even time to pop on a cheeky Rudolph nose to play a trick on Mrs Schofield!  Christmas in the EYFS is simply fun, fun, fun!!!

Week beginning 27th November:

The children in EYFS and KS1 had a wonderful day on Thursday when we went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse. We travelled by coach to Leeds where we all thoroughly enjoyed the festive production, ‘Crumble’s Search for Christmas’. On the way home, Winter made an appearance and delivered snow before we tucked into our delicious picnic lunch! We all feel very festive and we can’t wait to share our Christmas Nativity with you all!

Week beginning 20th November:

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the EYFS – the button was pressed and the keyboard began…. gradually more and more children chose to join the band – including Miss Soames! We created some great pieces of music – the recording studio surely needs to be our next stop!

Week beginning 13th November:


This week in EYFS the children were interested to find out how jelly was made! They carried out a little experiment to see what things dissolved in water and then tried to see if the jelly cubes would dissolve. They worked out that they needed heat, so used a hairdryer but ended up with the microwave to get the best results!

Week beginning 30th October:



Having fun with biscuits and icing to create our very own firework biscuit creations!

Week beginning 9th October:

Following on from Sebastian and Freddie building a stickle brick docking station for their ‘electrical’ cars last week, Mrs Schofield and Miss Soames invited two sixth form students into Foundation Stage to show the children how electrical circuits work.

Week beginning 2nd October:

Having enjoyed the book ‘Don’t Call Me Sweet’, the children decorated biscuits to look like monsters. There were certainly some very scary additions!

Week beginning 18th September:

Alisya wanted to know ‘how could you make a box?’ We used our investigative skills to try and make our own! We identified the shapes that we needed – lots of cutting, sticking and perseverance and boxes were achieved.

Week beginning 11th September:




Welcome back! We have had a really busy week – the children have settled into school quickly, learning all the new routines and exploring all the lovely new areas of learning.  They have particularly enjoyed using the new Promethean interactive whiteboard and making their own underwater ocean.


Academic Year 2016-17

Week beginning 22nd May:


This week, the children in EYFS have really enjoyed making the most of sunny mornings as they have been dropped off at school.

Week beginning 15th May:

Adam from Bush Babies came to visit the EYFS children in Kindergarten and Chapter House. He read them the story of Bog Baby and they then went off to find their own Bog Babies. They then used the natural materials in the undergrowth to add to their Bog Baby and to build a ‘waterproof’ shelter for them. The Bog Babies needed food and drink which they also provided for them in their shelters. Of course the big Bog Babies needed food and drink too,  so they enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows under their own shelter!

Week beginning 8th May:

This week has been fabulous with the children really enjoying the new outside grassed area with the mud kitchen. Many lovely surprises were created by the children!

Week beginning 1st May:

We have had an very busy week in EYFS; even though it has been a slightly shorter week we seem to have fit a lot of activities in!  Our beanstalk has grown and developed; the children have added the Giant and Jack to it. Alongside this the children have started to grow their own cress, beans, grass and flowers. Some of the children have drawn up a rota for the daily watering of all their seed planting. We have also had pea play going on. The children blew them with straws, made pea cakes, pea smoothies and pea power. They also loved using potato mashers to make the peas very mushy!

Week beginning 24th April:



This week in EYFS we seem to have taken on a growing theme!  The children came back from the Easter holiday and the first thing a lot of the children did was go and have a look at our tadpoles to see how much they have grown over the the holiday.  The word growing then cropped up in some of the children’s play which led to the idea of trying to make/grow a beanstalk from the Jack and the Beanstalk story.   As you can see from the pictures the Beanstalk has started to grow round the classroom. Lots of the children started to get involved by making a castle, giant and Jack.
Another idea the children came up with through the week was to grow some beautiful flowers.  Watch this space, I think we could be in for a lot more growing next week!

Week beginning 3rd April:


Foundation Stage have been making nest cakes and hot cross buns to celebrate Easter. They have also been busy exploring the topic of ‘New life’ by looking after a tank of tadpoles and watching the change of caterpillars into butterflies in the classroom. They then went on to release their four healthy butterflies into the sunshine in the secret garden

Week beginning 27th March:

We have been busy learning how to make 10 this week. The children have used lots of different things to try and help them to work out how to make 10 or if a number is taken from 10 what would be left!

