Kindergarten News

Week beginning 9th March:

This week the older children in Kindergarten have enjoyed Peter Rabbit’s doctor’s surgery.  Everyone has been very caring and listened to each others’ heartbeats and used bandages to mend injuries. We have also looked at different body parts and who we would go to see if we needed to get better such as the dentist, optician or the doctor.

Week beginning 2nd March:

This week the Reading Fairy came to visit us. The children really enjoyed it, joined in well and were very happy when they were able to play with the little props. They sang lots of songs, listened to stories, joined in with dancing and actions and did lots of good listening! The reading Fairy was very impressed with how confident they all were.

Week beginning 24th February:

It’s been an exciting week for the under 2s!  Painting (animal foot prints, blow painting art), celebrating Pancake Day (pancake mix and flour play), reading and singing time, gloopy cornflour play and their first experience of snow!


Week beginning 17th February:

We have had lots of fun being creative this week and using our fine motor skills; drawing and painting along with having great control over our scissors.  We also made use of the different weather we have been having by exploring the big puddles we found outside.

Week beginning 10th February:

The Kindergarten children have had another busy week. The older children have really enjoyed tie-dying. The children all listened really well and they all did a fantastic job. We’re all very excited to see what our t-shirts will look like when they’re ready. The younger ones have really enjoyed exploring all things Valentine’s day. Lots of love in Kindergarten this week!!

Week beginning 3rd February:

Another jam packed week here in Kindergarten! We have looked at making bubbles, going for walks around the school, working on our IT, taking pictures when on our walk and the older children have really enjoyed talking about different emotions as it was ‘Children’s Mental Health week’. We enjoyed our music lesson and ended the week with exploring our very own rocket! In their outdoor learning, the Under 2s collected natural resources to take back to Kindergarten, talking about what we had found and supporting our ‘Planning In The Moment’ as the children love to get outside!

Week beginning 27th January:

This week we have been talking about different weather and our environment; the children have all really enjoyed a little science experiment. We made our very own rain clouds and we spoke about why it rains and what happens when the clouds get too heavy. The children then took it upon themselves to talk about thunder and lighting and how you can hear the big bangs.

Week beginning 20th January:

This week some of the children from Kindergarten have really enjoyed our music lesson outside which was fantastic.  We also celebrated Chinese New Year throughout the week – the children have really enjoyed learning about the different cultures around the world.  Other things we have done are enjoying walks, looking at our world and finding out where animals live.


Week beginning 13th January:

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Kindergarten.

The Peter Rabbit room had their first art lesson and it was a huge success! All the children really enjoyed the activities that Victoria had planned for us. The children started by using sponges to print on tress; everyone used lots of different colours and their trees all looked amazing.  Victoria had also made some leaf stencils and the children had to add paint to make them into a colourful leaf. We can’t wait until next week’s art lesson!

The under 2’s really enjoyed their song time and are getting good at doing the actions.  They have been doing lots of outside learning this week as well with the ball skills being a favourite!


Week beginning 9th December:

The Kindergarten children have really enjoyed exploring ‘the snow’ – we all really enjoyed making different marks in the snow and creating our own snowflakes.  We also played with the arctic animals and threw some snowballs!

Week beginning 25th November:

The under 2s have started creating things for Christmas! This week we’ve made a Polar Express train.

Week beginning 18th November:

This week in the Peter Rabbit room, we have really enjoyed looking at all of our pets that we have in Kindergarten. We made different piles of animals that we had. We talked about our pets, including the colours and what noises they make. We found we had a lot of dogs, horses, cats, pigs, chickens and even sheep as pets at home. We then had a walk around the estate to see what animals we could see; the school chickens, the horse fountain and a bird’s nest high up in the trees.

Week beginning 11th November:

Kindergarten made Remembrance poppies this week. They started by painting their plate red for the petals and putting a black dot in the middle for the seeds. They then painted some paper green ready to cut out and make our leaves. The children all really enjoyed talking about the poppies and how important they are and how proud we should be wearing them to remember those who have been in conflicts.

Week beginning 4th November:

This week the under two’s have created artwork for Bonfire Night; making firework pictures and painting a giant rocket!

Week beginning 14th October:

The Kindergarten children have really enjoyed something a little different with their painting. They have tried some printing with shaving foam, then scraping the excess off leaving a lovely, colourful print. We are all very impressed with our art work.

