Year 5 News

Week beginning 16th June 2019:

This week, the children were faced with some very tricky puzzles to solve in maths, including this question to ruminate over: COW × COW = DEDCOW. They were given a bit of a clue that C=3. They split themselves into roles and tackled a variety of combinations until Farrah found the successful solution.

Week beginning 10th June 2019:

Mrs Ward, Director of M&S Bank and Services, came in to speak to the children about her career path today and delivered a speed challenge that involved the children creating and pitching original creations at the end of an inspiring, interesting careers talk.

Week beginning 4th June 2019:

There was great team work on display today in Year 5 this week! Creating Lego Mindstorm models as part of the research for their own Moon buggy design.

Week beginning 14th May:

To tie in with our ongoing space topic, our scientists in Year 5 took some time to investigate the effects of surface area upon fiction and air resistance. They used spinners, stopwatches and maths to take averages. After discussing their findings, they considered how such ideas could be applied in everyday life.

Week beginning 6th May:

In a visit from Mrs Robertson-Rennard, managing director of STAND OUT MEDIA, the students learnt about the history and power of branding, along with some amazing facts about some of the world’s most well known brands. We learnt the importance of market research and how to have a creative conversation. Afterwards, Mrs Robertson-Rennard tasked the children with a design opportunity to create a brand that represented them.

Week beginning 29th April:

Last term, the children learnt the basic skills of Saxon and Viking weaving. This week, some of the year group took the opportunity to develop those skills to be able to follow a traditional Viking weave pattern. Again, they took to the task with great enthusiasm and concentration, leading to a particularly mindful textiles session.


Week beginning 8th April:

We took advantage of the April sunshine to get outdoors for our science trail, where the children used all of their knowledge gained this term and their research skills to help them answer a wide variety of Life Processes and Living Things questions in teams. Three answers in a row earned you 3 vivos. One team managed to get 30 vivos.

Week beginning 25th March:

Remember geoboards? They were pegboards that you may have used in maths to help you make shapes with elastic bands. Well, Mrs Young’s class used a geoboard app on the iPads to create translations and reflections during their latest investigations into geometry. With no danger of elastic bands pinging accidentally across the classroom!

Meanwhile,, 5C went to the QE art block at Genesis to learn and develop new skills in weaving. Their aim is to learn how to do it and then follow a Viking pattern, using these traditional methods.

While outside in the March sunshine, 5SC used the Chapter House pond to sail their replica Viking boats and test how watertight they had made them. Everybody had fun sailing on the water.

Week beginning 18th March:

Year 5 had a wonderful day in York this week. They enjoyed a morning in the Jorvik museum learning about the Vikings and then had a wonderful afternoon in the York art gallery. They sketched and wrote stories based on the exhibitions. Their excellent behaviour was commented on by members of the public.

Week beginning 11th March:

As part of Science Week, Year 5 looked at the physics of frisbees. We discovered how the lift and momentum of the frisbee affects the speed and distance which it flies at. Then, using a set of instructions to create a tessellated frisbee made up of eight different parts, we made our own versions out of light card. The children found that they could recycle offcuts to make a variety of sized frisbees of the same design. We tested them out in Monarchs Hall – the record for the furthest flight was Isabella, who threw an impressive 10.1 metres, stopped only by the wall at the other end of the hall!

Week beginning 4th March:

For World Book Day, Mrs Young’s class created storybook trees for KS1 and EYFS. This took some of the little ones’ favourite tales and created animations of the trees telling the story. After all of the computing wizardry, 5Y took the younger children outside to see the trees come to life through the iPads, as they were able to see the trees talking when they pointed their device at the sculptures on the trunks.

Also this week, some of the pupils have been developing their practical measuring skills to give them an idea of how to estimate and accurately measure and record in real life situations, along with fine tuning their strategies for converting measures and reading scales.

Week beginning 18th February:

Making Saxon cakes from an ancient Anglo Saxon recipe was great fun for the pupils this week. What’s more fun than baking them? Eating them of course! What’s Saxon for ‘Nom nom’?

