The Kindergarten Rooms

Within the Kindergarten there are three rooms:

Squirrel Nutkin Room

The Squirrel Nutkin room is our 3 month to early walkers’ room. Within this room, the staff create a lovely, friendly and soothing first room for the children and each child has their own, unique routine. The staff are very interested in what your child’s routine is, so that they can replicate it and accommodate the child’s needs, to make it an easy and fun time. There are a range of activities and toys for the child to investigate, and the children often get rather messy when they do their first masterpieces of art!

Jemima Puddle-Duck Room

The Jemima Puddle-Duck room is the next room up and is for the early walkers to 2 years. In this room, the staff begin to encourage independence. The staff encourage the children to start to use a fork at meal times, and there are activities organised that move the children on to their next steps, along with lots of opportunity for messy/tactile play. The staff get very involved in this and seem to have as much fun as the children!

Peter Rabbit

The Peter Rabbit room is the final room of Kindergarten, for children aged 2-3 years. In this room, the staff create an energetic and very independent room. The children have more activities to choose from and they, like the other rooms, are big on outside play. The children within this room are all encouraged to use a knife and fork and drink from a cup without handles at meal times. Children at this age are starting to form friendships, and the staff help develop this by creating group activities such as baking. Biscuit-making is always a winner in this room!