Year 4 News

Week beginning 19th October:

It has been a busy end of term with a School Birthday Celebration enjoyed by all.  See all of the photos on the QE Facebook page:


cofWeek beginning 12th October:

In science, the children investigated the absorptive properties of paper and card. First, they made predictions about how paper lilies might behave when floated on water. Then they observed and recorded what happened as the lilies unfurled, discussing and explaining their findings. Finally, they suggested other questions they would like to investigate.

Week beginning 5th October:

Year 4 were set the challenge to use all their learning to build a rainforest structure. Each group chose a layer of the rainforest to be experts in. They used a range of materials to make their model including modelling clay to build animals and tissue paper to create plants and flowers. Excellent team work everybody!

Week beginning 28th September:

Our Year 4 children have been listening to the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Saint-Saëns and have learnt how to play the melody for the ‘March of the Royal Lion’ on xylophones. Miss Wise’s maths group enjoyed taking their learning out into the sunshine. They investigated negative numbers, and were challenged to order numbers to create a number line so they could solve basic addition and subtraction with negative numbers.


Week beginning 21st September:

In Science, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their practical lesson that concentrated on the process of digestion. Having previously learned all the key vocabulary, the children then put the process into practice. A messy but thoroughly effective way to learn about the human body!

Week beginning 14th September:

In Year 4, our first science challenge was to produce individual pocket-size solar system that showed the relative distances of the planets from the sun. The children then produced playdough planets that modelled their relative sizes in space.