Year 5 Curriculum

Spring Term 2021


Literacy will link, where possible, with the topic this term. We will be looking at the skills of writing including developing a journalistic skill, based around the book ‘Framed’ by Frank Cotrell Boyce, creating a viewpoint for debate and further developing reading skills. In addition, they will have a levelled reading scheme book and can choose a ‘free reader’ book. Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test.


We will be following the National Curriculum. The children will have one lesson a week of problem solving and mental maths strategies will be a continued focus.


Science this term will be based around the biology elements of the Year 5 curriculum. The children will be exploring habitats and developing their understanding of the life cycles of animals and plants, including green plants and how a flower’s structure enables them to reproduce.

Topic – Settlers

The children will be studying the journeys and cultures of Vikings and Saxons, exploring where they came from, how they settled and what were the effects of their settlements in new countries. They will continue to become more familiar with world maps and locations.


The children will be studying e-safety at an age-appropriate level and developing their skills of presenting information.

Art & DT

Children will research, design and test their own model Viking longboats. In addition, they will be designing, making and evaluating Saxon cake recipes. We will be maintaining our links with the QE kitchen.

Trips and visitors

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions there will be no visitors to site or trips off-site. However, as the weather improves, we will endeavour to take more of our learning outdoors. We are also hoping to have virtual visitors over the term. If you are interested in speaking to the children or presenting about your career development in a way which would be inspirational to the them, please get in touch via the school email address. We would welcome your contributions.