Year 5 News

Week beginning 9th March:

As part of British Science Week and Sports Relief, Year 5 completed science and maths activities looking at how exercise affects our bodies, the relationship between height and the distance we can jump and how temperature affects the way a ball bounces.

Week beginning 2nd March:

Year 5 enjoyed using their scientific skills of observation and question. They each had a work to observe and record their ideas. They have made a wormery and will continue to observe the worms in their natural habitat. It was fascinating and a lot of fun, even if some of us were a little squeamish!

Week beginning 24th February:

Year 5 had a visit from a STEM ambassador from Plantlet Culture this afternoon. He guided the children through a process to germinate a pea in a test tube using a gel made from agar, sugar and water. We eagerly await their germination now.

Week beginning 10th February:

Year 5 enjoyed some practical maths this week. They used estimation and measuring skills.

Week beginning 3rd February:

The Year 5’s modelled their expectations by reading to the Year 2 children and then helped them with unfamiliar words explaining the meaning.  Hilarion was amazing with Alisya – he gave her constructive feedback and modelled how to read with expression and sounding unfamiliar words out. He was also really encouraging and praised her when she used the next steps and did it in a really caring way.
Year 2 are already looking forward to their visit next week. A fantastic start to the day!

Week beginning 27th January:

Our Year 5 children were joined by children from Great Ouseburn, Sharrow and Burton Leonard Schools in mathematical problem solving activities that certainly tested their reasoning skills during the Primary Maths Challenge Enrichment Day.

Week beginning 20th January:

Week beginning 13th January:

This week, Year 5 used to create their own online bulletin board to present information they researched on Australian animals.  The children also had a fabulous time at Young Voices in Sheffield.

Week beginning 6th January:

Week beginning 9th December 2019:

The Year 5 children searched Armorial Hall for Ancient Greek artefacts which were ‘left’ by the Victorian architect of Thorpe Underwood Hall, Walter Henry Brierley. They had to scan the QR codes stuck to the pottery to link to sources which would help them answer questions about all aspects of the Ancient Greeks.

Week beginning 25th November 2019:

In literacy this week, the children wrote their own manifestos, based upon those of the political parties in the news at the moment. There was a lot of discussion as to how they would prioritise their budgets.

Week beginning 18th November 2019:

This week we were visited by Lt Col Harold, an army doctor. He gave us a fascinating insight into the efforts and qualities required to be a doctor in the army. We found out all about the training and learning involved, the amazing teamwork that takes place and the fantastic variety that such a role in the army has to offer. He brought some of his hats to share with the children to illustrate all of the different roles that he has had through his career.



Week beginning 11th November 2019:

Year 5 learned to multiply by 10 and 100 this week, using pieces of shale, chalk and the paved area by the basketball courts.



Week beginning 4th November 2019:

Year 5 have made their poppies for the Remembrance Assembly on 11th November.

Week beginning 14th October 2019:

This week Year 5 have been busy planning a narrative based on the Ancient Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur.

Week beginning 7th October 2019:


Year 5 were visited this week by the architects of DNA Group, who came to speak to the children about what it takes to be an architect. They explained how all of the subjects that we study in Chapter House contribute towards a career in architecture!

Week beginning 30th September 2019:

As part of e-safety week, the Pastoral team led workshops along with KS3 Anti-bullying Council members to deliver the message about being kind online, how unkindness can affect others and what to do if somebody is unkind. We shared, played games using the BT Internet Legends website and created kindness avatars to help remember what to do.

Week beginning 23rd September 2019:

Year 5JY enjoyed a yoga session this week with Miss Blacker as part of their personal development lessons.

Week beginning 16th September 2019:

After investigating three of the Greek philosophers, Year 5 split into groups to find out more about the philosopher that interested them the most. They chose between Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. After their research, they presented their findings to the rest of the year group in our outdoor area.  The children also enjoyed their visit from the Yellow Brick Road company – it really brought the topic to life!

Week beginning 9th September 2019:

To introduce our science topic, Materials and their properties, the children used discussion to classify states of matter according to their way they behave. It was super to see such good teamwork taking place so early on in the term.

Week beginning 2nd September 2019:

The Year 5 children have quickly settled into their new classroom routines this week.

Summer Term 2019

Week beginning 16th June 2019:

This week, the children were faced with some very tricky puzzles to solve in maths, including this question to ruminate over: COW × COW = DEDCOW. They were given a bit of a clue that C=3. They split themselves into roles and tackled a variety of combinations until Farrah found the successful solution.

Week beginning 10th June 2019:

Mrs Ward, Director of M&S Bank and Services, came in to speak to the children about her career path today and delivered a speed challenge that involved the children creating and pitching original creations at the end of an inspiring, interesting careers talk.

Week beginning 4th June 2019:

There was great team work on display today in Year 5 this week! Creating Lego Mindstorm models as part of the research for their own Moon buggy design.

Week beginning 14th May: To tie in with our ongoing space topic, our scientists in Year 5 took some time to investigate the effects of surface area upon fiction and air resistance. They used spinners, stopwatches and maths to take averages. After discussing their findings, they considered how such ideas could be applied in everyday life.

Week beginning 6th May:

In a visit from Mrs Robertson-Rennard, managing director of STAND OUT MEDIA, the students learnt about the history and power of branding, along with some amazing facts about some of the world’s most well known brands. We learnt the importance of market research and how to have a creative conversation. Afterwards, Mrs Robertson-Rennard tasked the children with a design opportunity to create a brand that represented them.

Week beginning 29th April:

Last term, the children learnt the basic skills of Saxon and Viking weaving. This week, some of the year group took the opportunity to develop those skills to be able to follow a traditional Viking weave pattern. Again, they took to the task with great enthusiasm and concentration, leading to a particularly mindful textiles session.


Week beginning 8th April:

We took advantage of the April sunshine to get outdoors for our science trail, where the children used all of their knowledge gained this term and their research skills to help them answer a wide variety of Life Processes and Living Things questions in teams. Three answers in a row earned you 3 vivos. One team managed to get 30 vivos.

Week beginning 25th March:

Remember geoboards? They were pegboards that you may have used in maths to help you make shapes with elastic bands. Well, Mrs Young’s class used a geoboard app on the iPads to create translations and reflections during their latest investigations into geometry. With no danger of elastic bands pinging accidentally across the classroom!

Meanwhile,, 5C went to the QE art block at Genesis to learn and develop new skills in weaving. Their aim is to learn how to do it and then follow a Viking pattern, using these traditional methods.

While outside in the March sunshine, 5SC used the Chapter House pond to sail their replica Viking boats and test how watertight they had made them. Everybody had fun sailing on the water.

Week beginning 18th March: Y

ear 5 had a wonderful day in York this week. They enjoyed a morning in the Jorvik museum learning about the Vikings and then had a wonderful afternoon in the York art gallery. They sketched and wrote stories based on the exhibitions. Their excellent behaviour was commented on by members of the public.