Week beginning 11th February:

The Year 5 children took a trip up to the QE art department for some hands on traditional Saxon weaving, taught by experts on the subject. They were so engaged during what was a challenging art session!

Week beginning 4th February:

This week, some of the students investigated the Saxon writing method of runes. We looked at how they were created and what their significance was. Then, we took some clay and formed small pebbles, into which we carved our names in runes. We are waiting for them to dry and then will take the opportunity to paint them.


Week beginning 28th January:

This cold Tuesday, we boarded a time machine that took us back to Anglo Saxon times, where we were taken in by the Lord at Murton Park. He gave us instruction on the tasks that we needed to do in order to keep our village fed and protected from the filthy Mercian invaders and also invited us in for a Saxon banquet, where there were jokes, riddles and even a punishment for one of the slaves.

Week beginning 21st January:

Year 5 have been working cooperatively, using their research skills and making creative choices about their presentations this week. They have made an information poster about Saxons in preparation for their trip to Murton Park next week.

Week beginning 14th January:

To tie QE’s Well Being Week into maths, we compared a variety of cereals to see which ones were the healthiest. We created pie charts, converting the recommended percentages on the sides of the cereal boxes into degrees for the chart. After this, we compared our findings. As an extension, some of the children even tried to solve the Spot the Difference challenge on the back of the packets!

Week beginning 7th January 2019:

Happy New Year from all of us in Year 5!

Excitement reached fever pitch this Thursday as we went to the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. For many of the students, it was a first experience at an arena concert venue and it certainly didn’t disappoint! All of the children threw themselves into the spirit of the day with sensational singing, funky dancing and boundless enthusiasm.

Week beginning 3rd December:

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at journalism in literacy, which has involved examining news articles from a variety of sources, identifying the effects of fake news in the media both now and in the past and also having fun creating our own headlines with a super Chapter House themed news game called ‘Man Bites Dog’.


Week beginning 26th November:

Using computing to create easy to retrieve data is something that grown-ups are used to doing. This week, the Year 5 pupils were trying their hand at creating class databases that made it easy to search and filter results that could tell them all about their classmates.


Week beginning 19th November:

It was International Week at QE this week and in Chapter House, we took part in a range of activities to celebrate the rich and varied cultures and traditions around the world. Year 5 were lucky enough to play in a drumming workshop, where we played authentic West African instruments, including the djembe. We learnt a traditional drumming pattern and played it in four parts, making the most amazing sound!


Week beginning 12th November:

The QE Art Department invited the Year 5s back into their studios this week, where we were given the opportunity to create own pinch pots. We learnt the technique and then made out own creations, using a variety of tools to decorate. They will now be left to dry out and will subsequently be fired in the kiln before painting and glazing. Watch this space!


Week beginning 5th November:

As part of our term’s investigation of materials and their properties, we used the DT room to bake and cook, all the while looking at how certain processes were reversible or irreversible, differentiating between physical and chemical processes and finally evaluating our efforts. All in the name of STEM, you understand…

Week beginning 22nd October:

During the Autumn term, Year 5 have been taking part in Art sessions led by Mrs Ralph from the QE art department. Together, all the groups got together to recap what they had been looking at so far, namely an art response to music, like the artist, Kandinsky. After developing their ideas further, they created a large scale piece of artwork made up of their own individual pieces.

Week beginning 15th October:

Year Five took part in the Restart A Heart training workshop in which they were given the opportunity to learn and practise CPR. Although the subject matter was serious, they enjoyed the session and there were some natural medics on display!

One of our favourite investigations ever in Science is sorting out a messy bowl of paperclips, pasta, rice, sand and salt, using a variety of methods. The children had to come up with a strategy for the separation of the materials, having been given some everyday household items, combined with previous scientific learning to help them.


Week beginning 8th October:

Year Five have been investigating Shape and Space over the last few weeks. During one of our sessions, we took iPads outside to photograph angles, using the Skitch app to annotate our estimates onto the photograph. Our follow up work saw us measuring the angles in our books using a protractor to compare to the estimates from the day before.