Week beginning 20th March:

The children thoroughly enjoyed Red Nose Day on Friday.  Not only did they get to go to the Gamezone organised by Lyminge house but they also went on a ‘Nose Hunt’ around the campus.

Week beginning 13th March:


In EYFS we have enjoyed a science experiment with Miss Soames – the question was…. What would happen if we put food colouring into two jars and then added kitchen roll between the jars? The children excitedly awaited the result of the water transferring from one jar to the next and mixing to form a new colour!

Week beginning 6th March:


These photos show Foundation Stage in the Secret garden after a long walk in the sunshine; clipboards at hand, writing lists of all things Spring.

Week beginning 27th February:


In EYFS we have enjoyed celebrating pancake day this week. This went from helping to make the batter, eating the pancakes, to creating our very own recipe of ‘pancake mayhem’. The children certainly enjoyed the messy time – we’re not so sure about the clearing up!!

Week beginning 13th February:

This week was very special; we celebrated Miss Soames’s anniversary of 30 years working at QE.  Congratulations Miss Soames….. MUCH FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!

Week beginning 6th February:


Foundation stage have been hard at work designing and  building for the three little pigs, trialing different materials along the way. They have made bricks from plaster of Paris, hammered and drilled some impressive wood structures and glued sticks whilst investigating lots of straw! Finally it became theatrical as they had a turn as a character from the book entertaining the class on the puppet stage.

Week beginning 23rd January:


Foundation Stage have continued to look at traditional stories of magic and imagination. We have been reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, exploring weight, size and measure through role play and making our own porridge. The story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ helped us to understand story sequencing and structure. We then went on to bake our own gingerbread man which turned out to be very popular with everyone!

Week beginning 16th January:


This week the children in EYFS went on a trip to the Rainbow Factory in Leeds. When we arrived we were greeted by Willamina the twin sister of Willy Wonka. She led us into the fantasy world of the Rainbow Factory where lots of the stories were waiting for us to explore. Through song, storytelling, drama and creative arts we entered into the magical world.  The children had to remember the three rules of the day: love yourself, listen and use your imagination.

More photos can be found in the visits section.

Week beginning 5th December:

We really enjoyed having the story ‘Jesus’s Christmas Party’ this week.  When we had listened to the story we then had a little quiz in teams to see who had listened the best! It was great fun and the winning team got a vivo as a prize.

Week beginning 28th November:

image image-1 image-6 image-4

Busy little children in Nursery and Reception wrapping presents! If you need any help at home I am sure the children would be happy to give you hand with their brilliant measuring and cutting skills….

Week beginning 21st November:

image image2 image3 image4

This week in the EYFS we have been busy preparing for Christmas! The children would like to change one room into a ‘Christmassy room’, so watch this space….


Congratulations to all involved in the EYFS Movement for Learning programme which won the Early Years award at the Children and Young People Now awards last night.  The award was presented to Dr Rebecca Duncombe and Professor Pat Preedy, from Loughborough University, who worked with Mrs Schofield and Mrs Duston, to implement the programme within QE as well as staff from St Bartholomew’s Primary School, Loughborough.

Week beginning 14th November:

image image-1 image-2

image-3 image-4

Our busy little bees in Reception and Nursery have been learning to count different quantities of objects this week. One group were trying to work out how they could count things that are fixed in place, but making sure they are only counted once. Outside they put numbers on sticky notes and labelled all the equipment to count how many there were. When we collected the numbers up we went inside and began to make our very own number square!

Week beginning 7th November:

daniel image

In Reception and Nursery we had a go at using our woodwork table this week.  Daniel tried to make his little brother a truck as a toy; he sawed, he hammered, he drilled and used a screwdriver.  He was thrilled with the end result – justifiably so we think.

Week beginning 31st October:

image image-1 image-2 image-3

With the run up to Bonfire Night the children in Reception and Nursery have enjoyed sharing their own ideas and knowledge about the night. They made a firework picture and added their own descriptive words to it and then enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows that they made themselves! There was lots of counting of marshmallows that involved doubling numbers too.