Week beginning 7th October:

The Kindergarten children have completed some fabulous colour sorting, with the help of each other and the help of Faye. They managed to sort the compare bears into the correct coloured bowl – what great team work!  We have also just got a new dark tent and the under two’s are loving playing with the flashing lights and different materials inside of it!

Week beginning 30th September:

This week the Under two’s have been exploring the changes to the environment in autumn! They enjoyed their walks, collecting the natural resources for our Tuff tray.

Week beginning 23rd September:

We have been very interested in making marks with chalks. The children really enjoyed this activity of chalking on black card, smudging the marks with their fingers and seeing the result of what their picture looked like. We all had lots of fun with this activity!

Week beginning 9th September:

The children have all really enjoyed going to Chapter House library; looking through some lovely books and choosing which books they wanted to take home to read with parents. We have had positive feedback from the parents who are loving the idea as much as the children!

Week beginning 2nd September:

Kindergarten were very excited to build their new picnic bench, we all took it in turns listening extremely well to instructions. We were all very happy with the end result,




Week beginning 15th July:

The Kindergarten children have enjoyed exploring the new additions to their garden this week. They have played in the sand pit and mud kitchen and planted flowers in the flower bed. Great work everyone!

Week beginning 8th July:

The new EYFS grassed area is looking lovely. The children and staff can’t wait to start using it next week!

Week beginning 1st July:

The Kindergarten children have been busy planting some cress. They spoke about planting them and how they have to water them so they can grow big and strong. The children are very excited to see the outcome of the crest and watch it grow!

Week beginning 24th June:

This week in Kindergarten, the children have been busy planting some crest. They spoke about planting them and how they have to make sure they water them so they can grow big and strong. The children are all very excited to see the outcome of the crest and watch it grow!

Week beginning 17th June:

In Kindergarten we have been busy making lots of different marks in paint using different objects and having a go at colour mixing. 

Week beginning 10th June:

We are really enjoying our ‘Motor Movers’ sessions each day with Mrs Duston and have seen a lot of improvement with how the children listen to instructions.  We are even featured on the Motor Movers Facebook page:

Click here to see it!

Week beginning 13th May:

The Kindergarten the children have really enjoyed getting outside in the lovely weather and mark making this week. They have drawn lots of different shapes, lines and also tried doing some letters from names, “D for Daddy, G for Granny”.

Week beginning 6th May:

This week we focused on maths and physical activities.  We looked at amounts, counting and shapes and we counted some of our favourite toys from cars to dinosaurs along with ducks.
Our physical activities included dance with different movements and actions, along with throwing and catching different sized balls.  This was a great chance for lots of team work.


Week beginning 29th April:     

The Kindergarten children really enjoyed taking photos using their very own camera when they went for a walk around the QE campus.  They all really enjoyed taking turns and sharing the camera and they took some amazing photos – it is lovely to see what the children think is important to have a photo of!

Week beginning 8th April:

This week the Peter Rabbits have enjoyed celebrating all of our different cultures. We have really enjoyed tasting food from around the world and ‘researching’ about where the different foods come from – we have all done really well tasting some of the food which we wouldn’t normally eat. We had lots of fun talking to our friends about the food we had eaten and if they were enjoying it or if they didn’t like it.  Well done everyone!

Week beginning 18th March:

This week in Peter Rabbit, we have been very busy with lots of smiles.  We have been looking at our baby pictures and we have spoken about our families and our siblings.  We have also enjoyed mark making in playdough, enjoying the sunnier weather, playing in the park and going on walks to see the chickens. We have enjoyed our multi-skills lesson with the PE staff completing lots of different obstacle courses, playing hide and seek with our friends as   well as having our first ‘Motor Movers’ lesson with Jo.  The children listened and followed instructions beautifully.

Week beginning 11th March:

Red Nose Day was great fun this week.  The children came to school dressed in red and completed ‘silly’ activities.

Week beginning 4th March:

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and reading lots of books as part of our World Book Day celebrations this week.


Week beginning 28th January:

The Jemima Puddle-Duck children have been creating their own farmyard scenes with chocolate mousse and vegetables.  It got a little messy!

The children from Peter Rabbit’s really enjoyed exploring the ice that we found in the playground. The children e     njoyed dropping the ice onto the floor and seeing what happened to it. We then carefully walked over the ice to see if it would crack – we discovered it was very slippy and we have to be careful walking over it. We also spoke about what the ice felt like; a lot of the children said it was cold, another child said it felt “snowy”. We then went on a walk around campus to see if we could find any more ice and we noticed that the pond in Chapter House was frozen. On our walk the children wanted to go see the school chickens as well so we then went on to talk about what we get from chickens, “eggs” the children said. What a lovely winter walk we had!