Week beginning 1st October:

During the first half term, Miss Blacker has been running yoga classes during our PD sessions. I gives the children a chance to reflect, relax and focus. They come away from the sessions both calm and energised.

Week beginning 24th September:

This week saw the second of our Ancient Greek philosophers study group. The children were introduced to Aristotle, Plato and Socrates last week and each child had to choose a philosopher to focus upon. After researching their chosen scholar, they presented their findings firstly as a poster and then as a group to the other Year 5s in the outdoor learning area.

This week, we also had the pleasure of a guest speaker; Youth Officer Paul Stephenson, from North Yorkshire Police who met with Years 4 and 5 to talk about how to stay safe online. The pupils had some really good ideas themselves and learnt a lot from Paul, including who they can talk to when they have a worry about computers.

Week beginning 17th September:

Year 5 had an Ancient Greek day, when they were visited by the legendary Yellow Brick Road workshop team. Every single one of them were totally immersed for the entire day in the culture, traditions, arts and storytelling of Ancient Greece. It was such a good day for harnessing their enthusiasm and looking at things from a different point of view.

Week beginning 10th September:

Our science topic this term sees Year 5 investigating materials and their properties. To begin with, they undertook a Pit Activity in which they considered the three states of matter and sorted statement cards into three columns; solids, liquids and gases. During the activity, they were encouraged to use scientific language and give examples for their reasoning.


Week beginning 18th June:

This week, Year 5 have been presenting their Thursday night projects to their classes. We have had talks from such wide ranging subjects as Ancient Egypt, mythology and Ferraris. Children have discussed the Royal family, countries of the world and aquathalons.


Week beginning 21st May:

This lunchtime, our prefects and ambassadors in Years 4 and 5 got the chance to meet Aftab, who came into school to teach the children some sign language. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt various words and phrases, from what they like to eat for breakfast to how many siblings they have. Throughout the session, the children only communicated in sign language and used whiteboards to help with words and phrases they had yet to learn.

Week beginning 7th May:

Over the last few weeks, King’s Magna prefects from Year 8 have been lunching with our Year 5 pupils, taking the opportunity to answer any questions our students might have about the transition to Year 6 and beyond.

On Thursday, the same prefects came into each Year 5 class to run some activities and talk some more, helping with advice and putting any worries to rest. They were a credit to KM and were true role models for their younger counterparts.

Week beginning 30th April:

As part of her literature circles homework, Lola created an e-safety poster to advise the book character to stay safe on the internet. As a class we were worried that the character in the book we are reading was about to meet up with someone she had met online.

Lola’s e-safety poster

Y5C have been trialling their Teams accounts this week, enabling them to practise spellings, respond to poetry and write descriptive pieces about tasty Jaffa Cakes (they were yummy) through computing. As the term continues, we hope to roll Teams out across Year 5, allowing them to work collaboratively through computing.

Week beginning 23rd April:

The students used an app called Padlet on the iPads this week to collaborate in a whole class brainstorming session about measurement this week. They used film, sound, photos, sketches and weblinks to develop and share their ideas. It was a real buzz for them to see their work cast instantly onto the Promethean boards.

Week beginning 16th April:

The Year 5 pupils made the most of the sunshine this week with a practical science investigation which explored the concepts of air resistance and gravity. In addition, they used the outdoor area to investigate personification in poetry.

Also this week, we had the opportunity to chat to Year 8 prefects, who gave them friendly advice and tips about the transition from Chapter House to King’s Magna.

Week beginning 9th April:

This week in science, Year 5 have been learning all about the Earth’s layers. Following the instructions given, and using compasses, they have managed to create the layers of the Earth using different coloured paper before describing each layer.


Week beginning 19th March:

Year 5 are in the middle of creating and filming their campaign videos for banning the use of plastic straws this week by developing the use of emotive language and rhetorical questioning, considering how to research and present data to support their ideas and using editing software to create a piece which persuades the viewer to support the cause.