Week beginning 17th October:
img_2974 img_2973

In Nursery and Reception this week we have enjoyed a whole week celebrating the School Birthday. What did the children enjoy most? Baking buns!

Week beginning 10th October:

image (1) image (4) image (3)

image (2) image (6)

It’s been a busy week with Nursery and Reception trying to be chefs! The children have enjoyed making and eating vegetable soup from vegetables left in our talk basket at the weekend and then someone  brought some apples from their tree at home and we all made some apple crumble. Perhaps next time we should make custard too…..

Week beginning 3rd October:

IMG_2796 IMG_2798 IMG_2797

Following on from last week we have been all things robot! The children have been studying counting, shape, measure and colour through their own designs and painting our ongoing group giant robot who is now nearly finished. We are now thinking of a name for it!

Week beginning 26th September:

image image

Nursery and Reception read the story Harry and the Robots this week. This led to all kinds of ideas from the children, from wooden constructions and junk modelling robots to building our very own giant creation based on the school’s huge Bumble Bee transformer in the Atrium. We are looking forward to painting our next week!

Week beginning 19th September:

image image (1) image (2)

Today we took an exciting journey discovering dinosaurs through dance and movement. Our imagination brought herbivores and carnivores to life. We were real dinohunters exploring 65 million years ago!

Week beginning 12th September:

image (1) image image (2)

Foundation stage have been outside enjoying various activities in the sunshine. The favourite was den building to cool off and read story books in the shade.

Week beginning 5th September:


In Foundation Stage we have all settled back into the new term with lots of fun activities. We have particularly enjoyed ‘The Gingerbread Man’ song and story series in connection with our guided reading programme.

Summer Term 2016

Week beginning 13th June:

IMG_2358red IMG_2382 IMG_2357red

The children in EYFS had a jam packed day at Hesketh Farm on Thursday. They helped the farmer count his sheep on the tractor ride and fed donkeys and horses their lunch. After having their own lunch they were then busy making up the lambs feed and giving the guinea pigs lots of cuddles. A lovely day for both the children and staff involved!!  More photographs can be seen on the Foundation Stage Visits page.

Week beginning 6th June:

IMG_1019 IMG_1051 IMG_1050

It was ‘giddy up’ for Foundation Stage as  Mrs Thackray (Freja’s mummy) was kind enough to bring her race horse kit to school to show everyone. We watched a real horse race in the Grand National through a jockey’s Go-pro camera, we learnt about  flat and jump races and we all had a turn sitting on a saddle wearing  jockey silks.

Week beginning 23rd May:

water water1

This week in Forest School the Foundation Stage had a wonderful story adventure. They followed the fairy dust trail to the water’s edge before making a boat from natural resources. After launching their boats they went on to be reunited with the Princess and her unicorn on the lake.

Week beginning 16th May:


It was full steam ahead on the Foundation Stage Express this week. The children voted for the train to be called ‘James’, using it for maths, role play adventures, a music lesson and lots of steam engine stories!

Week beginning 9th May:

12th May

Foundation Stage sat outside to eat a tasty egg and cress sandwich made by themselves. It was even more delicious as the cress was grown by Foundation Stage. It was enjoyed by all!

Week beginning 2nd May:

image2 image red

This week Foundation Stage made a visit to the school herb garden in the beautiful sunshine. Chef helped them to recognise the different shaped leaves and smells. They each made their own bouquet garni to take home.

Week beginning 25th April:

This week in the Forest school session,  Foundation Stage foraged to make a story stick, carried out a wildlife checklist and had fun playing hide and seek in the secret garden!


Week beginning 18th April:

reception 2

Reception have been reading an instruction book titled ‘How to build a tent’. Today they were challenged to follow the instructions to make their own tent, working as a team.   It was wonderful to see the children learning outside in the sunshine and they enjoyed snack time inside their tent.

image (1)image

Foundation Stage rather enjoyed turning into little pigs on a mission to build a house from straw, sticks or bricks.  They soon found who had the strongest house when the big bad wolf Miss Soames came along to test the houses!