Week beginning 21st January:

The weather this week has given the Kindergarten children the perfect opportunity to explore changes in weather and seasons.

Week beginning 7th January:

The babies have come back after Christmas showing off their new tricks, lots are now walking, while the older children have enjoyed making sounds with the musical instruments.

Week beginning 11th December:

Apologies for the delay in posting photos in the last couple of weeks but we have been busy making Christmas gifts so did not want to ruin the surprise!  We hope you like all of the artwork produced by the children.

The children in Kindergarten have really enjoyed making melting snowman biscuits this week. They had fun spreading the icing sugar around the biscuits and they also enjoyed eating some of the biscuits as well! They were all very happy with the end result of their melting snowmen


Week beginning 26th November:

This week in Peter Rabbit room, the children made their own train to go to the beach, to make lots of sandcastles, play with the water and eat lots of yummy food. The children all enjoyed getting their tickets collected by the train driver and the train driver taking the children to the beach. “All aboard!” the train driver shouted to let the children know the train was about the leave the station, “Everybody off!” once they got to the beach. The children also enjoyed swimming with the sharks and fishes in the sea. There was lots of talking about eating food like ice cream while they were at the beach. It was very scary at the beach as there were some sharks in the sea.. “There’s shark coming, look, sit and watch sharks, look keep watching, quick shark is coming!”

Week beginning 12th November:

This week Kindergarten raised £240 for Children in Need by making key rings, dressing up in Pudsey clothes and running a parents’ competition.  Thank you to everyone who donated.

Week beginning 5th November:

The children in Jemima Puddle-Duck room had a great time bathing their babies this week – we don’t know who was wetter… the children or the babies!

Week beginning 22nd October:


There was more excellent ‘Planning on the Moment’ in Kindergarten this week.  The children in the Squirrel Nutkins room love messy play! They had great fun mixing glitter into the flour using lolly pop sticks. The children in Jemima Puddle-Duck room love to play with the toy vehicles so they decided to do lots of fun activities with them. They took them outside to the construction area, saw what tread marks they made in flour and read stories about different vehicles!

Week beginning 15th October:

The Kindergarten children in Peter Rabbit room, have being looking at and chatting about different textured items today. They sorted them into the correct circles according to their textures and then the children took it upon themselves to put the shells to their ears and listen to the sea. This led on to them chatting about the sea and if they have been to the seaside with their families – ‘Planning in the Moment’ at its finest!

Week beginning 8th October:

The children in Jemima Puddle-Duck room had great fun exploring the textures of leaves in the school grounds.

This week in Peter Rabbits’ we have really enjoyed exploring all things autumn, we have created lots of autumn pictures including autumn trees, we then ventured out to explore the trees surrounding our beautiful buildings, the children really enjoyed feeling the different textures of the trees, feeling the rough and soft tree trunks. We have also enjoyed exploring the different sounds we can create using the musical instruments, while singing along to our favourite nursery rhymes. We have also enjoyed using our listening ears and discovering lots of different noises we can hear from our environment, also seeing if we can recognise different sounds. The children had fun doing some water pain   ting along side the rainy weather we have seen this week, making lots of different marks and watching the water tickle down the board just like rain down the windows.

Week beginning 1st October:

Peter Rabbits and Jemima Puddle-Ducks spent over an hour engaged in kicking and throwing the balls and playing group games one morning this week! We also sat for a bit and sang some well-loved nursery rhymes.

Week beginning 24th September:

The children really enjoyed our new multi skills lesson with the PE staff this week.  We worked on ball skills, rolling it to and from our friends, and walking like monsters, superheroes and princesses.  We had lots of fun in our session led by Melissa and cannot wait until next time!

Week beginning 17th September:


The children got very messy in Kindergarten this week; we did some colour mixing, we discussed about the colours we could see and what would happen if we mixed them all together or if we added some white to the mixture. We also looked at number and shape recognition; the children were able to say what number they could see and really enjoyed looking at and drawing circles.

Week beginning 10th September:

We went on a shape hunt this week; the children loved searching for all the different shapes. We then went on to talk about all the different shapes we could see around the room.



Week beginning 21st May:

Whilst on our walk this morning, we found lots of leaves and began collecting them – so Hana thought it would be a good idea to take them back to Kindergarten and create artwork!

Week beginning 23rd April:

We had fun exploring the secret garden in the sunny weather and enjoyed our song time together!