Week beginning 12th March:

We had a go at using a flatbread recipe to replicate bread from Viking times. The children particularly enjoyed kneading the dough and many were keen to try out cooking the bread in the pan. There were some very tasty looking results.


Week beginning 5th March:

Year 5 had a wonderful day in York this week. They enjoyed a morning in the Jorvik museum learning about the Vikings and then had a wonderful afternoon in the York art gallery. They sketched and wrote stories based on the exhibitions. Their excellent behaviour was commented on by members of the public.

Week beginning 26th February:

After last week’s clay work session, the Year 5s returned to add their Clarice Cliff designs to their pinch pots. The next step will be to ‘glaze’ the pots using a varnish mixture of PVA and water.

This term’s science topic is all about life cycles. This week, we have examined the fascinating metamorphosis of frog spawn to tadpole to froglet to adult frog. After discussing the changes, the children were tasked with presenting their learning through a comic strip and collages. There was real enthusiasm, interest and some wonderful teamwork on show.


Week beginning 19th February:

This week saw the Year 5 students working with the QE Art Department to create pinch pots for their Clarice Cliff pottery designs. They used techniques taught in a demonstration and then had a go themselves. Their focus, concentration and resilience helped them to produce some lovely pots, which will air dry, ready for painting in a week’s time. They also took the opportunity to examine some inspirational work from older QE students and had  a look at the kiln room, where they learnt about how other works in clay are fired.

Week beginning 5th February:

It’s been a busy week for Year 5!  Amy Hirst, an Engineering Teacher from University Technical College, Leeds came to develop the CAD skills of our Year 5 pupils. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and they used a package called Tinkercad to create a building of their own design to contribute to a class model village, which Amy is going to print out using a 3D printer. The children still have their logins and can develop their skills online at from any internet connected PC.  


Year 5 have also been converting different units of measure practically, throughout the week. Here, one maths group are estimating, measuring and converting units of capacity in different ways. In Science they have been investigating the strange and wonderful life cycle of plants. We carefully dissected the flowers to find the male and female parts and researched what the function of each part was.


Week beginning 29th January:


This week in DT, Year 5 have been continuing to measure, cut and assemble their Viking longboat designs and they are beginning to take shape.
Year 5 hosted a careers talk from Captain Berger, who gave us a fascinating insight into what it is like to be a pilot, how his own career path developed and advised the children on the skills required to be an airline pilot. A few hands went up at the beginning of the talk when Captain Berger asked if anybody wanted to be a pilot. By the end, over half of the year group wanted to take to the skies!

Week beginning 8th January:


To kick start the Year 5 Saxon topic, the children learnt the story of King Alfred the Great (the only King to have the word ‘Great’ in his title) burning the cakes in the woodcutter’s hut. They then made cakes according to a Saxon recipe and took photographs of their activity. They then used the app. ‘Comic Life’ to create a record of what they had done.

Week beginning 4th December:


In guided reading this week, Year 5 used dice with question prompts on to aid their discussion on their group text.

Week beginning 27th November:

Year 5O enjoyed their Greek Food tasting technology lesson. They created star diagrams to compare the taste and texture of the different foods.

Week beginning 20th November:

Year 5 had an Ancient Greek day on Monday, when they were visited by the legendary Yellow Brick Road workshop team. Every single child was totally immersed for the entire day in the culture, traditions, arts and storytelling of Ancient Greece. Throughout the workshops, they shared their knowledge, learned new concepts and facts and practised storytelling through drama. It was such a good day for harnessing their enthusiasm and looking at things from a different point of view.

Week beginning 13th November:

To help understand reversible and irreversible changes in science, Year 5 have been making buns and chocolate crispies. We used maths skills in weighing and our reading skills to follow instructions.

As part of our successful Year 5 programme of careers talks, Mrs Zeki came to talk about psychology. Mrs Zeki has been a criminal psychologist and now teaches in QE. We have now had 4 careers talks and we would like to open it up to parents who feel they would like to share their passion and could help build the aspirations of our children. Please contact Mrs Young on if you would be interested in giving a talk to the children.

