Year 4 Curriculum

Summer Term 2021


This term will be used to re-visit and consolidate the key areas of mathematics, using problem solving and reasoning to support a deeper understanding. Mental maths will be practised during lesson starters and support their confidence when using the four operations.  


Writing will be linked to our summer topic of ‘Chocolate’. The children will explore the structure of a balanced argument and develop specific language techniques before writing their own. Following this, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ will be used a stimulus for narrative and newspaper report writing. The texts that will be used for whole class reading will cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry and will be follow the same theme.  


In science this term, we will investigate states of matter, including the water cycle, and how water and other substances can change between these different states. We will use hands-on, interactive investigations and produce our own models to embed this learning. 


We will be investigating the history of chocolate and looking at the Aztec and Maya cultures. We will also be investigating the impact of these cultures on the cocoa trade. We will be building up a picture of trade routes and looking at the implications of these.  

 Art and DT 

Through links to our chocolate topic, the children will design, produce and evaluate their own chocolate bar packaging, by researching existing commercial packaging and using computing to aid their production design.  

 Personal Development 

We will be studying religious communities and non-religious systems as well as looking at roles and responsibilities with school and the community. Towards the end of the term, we will be focusing on how to live a happy and meaningful life, including having a healthy mind and body.