Year 4 News

Week beginning 9th March:

Year 4 completed a beep test today to see if exercise affects our concentration. Before the test the children completed a Stroop colour and word test, and again after the bleep run. The children performed much better in the test they completed after doing the exercise. The conclusion of the class is that exercise is great!

Week beginning 2nd March:

Week beginning 24th February:

This week in topic Year 4 have learnt all about the Early Railways. We looked at the first locomotives and how they were made. After looking at key figures in the Early Railways, we have written a mind map about George Stephenson.

Week beginning 10th February:

While completing ‘Image of the Term’, Year 4 watched video clips of hot air balloons being inflated and taking off. We then used this knowledge to plan and write our own adventure stories about going on a hot air balloon. We have just finished a topic in literacy about adventure stories and used the skills we had learnt to help us write our stories.

Week beginning 3rd February:

In order to help with our understanding of bus stop division, Year 4 have played Smarties division this week. We used smarties and paper plates to help us understand how to complete bus stop division. We also got to eat the smarties when we had finished all our calculations!

Week beginning 27th January:

In their grammar, punctuation and spelling lesson, Year 4 were thinking about homophones. They began by selecting the correct homophones to complete a sentence on the interactive whiteboard as a class, before playing ‘Mr Whoops Homophone’ board game in pairs. They all worked very hard and Seoun was the expert for being a super speller!

Week beginning 20th January:

In topic, Year 4 were challenged to research and produce an information page about Roman Gladiators. They used a child-friendly search engine and an online encyclopedia to verify their facts before adding them to their information page.




Week beginning 13th January:

In science, Year 4 were challenged to think about a world without electricity and how different it would be. They also looked at different types of energy produced by electricity and whether they produced sound, light, heat or movement energy. The class worked well in groups and gave reasons for their choices.

Week beginning 6th January:

In science, Year 4 were challenged to think about a world without electricity and how different it would be. They also looked at different types of energy produced by electricity and whether they produced sound, light, heat or movement energy. The class worked well in groups and gave reasons for their choices.


Week beginning 3rd December:

Year 4 have been learning about bar charts in maths. We went outside to put what we had been learning into action making our own human bar charts.

Week beginning 25th November:

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Year 4 assembly on Friday.  They shared what they had found out about the rainforest and played a Christmas song on the recorder.

Week beginning 18th November:

During our science lesson, we went outside to explore habitats within our school environment. We discovered that their are lots of habitats within QE including a pond, wooded area and lots of flower beds. The children really enjoyed getting outside and using the iPads to record what they had found.

After learning about mummification in Ancient Egyptian times, Lola and Amaja talked the class through how to mummify a body. They explained each stage of the process in great detail and the class really enjoyed the demonstration and learnt a lot.

Week beginning 11th November:

Year 4 have had a fantastic day at Eureka.  They enjoyed taking part in the interactive workshop exploring the digestive system and discovered new facts about the human body and had a go at composing our own music.


Week beginning 4th November:

Year 4 have been exploring poetry this week. We looked at how to write a Haiku. We learnt that Haikus have three lines and that the lines must have 5 syllables, 7 syllabus and then 5 syllables. We wrote 2 Haikus, one about the winter and one about an animal. We then performed the poems and made a class video of our poems.

Frosty icicles,

Freezing and glistering snow,

A breezy Christmas.                  By Subal


Christmas Carols sung

Freezing cold and winter fun

Wearing hats and gloves.          By Kaylani


Foggy snowy sky.

Jolly Christmas fun to play.

Breezy freezing day.                   By Jada


Week beginning 7th October: Through our topic ‘Our Changing World’, we have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. We used our senses to write a description of a rainforest setting. The class wrote some beautiful descriptions and were challenged to include, similes, metaphors and alliteration.




Week beginning 30th September:

This week in science, we have been looking at how to keep our teeth healthy. We thought about what we drink and how these liquids affect our teeth. We designed an investigation using eggshells (as they are made from similar materials to teeth) to see how teeth react to different liquids. We chose milk, sugar free cola, vinegar, orange juice and water (as a control liquid). We are excited to see what will happen to our eggs.

Week beginning 23rd September:

Year 4 took part in a brass band workshop earlier this week. They learnt how to play a brass instrument and perform together as a band. They then performed a song to the rest of Chapter House – it was a brilliant performance and the children really enjoyed the workshop.

Week beginning 16th September: Year 4 had an amazing time at Tropical World this week. They learnt to identify trees using their leaves and search for minibeasts under logs. In the afternoon, we headed to Tropical World itself to explore the animals and plants that live in the rainforests of the world. The children had a fantastic time and represented the school well.

Week beginning 9th September:

Year 4 have been learning about the human digestive system in science this week. We recreated what happens to food as it passes through our bodies and the nutrients are collected. The children really enjoyed taking part in the practical lesson and are more familiar with the human digestive system.

Week beginning 2nd September 2019:

Year 4 have taken part in a maths trail this week – they had to work out the answers and use the code breaker to find the hidden message.



Summer Term 2019

Week beginning 10th June 2019:

As part of their Chocolate Challenge presentation, Year 4 used their team sketchbook designs to make 3D chocolate packaging prototypes.





Week Beginning 3rd June 2019:

For homework this week, Year 4 were reflecting on their favourite activities from Transition Day when they moved up to Year 5 for the day.

Week beginning 20th May 2019:

In science, Y4 have been investigating a variety of solids – ice, chocolate, butter and candle wax – to see which one would melt the quickest. We found that chocolate and butter only needed a little more heat than room temperature to melt. Candle wax only went soft at this temperature and would need more heat to melt completely. All these changes were reversible.

Week beginning 13th May 2019:

In literacy this week, Year 4 have been tasting, designing and describing doughnuts in preparation for persuasive writing. 

Week beginning 6th May 2019:

The Year 4 children had a fantastic day at Carlton Lodge on Tuesday.  They completed activities such as orienteering, problem solving and bush craft skills.


Week beginning 29th April 2019: In science this week, Year 4 discussed the properties of solids, liquids and gases. In a sorting exercise, they arranged sentences into three groups depending on whether they thought they described a solid, liquid or gas. They found that some properties were common to more than one physical state.

Week beginning 8th April 2019:

Year 4 had an incredibly exciting an informative trip to York’s Chocolate Story. In workshops, they had a chance to make the original chocolate drink of the Maya culture and chocolate lollies. In the museum itself, they watched chocolate being made by an expert and also learned the history of chocolate, both globally and more locally in York.

Week beginning 1st April 2019:

Year 4 have been using the iPads to make and record their own animations. They drew a storyboard and made backdrops for their animation before using ‘I can Animate’ to record them. 

Week beginning 25th March 2019:

It was the Year 4 Assembly this week! The children presented their ‘Inventors and Inventions’ learning using the forum of a panel show called ‘Inventors Got Talent’. They showed off their skills in DT, science, music and art and also their impressive acting talents!

Week beginning 18th March 2019:

Year 4 tested the question as to whether sound waves can travel through solids by making paper-cup telephones. They found that the vibration could carry the sound along the string between the cups and had great fun holding ‘remote’ conversations.

Week beginning 11th March 2019: In maths this week, Year 4 enjoyed a hands-on practical investigation, estimating and measuring the capacity of a variety of different scientific vessels. They also honed their skills of converting measures between millilitres and litres.


Week beginning 4th March 2019:

On World Book Day, 4D took on the comic book challenge. They had to imagine they were superheroes in their own comic book and had a super power. The super powers ranged from lightening fast speed to invisibility. The children that had to produce their own comic strip about their hero. We hope you enjoy reading them a much as they enjoyed making them!