Week beginning 30th October:

This week, the Year 5 careers talk came from Mrs Speck, from the QE Science department. She talked about how her interest in science at school developed into a passion for zoology and also psychology. She helped us to understand the qualities needed to be a scientist and explained how important it is to work hard to find the answers to questions and how to work well as part of a team.

Week beginning 9th October:

The Year 5 students have been using YouTube clips in freeze frame to map the voyages of discovery undertaken by Columbus in the 15th and 16th century. They drew them into their books and consulted atlases to supplement their map work.

Week beginning 2nd October:


Year 5 continued their work on angles this week and also enjoyed a talk by Mr Birchall on what inspired him to become a PE teacher.

Week beginning 25th September:

Year 5 took to their shiny new playground armed with iPads and skipping ropes to try to create some angles. We then uploaded our photos back in the classroom and measured them with an onscreen protractor. There were some pretty accurate estimates!

Week beginning 18th September:



The was not a cloud in the sky for Year 5 as they visited Murton Park’s fascinating Saxon village. They spent the day in character in a variety of roles, working for a rather grumpy lord. They made oil lamps from clay, used a quern-stone to grind wheat into flour and then baked a dough mix on a hearth stone in the Moot Hall. The lord was kind enough to invite us for a banquet in his hall, where he was entertained by jesters, minstrels and dancers. In the afternoon, our hard working time-travellers tilled the soil in the autumn sunshine in preparation for a vegetable plot and trained as guards and wood collectors. Their busy day was topped off with a surprise raid from a neighbouring Saxon village.

Week beginning 11th September:

Year 5 have been completing a timeline sorting activity. They used their new information to complete an interactive activity on the new ‘Promethean’ boards.  They have also been looking at the scientific properties of the three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. Showing good teamwork skills, they had to discuss what the various features of each state was. They then compared their answers and discussed any surprises that they found.


Academic Year 2016-2017

Week beginning 5th June:

Year 5 have had a busy end to the week!  They have spent the day in King’s Magna on Thursday and performed an excellent assembly, all written in rhyme, on Friday.

Week beginning 22nd May:

Year 5 have been tasting and writing descriptions of Jaffa cakes. There was some fantastic imagery in their writing. here are two examples:

The tempting Jaffa cake was sitting in front of me making me feel hungry. With the creamy chocolate sitting on top. The scrumptious Jaffa cake is making me feel like I’m starving. The mouth watering smell is making me want to eat it even more. Call me to eat it but I resist the temptation. I look away trying not to panic. Kaja

The amazing Jaffa cake tasted scrumptious and extraordinary. s soon as the Jaffa cake was placed in front of me, I soon found myself addicted to it’s delicious smell. It was as tempting as melting ice cream dripping down a cone. A few moments later, my mouth started to water as the Jaffa cake stared at me. Jessica

Week beginning 15th May:

In science this week, Class 5W were challenged to separate a mixture of pasta, rice, paper clips, sand and salt as part of their learning about Properties of Materials.  They had to choose the most appropriate equipment to separate solids from the mixture in a sequence of steps.  They then used their knowledge of soluble and insoluble solids to separate the sand and salt using the processes of dissolving, filtering and evaporation.  The children also started rehearsing the summer show.

Week beginning 8th May:



Year 5 have been investigating how to separate materials. They have used: colanders, sieves, magnets, tweezers and finally dissolving and evaporating.  The children also had the opportunity to be involved in cookery club and yoga.  In cookery club, the children made a Yorkshire favourite; Parkin.

Week beginning 1st May:


In Year 5, the children have been tackling different challenges linked to a range of topics; these include night and day, plants and animals and changes of state. The children worked in pairs to allow for deeper discussion into the different topics.

Week beginning 24th April:


Thank you to the IT department who showed 5Y how to build computers this week. This followed the children being curious, during a form time discussion, as to what was inside a computer.

