Year 4 News

Week beginning 10th June 2019:

As part of their Chocolate Challenge presentation, Year 4 used their team sketchbook designs to make 3D chocolate packaging prototypes.






Week Beginning 3rd June 2019:
For homework this week, Year 4 were reflecting on their favourite activities from Transition Day when they moved up to Year 5 for the day.


Week beginning 20th May 2019:
In science, Y4 have been investigating a variety of solids – ice, chocolate, butter and candle wax – to see which one would melt the quickest. We found that chocolate and butter only needed a little more heat than room temperature to melt. Candle wax only went soft at this temperature and would need more heat to melt completely. All these changes were reversible.


Week beginning 13th May 2019:
In literacy this week, Year 4 have been tasting, designing and describing doughnuts in preparation for persuasive writing. 

Week beginning 6th May 2019:

The Year 4 children had a fantastic day at Carlton Lodge on Tuesday.  They completed activities such as orienteering, problem solving and bush craft skills.


Week beginning 29th April 2019:
In science this week, Year 4 discussed the properties of solids, liquids and gases. In a sorting exercise, they arranged sentences into three groups depending on whether they thought they described a solid, liquid or gas. They found that some properties were common to more than one physical state.

Week beginning 8th April 2019:
Year 4 had an incredibly exciting an informative trip to York’s Chocolate Story. In workshops, they had a chance to make the original chocolate drink of the Maya culture and chocolate lollies. In the museum itself, they watched chocolate being made by an expert and also learned the history of chocolate, both globally and more locally in York.


Week beginning 1st April 2019:

Year 4 have been using the iPads to make and record their own animations. They drew a storyboard and made backdrops for their animation before using ‘I can Animate’ to record them. 


Week beginning 25th March 2019:
It was the Year 4 Assembly this week! The children presented their ‘Inventors and Inventions’ learning using the forum of a panel show called ‘Inventors Got Talent’. They showed off their skills in DT, science, music and art and also their impressive acting talents!


Week beginning 18th March 2019:
Year 4 tested the question as to whether sound waves can travel through solids by making paper-cup telephones. They found that the vibration could carry the sound along the string between the cups and had great fun holding ‘remote’ conversations.

Week beginning 11th March 2019:
In maths this week, Year 4 enjoyed a hands-on practical investigation, estimating and measuring the capacity of a variety of different scientific vessels. They also honed their skills of converting measures between millilitres and litres. 


Week beginning 4th March 2019:

On World Book Day, 4D took on the comic book challenge. They had to imagine they were superheroes in their own comic book and had a super power. The super powers ranged from lightening fast speed to invisibility. The children that had to produce their own comic strip about their hero. We hope you enjoy reading them a much as they enjoyed making them!

Week beginning 18th February 2019:

Y4 have been learning about the history of Roman mosaics. They learned how mosaics were constructed and used this knowledge to design and construct their own.

Week beginning 11th February 2019:

In science, Year 4 have been investigating materials which are electrical conductors or insulators. They constructed a circuit with a bulb and a battery and used this to test each material. The materials that conducted the electricity allowed the electricity to flow through them to complete the circuit.

Week beginning 4th February 2019:
In literacy, we have been looking at all the elements of creating an engaging story, including character description. Using a visual stimulus, the children used as many different creative writing features as possible – including simile, alliteration and onomatopoeia – to create vivid images to bring their characters to life.


Week beginning 28th January 2019:

Year 4 have been enjoying their yoga sessions with Miss Blacker. They have learnt some yoga poses and enjoyed the meditation at the end of the session.


Week beginning 14th January 2019:
This week, Year 4 had great fun testing, modifying and flying their completed gliders as part of the ‘Fly to the Line’ Glider Challenge. Each team had four attempts to fly their modified gliders the furthest distance. The winning glider fly a distance of almost ten metres.

Week beginning 14th January 2019:

In science this week, the children have been learning about electrical appliances and how they convert electrical energy into different forms of energy such as heat, light, sound and kinetic energy (movement). Working in teams, they used this knowledge to sort these appliances into different groups, discussing which appliances converted electricity into more than one other form of energy.

Week beginning 7th January 2019: 

In preparation for the national ‘Fly to the Line’ Glider Competition, Year 4 began designing, drawing and cutting out their model glider parts in readiness for assembling and testing them next week.



