Year 4 Curriculum

Autumn Term 2020 

The texts used as a stimulus for writing will, where possible, be linked to this term’s topic ‘Our Changing World’. The children will explore a range of genres including descriptive writing, persuasive letters, diary writing and narrative.  

Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. Grammar will be immersed within all writing lessons to ensure that the skills taught are used within their own writing.  

Children will continue to develop their reading skills through shared reading activities. The focus of these activities will be broadening their vocabulary knowledge, inference skills and ability to retrieve and summarise information.  

In addition, they will have a levelled reading scheme book and can choose a ‘free reader’ book from the class bookshelf. 


We will be following the National Curriculum. The children will be provided with opportunities to apply their knowledge through practical, outdoor activities and problem solving.  


To link with their topic, the children will be learning about food chains and webs by completing tasks to answer given questions. Following this, their learning will focus on the digestive system and teeth using a range of practical investigations. 


‘Our Changing World’ explores the seven continents of world before zooming into the Amazon Rainforest and stepping back in time to learn about Ancient Egypt and the importance of the River Nile. The children will learn about the structure of the rainforest and how it is changing as well as exploring life in the Amazon Basin. Before moving onto Ancient Egypt, the children will learn about the water cycle. History will be the focus as the children explore Ancient Egypt and learn about the significance of the worldfamous pyramids and River Nile.  

Art and Design Technology 

While researching rainforests, the children will look at the work of Henri Rousseau. They will learn about his inspirations and the techniques he used to develop his pieces of work. While working towards creating their own piece of artwork, they will develop skills in sketching, colour mixing and collage.  

This term’s DT project will be to design, make a evaluate a shaduf. 

Outdoor Learning 

The children will use outdoor learning to access most subjects at some point over the term. Opportunities will include collecting signs of autumn, using trees and plants as a stimulus for their artwork and practical maths 


Firstly, the children will learn how to collect and present data using a spreadsheet. Following this, the focus will move onto presenting using a PowerPoint and will secure their skills in adding a hyperlink and inserting a video clip. The information that they present will link to their topic knowledge.  

Educational Visits and Visitors 

Science STEM Ambassador Workshop – TBC