Week beginning 3rd April:

The Year 5 children spent a sunny afternoon following instructions to complete a variety of science investigations.  They have also spent an exciting 3 days at High Adventure.  Photos will be added to the trips section shortly.

Week beginning 27th March:

Year 5 have been practising their ukuleles this week in music. They were playing ‘With a Little Help from my Friends’ by the Beatles and ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.


5D have been looking at solubility in science. They completed investigations to find out which materials are soluble and which are insoluble. They also investigated whether the temperature of the water affects solubility.

Week beginning 20th March:

Year 5 have planted their potatoes this week. 5W took responsibility for ‘chitting’ them and, now they have shoots, we have planted them in a sunny spot and watered them. We are excited about seeing the first signs of growth.

Year 5 have been exploring settlers in America and this week we looked at the Oregon Trail. We used the iPads to research places along the trail and made postcards about the places you would visit along the way. We then explored practicalities of travelling along the trail including what you would need and the cost.

5O topic work

In Science, the children have been looking at the properties of materials:

5W Science – Properties of Materials

Week beginning 13th March:


This week, all Year 5 have taken part in an Ancient Greek workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and, throughout their time with the Yellow Brick Road’s fantastic team, they learnt all about Ancient Greek clothes, Greek Gods, the legacy of Greece, the Olympics and Icarus as well as creating a human timeline right from the age of the dinosaurs through to modern day.  The children also got to taste test Greek food. The children tried foods such as olives, hummus, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and pita bread. The food received mixed responses but by far the most popular was hummus and pita bread.

Year 5 have been creating nets of 3D shapes using polydron.

Week beginning 6th March:

Year 5D shared their trumpeting skills with us in assembly. We thoroughly enjoyed it; especially joining in with the  singing to ‘Rock a by’ by Clean Bandit. They have been learning trumpet for just less than a term and really impressed us with their level of playing. Children can sign up on the parent portal to continue with their trumpet or if they were inspired today.

Week beginning 27th February:


This week Year 5 have been presenting their water projects. Each side of Frances’s presentation had a different section of information such as cloud types, seas of the world, the water cycle and the importance of clean water.

5Y have placed beans in jars this week so they can observe and record the germination. They have been looking at plant and animal life cycles in science. The Year 5 children have also been researching Ancient Greek homes. We imagined we were estate agents and made brochures to persuade people to buy the homes we had designed.

Week beginning 13th February:


This week, Year 5 have been dissecting flowers to learn all about the different parts of a plant.

Year spent the day in King’s Magna on their first taster day of the year. They spent time in Year 6 classrooms sampling some of the lessons they will experience as Year 6 students. They thoroughly enjoyed their language taster lessons, sampling French and German and answering quiz questions. Their maths lesson involved landscaping a garden, making choices within a budget. Computing and PE rounded off the day, which was a huge success.

Week beginning 6th February:

Year 5 have been writing persuasive texts about why they would be an amazing Saxon leader. They had to convince their clan to make them the new leader above all others.  The children have also been finding out about and drawing their own Viking ships. Here is a Viking ship drawn by Maria, 5O:

Ella – Anglo Saxon Leader

Mark – Anglo Saxon Leader

In science, the children have been transferring their knowledge of life cycles to the life cycle of plants. Leah and Debo arranged the cards to give the information in a cycle. Ginny has tried using her own words to explain the process.

Ginny – life cycle

Week beginning 30th January:

Year 5 have been exploring life in Viking times. The children have looked at everyday life in Viking times and discovered they weaved cloth to make blankets and clothes.  The children created a comic strip of instructions to enable other children to have a go themselves.

In science the children are studying the human life cycle. This week they have been investigating how we grow and have been measuring the height and head size of both children and teachers in Chapter House.

Week beginning 23rd January:


It’s been a busy week in Year 5.    Seb enjoyed teaching Patrick how to play Labyrinth in board games club this week.  In Problem  5D have been finding factors and multiples of 2-digit numbers; the children worked in teams and used trail and error to improve their scores.  Leah photographed and interviewed the class in literature circles this week. This is how she recorded what she found:

Week beginning 16th January:


In 5O, the children carried out research into an area of Anglo-Saxon history. They created information posters in groups ready to share and display in the classroom.