Week beginning 3rd December 2018:
We all enjoyed an enlightening and inspiring interactive presentation hosted by Mrs Lee about a career in languages. The children learned some surprising language facts, had a chance to crack some codes and learned about the vast array of opportunities open for them in the world of languages. 

Week beginning 26th November 2018:

The children in Year 4 enjoyed some science investigations involving physical and chemical changes. We explored how M & M chocolates behaved in water, discussing why the coloured outer shell and the chocolate behaved differently. We also made lava lamps, with oil, water and effervescent tablets, discussing both the reversible physical changes and the non-reversible chemical reactions.

Week beginning 19th November 2018:

In Topic this week, Year 4 used iPads to research a chosen artefact that Howard Carter revealed to the world through his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in November 1922. We discovered that this tomb survived un-raided only because the entrance was partly hidden under the tomb of Rameses IV.

Week beginning 12th November 2018:

This week, Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous day out at Eureka science museum. As well as our own outdoor learning science treasure hunt, the children explored all the interactive galleries and joined in a ‘chew to poo’ digestive system workshop where they had the opportunity to make their own poo and show off all their impressive science skills and knowledge.

Week beginning 5th November 2018:

Year 4 have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. After learning about the different layers of the rainforest we decided to write an explanation text about the different layers so others could enjoy what we had learnt. Here are extracts from two of the children’s explanation texts.

Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world? Over 7,200 species of animals and insects live in the Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest is always hot and damp as there is a large amount of rainfall throughout the year. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. There are four layers in the rainforest called, the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory and the last one is the forest floor.

Just below the emergent layer is the canopy. The canopy layer has humming birds, parrots and lots of animals. The canopy is the most populated layer as well as having specially designed pointed leaves which allows the water to drip off onto other plants. Even though the canopy is very high most of the animals live there.

Week beginning 22nd October 2018:

In science, children have been identifying a variety of global habitats and predicting the organisms that live in them based on their knowledge of food chains. 

Week beginning 15th October 2018:

In numeracy, children carried out a ‘line of symmetry’ investigation using mirrors and regular and irregular 2D polygons. They discovered that, for regular polygons, the number of sides dictates how many lines of symmetry the polygon has. For example, a regular decagon, has ten sides of equal length and ten lines of symmetry.

Week beginning 8th October 2018:

Zara, Nosang, Dacil and Hermione have been working extremely hard to produce some fantastic Thursday homework. Zara made a model of the Pyramids of Giza and wrote the recipe for and made sushi. Nosang made an 3D picture of the digestive system and a tree to tell people all about the Amazon Rainforest and some of the animals that live there. Dacil made herself transparent to display and label her own digestive system and Hermione opened up the pharaoh’s chamber within a pyramid to show the sarcophagus.


Week beginning 1st October 2018:

We were very fortunate to be asked to represent Chapter House this week for the Armistice Commemoration events at York Minster. The children saw the King’s Book of Heroes paraded for display, enjoyed taking part in a number of Armistice activities and joined in a special service led by the Reverend Canon and Acting Dean. The children also met and spoke with a number of other York Diocese dignitaries, including the Sheriff of York. It was an enormously memorable experience for all involved!

Week beginning 24th September 2018:

The children have been investigating the role of teeth in the digestive system. Using play-doh, they made models of the four different types of human teeth to help relate their structures to their function.

We had the pleasure of a guest speaker; Youth Officer Paul Stephenson, from North Yorkshire Police who met with Years 4 and 5 to talk about how to stay safe online. The pupils had some really good ideas themselves and learnt a lot from Paul, including who they can talk to when they have a worry about computers.


Week beginning 17th September 2018:

During our trip to the Yorkshire Arboretum, Year 4 have learnt all about the life cycle of a tree and how seeds are dispersed. The volunteers at the Arboretum showed us a variety of trees and we had to use clues to work out which tree was which.


Week Beginning 10th September 2018:

This week in science, we modelled the human digestive system using household items to mimic the body’s different organs and biochemicals. We used this model to follow our food on a journey from top….to bottom…!



2017 – 2018


Week beginning 4th June:

In The Chocolate Challenge this week, we have been focusing on team building skills and leadership. The children have nominated their own group leader for the week and thought about what makes a successful team. We have also been busy designing our company logos and our chocolate bars.