This week in Squirrel Nutkin, we have been exploring the sensory dark tent and watching the lights shine all around us. The babies figured out that throwing the ball would make the lights flash and tried to touch the shiny patterns that the disco light was making too!

Week beginning 9th April:

Whilst outside the other day, a child in Jemima Puddleduck room took an interest in the painted stones in the Chapter House entrance so we decided to have a go at painting stones too!

In Squirrel Nutkin, we have been exploring the texture of paint, making lots of marks and getting very messy!


Week beginning 5th March:

This week in Puddle Duck Room we have been problem solving!

Week beginning 26th February:

The Squirrel Nutkin room have been looking at high contrast black and white books as part of World Book Day.

Week beginning 19th February:

On Wednesday the Peter Rabbits had a lady visit to act out the ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ story. They had such fun learning about the different parts of the book; when they came back they couldn’t wait to tell the Jemima Puddle-Ducks and Squirrel Nutkins about their stumble-trip journey!

Week beginning 5th February:

On Thursday we enjoyed having a run around in the secret garden and seeing what natural resources we could find!

Week beginning 29th January:

This week Kindergarten have enjoyed being creative.

Week beginning 22nd January

Friday was Australia Day and as some of our Gap students are from there, Kindergarten painted the colours of the Australian flag and learnt some of the Australian cultural songs – sung by the Gap students themselves!

Week beginning 15th January

This week the babies have wrapped up warm and enjoyed looking at the frost, snow and ice on their walks!

Week beginning 8th January

On our first full week back we have enjoyed role play, acting out our home experiences and sharing them with our friends!

Week beginning 4th December

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas meal.  We were so proud of how well they sat on their chairs and in their highchairs.

Week beginning 27th November

Kindergarten have enjoyed exploring the snow and looking at the changes it causes to our environment!

Week beginning 20th Novemnber


The babies enjoyed exploring bubbles this week.

Week beginning 13th November

This week Peter Rabbit room took a trip up to Woodlands to see what treasures we could find. We had a wonderful time finding pine cones, leaves and we even found some twigs that looked like antlers. Good work everybody!

Week beginning 30th October



Kindergarten have been busy playing with playdoh and making shapes, making our own bonfire pictures and getting busy in the tactile tray with pasta shapes.

Week beginning 9th October

This week we have enjoyed exploring in the mud with our farm animals.

Week beginning 2nd October


Kindergarten have had a very busy week; music, ball skills, filling the cars up with petrol and exploring magnets.

Week beginning 18th September


This week the Kindergarten children have all enjoyed being together in one room, getting very messy and making some free paintings and sticky pictures with different tools such as toothbrushes, cotton buds and even chalks to paint!

Academic year 2016-2017

Week beginning 15th May

The children in Kindergarten have been enjoying Outdoor Classroom Day this week. They have been exploring all the outdoor provisions, digging in the sandpit, hiding in the tents and they even had a picnic for lunch on the grass too.

Week beginning 1st May

In the Pingu room we have been painting a train to fit in with our signpost ‘transport’, we did this all together. We are going to use our train for self-registration, putting a picture of ourselves in the carriage when we come in on a morning.

Week beginning 3rd April

Pingu room enjoyed making the most of Chapter House’s outside grassed area. We had fun playing with the seesaw, making big towers with the blocks and being imaginative in the play house outside.

Week beginning 13th March

On Thursday the Kindergarten children received a visit from the local animal charity Nuzzlets. The charity brought with them some chicks, lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, a hedgehog, a duck and a chicken called Margaret. The children really enjoyed meeting and stroking all the animals and we got to sing some animal themed songs too!

Week beginning 6th March

This week the babies in Bagpuss room had a baby music lesson from Rhythm Time. They had great fun shaking rattles, banging drums and playing with sensory materials such as fabrics and bubbles. We can’t wait for the next music lesson!

Week beginning 27th February

This week the Pingu room children enjoyed exploring an assault course in Monarch’s Hall. They crawled over and under things and tested their balancing skills too!

Week beginning 13th February

Our signpost for February is ‘Under the Sea’ in the Bagpuss and Tigger rooms. As you can see, we are enjoying learning about all the different creatures that live under the sea. In the Bagpuss room the babies have enjoyed making collage Octopuses and paper plate Jellyfish. We think they look fantastic!

Week beginning 6th February

The Tigger and Pingu rooms have recently started weekly music lessons led by our Nursery Assistant Nicky. As you can see from our pictures we are really enjoying singing along and joining in with the action songs!