5Y have been working on the final stages of their moon buggy project. They are now making sure their buggy looks good and are busy evaluating their product.

Week beginning 9th January:


On Wednesday the children from Year 5 had the opportunity to go to Young Voices 2017 in Sheffield. Year 5 had a fantastic time and enjoyed singing and dancing along to the songs.
‘I liked it when the lights went out and all you could see was 5,000 torches, it looked really cool. Everyone had an amazing time. It was an unforgettable experience!’ Jessica 5D
‘I had so much fun singing and dancing. It was so awesome because I have never done anything like that before.’ Olivia 5D

Week beginning 5th December:

Year 5 played a poetry game; the number of syllables in each line of their wintry poem was determined by the role of the dice. It was quite a challenge but thoroughly enjoyed.


They have also been designing and making their own moon buggies. The children have been using skills such as measuring, cutting and gluing.

Week beginning 28th November:


On Tuesday the school had a visit from the Brownlee brothers. Unfortunately Year 5 were out of school on our school trip (see the visits page for more details) and James was disappointed to have missed them. However they did pass on an autographed picture and note to him. James was thrilled to receive this today as he is a keen triathlete.

Week beginning 21st November:

dsc02308 dsc02313

5W have been learning about opposing forces in science this week. They took the ‘Floating or Sinking Challenge’ where they had to construct a boat from aluminium foil to support the largest number of weights possible.

Week beginning 14th November:

20161114_173411 img_2128 img_2129

It has been a busy week in Year 5!  The children have enjoyed outdoor maths when they followed a maths trail around the playground, they have written letters to Tim Peake to persuade him that they would make amazing astronauts and they have also been learning to play the trumpet in music!




Week beginning 7th November:

y5red y5-2red

Year 5 worked in teams to research Ancient Greece. They used the iPads, books and information sheets to gather information onto their grid.

50-3red 50-red 50-2red

5O carried out an investigation to measure the weight of different objects in the classroom using a force meter.  They then worked out what the weight would be on the moon and on Jupiter!

Week beginning 31st October:

dscn0796 dscn0797 dscn0799 dscn0787

5D and 5O presented their project work on ‘Design a Club’ this week and given points for content and style of presentation.

dscn0793red dscn0792red dscn0791red

In topic, 5O created a timeline before carrying out research independently using iPads.

Week beginning 17th October:

Mrs Young’s maths class were learning about 3D shape this week. They described the properties of their shapes by feeling them in the ‘feely bag’ while their friends guessed the correct shape.

Week beginning 10th October:

The children created some excellent story starters this week, based on the image of the month:

Story starter – Ben                        Story starter – Frances

Story starter – Ginny                    Story starter – Maria

Story starter – Patrick                  Story starter -Robert

Story starters – David & Alfred


Week beginning 3rd October:

 IMG_2802 IMG_2803 IMG_2804

5Y practising for Young Voices as part of their ‘Voice’ topic and Adebowlae as musician of the lesson-wearing the coveted musician’s cape!

IMG_2805 IMG_2806IMG_2808

Year 5 took their maths outside this week. 5D drew a scale plan of the Olympic Courtyard and 5Y worked out the perimeter and area of the playground and then drew a scale version.

 Week beginning 26th September:

image image image

5Y used the iPads to research technical vocabulary in preparation for writing an instruction manual for a hoverbike.

Before each maths lesson begins, we do a brain gym session to music. Here is one of our Year 5 classes doing brain gym! Brain Gym exercises are exercises designed to help the brain function better during the learning process.  These exercises are based on the idea that simple physical exercise helps blood flow to the brain and can help improve the learning process by making sure the brain stays alert.

Week beginning 19th September:

DSCN0712 DSCN0715

In art this week, Year 5 used viewfinders to sketch parts of the moon’s surface, focusing on texture and shading.