Week beginning 21st May:

Some of our students teamed up with the Year 5s during Accelerated Science to explore the science behind our daily bread. They had to use their loaves to investigate which type of flour would rise the most, compared with our non-yeast control loaf. They really rose to the challenge!


Week beginning 14th May:

During Wellbeing week, Year 4 have taken part in a variety of activities. We looked at ways we could be kind to each other and did mindfulness colouring in order to help us relax and stay in the moment. In order to develop our team building skills, we worked together to make marshmallow and spaghetti towers. On Thursday, we took part in a yoga session with Miss Blacker. The children enjoyed learning how to do a downward dog! We finished off the week by thinking out the things we enjoy and what is important to us. We made posters all about us.

Week beginning 7th May:

Year 4 have been investigating changing states through creating their own water cycles. Using sealable bags and marker pens, every child interpreted and deigned a water cycle system which we then attached to the window. The heat from the sun kick-started the water cycle to show the stages of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection in each bag!

Week beginning 30th April:

Year 4 have been learning about properties of 3D shape by investigating 2D nets that make 3D shapes. Using Polydron, they constructed as many different 2D nets that successfully produce a cube. One group found all eleven!

Week beginning 23rd April:

In literacy we have been using powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives to describe the ‘Image of the Term’. We then imagined we met or we were the character in the red cloak and wrote a diary entry of our day in the woods. The children came up with some very creative ideas as to who the hooded figure was.

Click below to read some of the children’s work:

Isaac     Sofia    William K    Zak

Year 4 have had a fantastic time at the York Chocolate Story today. We started with a tour of the Chocolate Story and learnt all about how chocolate is made and about some of the famous chocolatiers.
We then took part in a workshop about the Mayans and amazed the Chocolate Story staff with our knowledge. After lunch we found out about ‘changing states’ and learnt about reversible and irreversible changes. The best part of the day was making and testing our chocolate lollipops!

Week beginning 16th April:

This week, Year 4 have been practising their shading and rendering techniques to produce 3-D images of chocolate packaging as part of their chocolate topic work.

Week beginning 9th April:

It has been a busy first week back in Year 4. We have introduced our topic for this term – Chocolate. We started by describing a piece of chocolate, we had to describe what it looked like, smelt like and finally what it tasted like (our favourite one)! We then did observational drawings of chocolate bars.

In science we have been looking at the similarities and differences between solids, liquids and gases. In groups we sorted and discussed definition of each one.

Week beginning 19th March:

This week Year 4 have been designing and making their own electronic quiz boards. First we decided what our quiz would be about; ideas ranged from matching football teams to their stadiums to what foods crops were used to make. We then drew a design for our quiz board and then typed up the matching pairs on the computer. We used wires and buzzers to make a circuit to check if the answer was right or wrong.

Over the past few weeks the children have also designed and made a animation using the ‘I Can Animate’ app on the iPads. They drew a storyboard to show their animation before using Lego models and figures, along with their own designed backgrounds to film the animation. William and Maksym worked really hard to produce a fantastic animation, adding super animated flames emerging from their vehicle exhausts for added effect.


Week beginning 12th March:

Year 4 mathematicians rose to the challenge of a capacity investigation this week by estimating the capacity of a variety of vessels of different shapes and sizes and then checking their estimates with accurate measuring.


Week beginning 5th March:

Year 4 have had an amazing science lesson this afternoon. We have been learning about pitch. Mr Campbell came in to demonstrate differing pitch when playing the guitar and even sang us a song. We then headed down to the science room to see if we could match the sound of a water flute to a note on a xylophone. It was a lot harder than we imagined! Unexpectedly, Dr Pearson popped into our lesson and offered to demonstrate harmonics on the violin in relation to pitch. It was a fascinating and informative lesson.


Week beginning 26th February:

This week, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the National Rail Museum in York. In addition to taking part in workshops on Building Bridges and George Stephenson’s Rocket linked to our ‘Inventors and Inventions’ Topic work, the children also had an opportunity to see the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module that transported Tim Peake from the International Space Station back to Earth.

Week beginning 19th February:

This week Year 4 have been looking at the work of Clarice Cliff, who was a pottery designer. She was well known for her ‘quirky’ shapes and colourful patterns. We designed our own plates in the style of Clarice Cliff and then painted our designs onto plates.

