Year 5 News

Week beginning 15th March:

Year 5 took advantage of the nice weather and took our maths outside. The children followed a trail by calculating missing angles.


Week beginning 8th March:

Year 5 worked hard on their problem solving skills in numeracy this week.  They worked well in pairs to discuss the key information and use that to calculate the answers.

During this period of remote learning, updates will be given via the QE Facebook page and @HeadofCH Twitter account.

Week beginning 14th December:

The year 5 children have been learning how to use databases in computing this term. This week, they edited a database which focused on Santa’s reindeer. They had to add three columns of information and then create 5 questions to interrogate their databases. There were some very creative categories!

Week beginning 7th December:

Year 5 have been investigating the thermal insulating properties of different materials, with a view to using them for a space suit design.

Week beginning 30th November:

The year 5 children gathered information about the creatures described in Louis Sachar’s book ‘Holes’ and annotated drawings that they created following step-by-step instructions. They discussed appearance, habitat, diet and behaviour.

Week beginning 9th November:

As part of their science topic, year 5 took to the kitchen to investigate reversible and non-reversible changes, using the medium of cooking. Tasty crispy cakes and buns combined with scientific proof. What could be better?

Week beginning 2nd November:

Year 5 made the most of the sunshine this week and took their maths trail outside. They were practicing their mental maths strategies.

Week beginning 19th October:

It has been a busy end of term with a School Birthday Celebration enjoyed by all.  See all of the photos on the QE Facebook page:

Week beginning 12th October:

We joined James from the QE kitchens, who showed us how to prepare some traditional Greek dishes, including tzatziki, chicken skewers and traditional Greek salad. It was great to see the children preparing the food, trying new flavours and dishes and helping out with the washing up afterwards.

Week beginning 5th October:

This week Year 5 carried out a series of solubility investigations which they had planned themselves. They needed to plan, carry out, observe and record their findings in order to answer the question they had been posed.

Week beginning 28th September:

With Miss Fassnidge from the QE Art Department, Year 5 have been looking at Fundamental British Values through the art of Grayson Perry. They have been designing teapots which reflect some of the values and ideas that they see in British society.


Week beginning 21st September:

Year 5 are working on their pencil technique in art at the moment. This week they have used this techniques to sketch a picture of a shell.

Week beginning 14th September:

Year 5 have been thinking about what makes us all unique and how our actions affect others as part of the ‘Here We Are’ whole school project. Their art reflected that this week. They chose an action that represented themselves and made coloured shadows.