DSC01977 DSC01970 DSC01972

They also participated in an activity linked to Jeans for Genes, run by older students in the school.

Week beginning 12th September:

DSCN0704red DSCN0707red DSCN0709red DSC01899red

During their science lessons Year 5 have been studying the structure of the Earth. They   have learnt that the Earth is made up of 4 layers; the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.  On the Challenge Day, the children worked as a team to build their own bridge.

Week beginning 5th September:

y51 y52

Year 5 have kicked of their exploring topic with a letter from Tim Peake, mind mapping their knowledge of space and generating questions as well as some facts about space exploration.

erin red

Year 5 have also shared their Summer holiday projects. Here is Erin (5O) sharing her project about her holidays to Turkey, Greece and Spain.

Summer Term 2016

Week beginning 13th June:

DSC09649red DSC09648red DSC09646red

Year 5 have been carrying out an experiment to see how different materials can be separated using different equipment.
They worked in groups and not only had to decide when each material needed separating but also how they should be separated.

Week beginning 6th June:

P1130568red P1130576red P1130569red

Well done to the Year 5 children who wrote and presented their own assembly about their residential visit to High Adventure.

DSC01984red DSC01985red DSC01989red DSC01990red

The teachers organised a surprise party for the children on Friday which the children thoroughly enjoyed – especially the dancing!

Week beginning 23rd May:

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Year 5 have been learning all about Shakespeare, in particular the tragedy Romeo and Juliet. We have read the story and here the children are doing a quiz to see just how much they can remember from the story.  After this, the children begun to plan a scene from the tragedy; they will then write it out in the form of a play script ready to act out!

In science this week, Year 5 have been carrying out an experiment to see how different materials can be separated.

Week beginning 15th May:

Year 5 enjoyed a science treasure hunt style quiz in the playground. All the questions were related to plant and animal reproduction.

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Week beginning 9th May:

The Year 5 children have had a fabulous time at High Adventure this week.  They tested themselves to the limit on activities such as ‘leap of faith’, ‘gladiator climb’, team building and canoeing.  More photos have been added to the Year 5 Visits page.

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Week beginning 2nd May:

Year 5 have continued to monitor the growth of the space seeds. This week the job was handed over to 5Y:


The children have also written a diary entry based on the Image of the Month:

Ashwin – Dear Diary


Week beginning 25th April:

In science this term the children are learning about plants.  During our lesson this week, we dissected plants and talked about the different parts of a flowering plant.  Click on the following link to see some photos of the work.

Plant dissection work


Week beginning 18th April:

This week, Chapter House School received some Rocket seeds that had spent six months on the International Space Station! Year 5 children sowed these seeds as an experiment to see what effects, if any, six months spent in-micro gravity would have on seed germination and growth. Over the next few weeks, pupils will monitor and measure seedling development of these seeds compares to seeds which haven’t been in micro-gravity. Our results will be analysed by biostatisticians at the Royal Horticultural Society as part of a national study.

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Year 5 have written a character description for Medusa from mythology.  The children have tried to include as much descriptive language as possible:

Medusa wasn’t the average girl with normal parents and a normal life; how can you be when you have snakes for hair? Deadly venomous snakes. She was the most feared monster alive.

She had the same feelings, the same habits, the same life-cycle as any other person however when she slept, the golden snakes remain awake. One quick glimpse straight into the blood-red snake’s eyes and you would be stuck to the spot; stuck amongst the layers of rough marble stone. As hard as it is to believe, Medusa, who was once amazingly beautiful, was transformed into this hideous monster as a punishment.                         

Sophia Hill 5Y

Medusa was once the prettiest girl in all of Greece, until one day the gods turned her into a hideous monster with snake-like hair. The snakes hissed as loud as a lion’s roar. If you took one glance at her writhing snakes you would be struck stone-cold.

Her face, which was worse than an infected rat’s, was as green as the forest. As she snored, the snakes remained awake and alert.

Jake Ashworth-Reynolds 5Y

plant watering

Year 5 have been keeping up-to-date with watering their potatoes for the CH competition