Week beginning 5th February:

Mollie’s story

Samuel’s story

Year 4 have been writing adventure stories based on our Image of the term. The children used a story mountain to plan their stories. They were challenged to include speech, onomatopoeia and similes in their stories.

Week beginning 29th January:


Year 4 really enjoyed sharing, with Chapter House and their parents, what they have been learning in topic and science this term. They have learnt a lot about the Romans including their invasion of Britain in 43AD and food they like to eat.

Week beginning 22nd January:

Year 4 have been extending their electrical knowledge and practical circuit building skills by studying and producing their own switches from card, split pins and paper clips to turn circuit components on and off.

Week beginning 15th January: 

This week 4D have made Ancient Roman Libum (cheese bread). We followed the instructions to make our bread and then drizzled honey over the top before tasting. All of the children really enjoyed baking and eating the bread!

Week beginning 8th January:

This half term, in science, our focus will be electricity. This week we looked energy being converted from electrical energy into heat, light, sound and movement energy. We had to match each area with examples before producing our own electricity poster.

Week beginning 4th December:

This week, Year 4 have been researching, designing and constructing ‘shadufs’, ancient Egyptian water collectors used to lift water from the River Nile.

Week beginning 27th November:

This week we have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians irrigated their farm land. We look at  Ancient Egyptian shadufs and drew designs for our own shaduf. Shadufs used a lever system to get water from the River Nile and transfer it to irrigation channels to feed their crops.

Week beginning 20th November:



When 4D arrived back from break their classroom had been transformed into the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun. They had to imagine they had joined Howard Carter’s archaeological team in search of the tomb. First they had to break through the tomb’s entrance and work their way through a series of tunnels to reach the treasures hidden inside. Due to dangerous gases they were only able to look inside the tomb for a short period of time. They then had to sketch what was inside the tomb. They had made videos about Howard Carter and Tutankhamun and linked these to pictures they had drawn. When they scanned these pictures, as they went through the tunnels using Aurasma, it brought up their videos for others to watch.

Week beginning 13th November:

This week, Y4 have made and set up insect traps in Woodlands to collect and classify habitat organisms using classification keys.

Week beginning 6th November:


Year 4 had a fantastic time at Eureka on Thursday. They attended an interactive workshop called ‘Chew to the poo’ on the digestive system, the children enjoyed taking part in the journey of a banana and peanut butter sandwich through the body. They also had time to explore the galleries in Eureka and learn about many different things including sweat and how to make a piece of music using a mixing board.

Week beginning 9th October:

Children in Year 4 represented Chapter House in sporting fixtures at Hull Collegiate this week. The boys put in a fine rugby performance in a very close match to draw four tries each, whilst the girls did the school proud in their endeavours on the hockey pitch.

Week beginning 2nd October:

Year 4 have written recounts of their summer holidays and learnt about the features of a recount.  These are by Tom and Maia:

Recounts of the summer holidays

Week beginning 25th September:

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Arboretum. They learnt about the different parts of a tree and how to identify trees using their leaves. They also collected samples of different parts of a plant and seeds for their collection strips. In the afternoon they learnt about seed dispersal and went on a seed hunt around the Arboretum. We all had a fantastic day in the sunshine.

Week beginning 18th September:

This week Year 4 have been discovering the Amazon Rainforest. We have listened to sounds of the rainforest and imagined what it would be like. After a virtual tour of the Amazon, we wrote a description of the rainforest using amazing adjectives.

Week beginning 11th September:

Year 4 have been learning about the human digestive system through a hands-on investigation. In groups, the children modelled how a piece of chocolate cake is chewed up, digested and excreted from the body. For resources, the children used: knives and potato mashers for incisors and molars; a food bag for the stomach, and tights for the small and large intestine. They also used water, vinegar and washing-up liquid as saliva, stomach acid and bile…!  They have also been introduced to their topic for this term ‘Our Changing World’. The children made mind maps to show what they already know about the 6 main areas within the topic: rainforests, food chains, climate, Egyptians, the water cycle and the seasons.


