Year 5 Curriculum

Autumn term 2020 


Literacy will link, where possible, with the topic this term. We will be looking at the skills of persuasive writing, narratives and play scripts. 

Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. 

Children will continue with literature circles, group and guided reading. This will mean a set amount of reading each week, given to the children at the start of term and then a set piece of independent homework each, which they will then feed back to their peer group. 

In addition, they will have a levelled reading scheme book and can choose a ‘free reader’ book. 


We will be following the National Curriculum. The children will have one day a week of problem solving when mental maths strategies will be a continued focus. There will be some extra lessons where maths links with the current topic. 


Science this term will be based around the chemistry elements of the Year 5 curriculum. The children will be classifying materials, understanding mixtures and solutions and irreversible and reversible change through chemical reactions. 


In geography, the children will learn about how the weather and terrain affected life in Ancient Greece. They will become more familiar with world maps and locations. In history, the children will be learning about life in Ancient Greece. They will present their findings as part of an interactive treasure trail for their peers. 

Art and Design Technology 

Children will use their research about Greek temples to design and make Greek columns. They will also be constructing their own Ancient Greek artefacts to use as part of a treasure trail. They will build a sketch book of different techniques and materials. They will study the work of Kandinsky. 


During computing sessions, the children will be learning how they can use a variety of packages from Paint and Padlet to Prezi to present and manipulate their work. 

Educational Visits and Visitors 

We are hoping to have a visiting drama group to help the children understand Greek life. To enhance the students’ personal development curriculum, we will be welcoming visitors (where distancing restrictions allow) from all walks of life to inspire the children.