A Typical Day

These times are only set as guidelines and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your child.

8am– Nursery opens. We start the day in the EYFS dining room, offering children breakfast until 8:30am.

8:45am- We separate into our own rooms. Set up morning activities, free play with toys and focused activities out according to the planning. This will also include time outside, in the park, grassed area or for a walk

10:20am- Snack time, fruit and drinks are offered to the children.

11.00am- Nappies and the toileting is carried out during around this time.

12 Noon- Lunch time, in the EYFS dining room

12:45pm- After lunch, some children go home and the other children are put down for a sleep. The children are either put in cots or individual beds with their own sheet.

3pm- If the children are not awake we wake them up. The children have free play while nappies and toileting are carried out.

3:30pm- Outside play

4pm- Back in for their tea-time snack.

4:45pm- When tea is finished the children join together in the grassed area or Monarchs hall depending on weather.

6pm- Nursery closes.  All children must be collected by this time.