Academic Year 2016-2017

Week beginning 22nd May:

Jessica’s planning

This week, the year 4 children have been explaining how electricity is produced and how it gets into our homes. Jessica, in 4C, produced an exemplary piece of planning work using subheadings and key words she had selected from a research text. The children went on to use their planning to create an engaging introduction and a final full explanation. Well done Year 4, and well done Jessica!

Week beginning 8th May:

This week, Year 4 went to the National Railway Museum in York, as part of their ‘Innovation, Invention and Ideas’ topic. We looked at The Rocket and talked about how it won the Rainhill trials in 1829, following great efforts by George and Robert Stephenson, a father and son team who exemplified a growth mindset. We also found out all about compression, tension and equilibrium in the Building Bridges workshop and took part in an impromptu murder mystery trail called The Missing Passenger – highly recommended.

Week beginning 1st May:


The children in Year 4 were set the task of inventing their own invention this week as an independent learning log. We had some fantastic pieces of work created, including Marcie’s ‘Eco-Bot’ and Charles’s, ‘Selra-HC’. The children produced models and detailed designs, and both the teachers and students were impressed with their efforts.

Following on from last week’s baking challenge, Mrs Graves and Sarah came in to announce the three entrants for the McDougall’s Baking Competition. It was a really tough call, but congratulations go to Josh, Jack and Lara, who are now faced with the tricky task of putting together a savoury and sweet menu for the next stage. All of the children who took part had a lovely time during their challenge and were rewarded with a little thank you from the staff at the Undercroft.

Well done!

Week beginning 24th April:


This week, Year 4 took part in their presentations for the end of the Chocolate Challenge. The children were confident, engaging and persuasive and there are certainly some budding entrepeneurs in the cohort! Last year’s winners Astro were guest judges and agreed that the standards were high for the first prize. The runners up were Choco Paradise and the winners were Blaza, with their chocolate bar, ‘Millionaire’. Special mention should go to our new starters, who integrated so well into the presentations that our judges couldn’t even tell.

Week beginning 3rd April:

The children have been sequencing and retelling the story of Easter in a variety of formats, including a booklet and as an iconic egg design. They used paired talk, note taking skills and drafting and editing processes to record their stories. Here is an sequenced storyboard from Samuel and Charles, along with Samuel’s egg design.


Week beginning 20th March:

Following our visit to York’s Chocolate Story, Year 4 planned a storyboard and subsequently drafted and edited a letter thanking the attraction for a wonderful visit. The children also peer marked their work before writing up their final edit to send. This beautiful example by Crystal, edited by Hannah, shows the effort put in by the pupils to say how much they enjoyed their day:

Week beginning 13th March:


The children in Year 4 had a fantastic day at the the York Chocolate Story. They completed a museum tour and learnt lots about the history of chocolate. They were taught how to taste chocolate like a professional and even made their very own chocolate lollies!

Week beginning 6th March:

This week, year 4 have been looking at how teamwork works. They had to look at a series of statements about what makes good teamwork, such as ‘being comfortable with disagreement and seeing it as useful’. They had to rank them in order of importance, first as individuals and then with their Chocolate Challenge teammates. It was interesting to see the discussions that took place and how each pupil saw different aspects of teamwork as the most important. Above is an example, with the most important at the top to the least important at the bottom.

Week beginning 27th February:

One of the children’s activities to celebrate World Book Day was to create their own character puppet from Little Red Riding Hood. The children in 4S came to help Year 1 with measuring and cutting their materials. All the children worked cooperatively, sharing some imaginative and creative ideas.

Week beginning 13th February:


In science this week, Year 4 have been looking at the properties of solids and liquids and questions that might help you to identify them.  The real challenge was jelly and whipped cream at the end of the session; not only was it tricky to categorise them, we couldn’t eat the tasty looking science investigation!

Week beginning 30th January:


This week, the children in Y4S taught the children in Year 1 how to make African inspired clay pots. We got messy, asked really good questions and worked fantastically in our teams!  They Year 4 children also spent the morning tasting chocolate and gathering adjectives to describe the look, smell, texture and taste of different chocolate bars. We had lots of fun and we are using our chocolate tasting experience to write a descriptive diary entry, describing how it would feel to be a Spanish Invader tasting chocolate for the first time.