Week beginning 23rd January


In Kindergarten we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning all about the Year of the Rooster. We made some feather pictures of roosters, painted some very colourful rooster pictures and even played with some cooked noodles in our sensory tray.

Week beginning 16th January

With the weather being so changeable this week, Kindergarten enjoyed letting off some steam in Monarch’s Hall. We enjoyed practising our ball skills and doing a mini assault course through the tunnels.

Week beginning 9th January

On Friday the Kindergarten children put on their wellies, got well-wrapped up and went outside to play in the snow on the estate. They enjoyed running around in the snow, scooping it up and watching it melt in their hands. We then came back inside for some warm milk to warm ourselves up again!

Week beginning 5th December

This week the Pingu room children took advantage of the rainy weather and put our all in one suits on with our wellies and went puddle jumping all over the QE estate! As you can see from our photos we had lots of fun splashing in all those big puddles!

Week beginning 28th November


This week in Kindergarten we have been getting ourselves fully immersed in the Christmas spirit! We have been putting up our festive decorations and displays and having lots of fun in the process. In the Tigger room we have been making a giant snowman for our display wall.

Week beginning 21st November


As part of our Space signpost for November, Kindergarten children have been learning about planets, the moon and stars. In the baby room we have been making moon and star pictures with glue and glitter.

Week beginning 14th November

image image1 image2 image3

This week in Kindergarten we’ve been getting into the spirit for Children in Need by having a bake sale, colouring in Pudsey Bears, wearing spotty things and doing face painting. The Tigger room have been decorating biscuits for Children in Need too!

Week beginning 24th October

img_2983 img_2982 img_2980

img_2979 img_2978
We had the best time making pumpkins ready for our Halloween party on Monday.

Week beginning 17th October


Kindergarten had a great time celebrating QE’s birthday by having a good jump around on the bouncy castles and joining the rest of the school for a party lunch.

Week beginning 10th October

image image (3) image (4) image (2) image (1)

Across the Kindergarten we have been getting into the autumnal spirit and have been doing lots of autumn-themed activities. We have been exploring conkers, leaves and acorns in our sensory trays, leaf printing, making hedgehog pictures and conker rolling paint pictures.

Week beginning 26th September

This week in the Bapuss Room the babies have enjoyed making star pictures with some pasta and then getting very messy with some soil play! As you can see from our photos we had lots of fun. We have also been spending lots of time in our new tepee which is proving to be a very popular cosy spot.

Week beginning 19th September

image (1)

In the Tigger room we are continuing with our colours signpost. We have had lots of fun playing in the ball pool, surrounded by all the new colours we have been learning. We had a great time learning the names of colours as we enjoyed ourselves with the balls.

Week beginning: 12th September

image (1)imageimage (2)

This month in the Tigger room our signpost is colours so we have been learning about red and yellow this week. We had lots of fun getting messy with our yellow sponge paintings!

Week beginning: 5th September

imageimage (2)image (1)

This week in the Pingu room we had lots of fun getting messy with green paint in the tuff trays! We used our hands and feet to explore the paint and then some of us put our whole bodies in. We said we looked like the Incredible Hulk! Everyone said we looked like we’d had a great time.

Summer Term 2016

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Newsletter Summer 2016

Week beginning 13th June:

image image (1)image (2)

Wow what a lovely week; we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine. We have had picnics outside and explored with water balloons!

Week beginning: 23rd May

image[4] image[1] image[5] image[3]

Lots of concentration was shown as the children did some glueing and sticking.  They showed very good control of the glue stick too.

Week beginning: 16th May

image (2)red image (1)red

We had lots of fun this week getting messy – we had to find the mini beasts hidden within the flour.

Week beginning: 9th May

image2 image6 image3

This week the children enjoyed joining in with a tumble tots sessions.

Week beginning: 2nd May

dress up water sand 2image

This week the children have been dressing up in different role play outfits and have been making the most of the sunshine exploring in the sand pit. They also had lots of fun exploring water play; they were so excited to play they got in with all our clothes on!

Week beginning: 25th April

image image (2)

image (3) re image (1) red

This week we have been busy planting; we have planted cress, carrots, herbs and flowers. We can’t wait to watch them grow!

Week beginning 18th April:

This week we had a lovely time celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday. We made some crowns and have a lovely picnic in the sunshine with the whole of Chapter House. We also looked at the number 90 and practised singing the national anthem.

street street 2