Year 5 Curriculum

Summer Term 2021


Most of the literacy work will be based around texts shared as a class, it will also link, where possible, with the topic this term. We will be looking at:

  • the skills of journalism through moon landing reports
  • constructing a formal letter
  • Using speech to develop narrative
  • imagery in poetry
  • creative writing through the ‘image of the month’ prompt.

Reading skills will be taught as a class through VIPERS-Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Summarise skills. This allows us to unpick a variety of text types as a class and home in on the types of questions being asked.

Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. This is done in ability set groups depending on what your child needs in order to make the most progress in their writing.

We will be revising yr 5 grammar and moving on to the year 6 curriculum content also.


Speaking and listening project

This will be Thursday night’s homework and will be an independent project for the child to work on and build over the term. They will then be given the opportunity to present before their class. The summer term project is entirely over to the children’s choice. It can be anything that interests then and that they think will interest their audience too. They have learnt how to present, engage and audience and have seen the standard which can be achieved. They will need to manage their time and ensure they ‘keep on track’.



We will be following the national curriculum meaning that most elements of maths will be taught in the first term and then re-visited and expanded upon as the year moves on. The children will have one day a week of problem solving and mental maths strategies will be a continued focus.

Maths will continue to be ability set.


Science and topic combined

We will be learning about the solar system and how the relative positions of the sun, moon and Earth cause day and night, seasons and the phases of the moon. We will also be developing skills in hands-on investigations.

We will be finding out about the history of Space exploration. We will begin to use map skills and coordinates.



We will be building up a sketch book creating different surfaces and textures by using a variety of materials, to mimic the moon and other planets. The children will study the artist Wassily Kandinsky in addition to the work of Apollo astronaut, Alan Bean.


 Design Technology

The children will be designing, making and evaluating a moon buggy to specific criteria.


Personal Development

The children will be studying religious communities and non-religious systems as well as looking at sustainability of the environment. Towards the end of the term, they will be focusing on how to live a happy and meaningful life, including having a healthy mind and body.



The children will be developing their understanding of coding through Scratch by creating a story centred around a haunted house. In addition to this, they will be storyboarding and developing their own short films about Chapter House.