Week beginning 23rd January:

This week, the children have been devising a persuasive advertisement within literacy lessons to sell a trip to an awesome, intergalactic space hotel! The children have planned, drafted and edited their work before completing an extended writing task in their best books. Here is an excellent example of work from Sebastian (4S) who has used the success criteria, targets and fantastic imagination to write an fantastic advertisement. Well done!

Sebastian 4S

Week beginning 16th January:


This week, the children in Year 4 have studied different types of advertisements and focused on embedding the success criteria for persuasion. The children have taken this success criteria and they have worked in teams to produce an advertising campaign for doughnuts. We have had fun tasting the delicious treats, working as a team and introducing our new topic, Chocolate!

Week beginning 9th January:


The children in Year 4 spent the afternoon thinking about new goals for the new year and developing a growth mindset. They have created some excellent goals and we look forward to watching them develop throughout the year.

Week begining 31st November:

img_3045 img_3046 img_3047 img_3048

The children in 4C continued to investigate the Water Cycle following the heavy rainfall. They decided to test the rate of evaporation by marking out the collection on the tennis courts in the morning, and returning to see if evaporation had occurred later in the afternoon following a period of sunshine. They could see that the puddle had reduced due to evaporation.

img_3049 img_3050 img_3051 img_3052

The children have spent the week investigating division practically. They have worked in small teams to solve division word problems and number sentences. We then moved our learning forward by tackling division problems using number lines, chunking and the bus stop method. Well done for all of your hard work!

Week beginning 14th November:

ryan edward img_4175 img_4179

The children in Year 4 have been investigating methods to calculate multiplication questions. They decided to start by using the grid method in order to partition the calculation and work out each stage in manageable steps. They have worked really hard and have been very successful so far.

Year 4 have been investigating the water cycle this week and worked in groups to create models that recreate the principles of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. All contained within these tiny bags! We have fixed them to the windows so that the sun can play its part in our demonstration.  The children have also learnt a rap and produced an interesting fact leaflet in topic and finally, within Literacy, they have written excellent explanation texts demonstrating all they have learnt this week.


We are really proud of all they have achieved this week and they should be too!

Week beginning 7th November:

This is Libby’s Once Upon A Wooded Land retelling, based upon a short film which tells the story of the sad destruction of a rainforest for the sake of progress and profit.


Week beginning 31st October:


The children spent the time this week identifying 2D shapes and their properties using practical equipment and team work. They had lots of fun and they were extremely successful, well done!

Week beginning 17th October:

Year 4 have been following up their inspirational visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum last week with some report writing and also the all-important ‘Thank You’ letter! Here is Jack’s recount and Atila’s beautifully presented thank you to Kathryn and Caroline at the Arboretum:



Week beginning 10th October:

This week the children created some excellent literacy work based on the image of the month:

Forest Floor – Lara

Setting description – Linsy


Week beginning 3rd October:

P1140032 P1140034 P1140040

P1140043 P1140044 P1140045

In Year 4 maths, we have been trying to develop strategies for solving a really tricky challenge, using digit cards from 1 to 15. With a great deal of effort, and some help from each other, we came up with a solution.

Week beginning 26th September:

image image
The children of 4S have spent the week creating fantastic topic and literacy work in order to produce their own classroom display board. They have made leaves and flowers using oil pastels, defined key rainforest vocabulary using dictionaries, edited and refined descriptive sentences, learnt all about the different layers of the rainforest and worked as a class to produce a collaborative piece of writing based on the title ‘what is a rainforest?’ They have worked so hard this week and they should be very proud of their achievements.

Week beginning 19th September:

P1130964 P1130965 P1130968 P1130969

P1130966 P1130967 P1130970

P1130972 P1130971 P1130973

The children within Year 4 have spent this week’s Literacy lessons drafting, editing and producing a leaflet to advertise Chapter House to other children. They have worked extremely hard and produced some fantastic work, well done!

Week beginning 12th September:

To help with our independent study homework task this week, Year 4 have been writing descriptions of some of the teachers who help us in Chapter House. Here are a few…

Jessica's teacher descriptions._002 Sam's teacher descriptions._001 Priya-Rae's teacher descriptions._003

Week beginning 5th September:

redP1130798 P1130797red

To ease back into literacy, Year 4 have started writing about an amazing day that they had during the summer break.

Summer Term 2016

 Week beginning 13th June:

WP_20160617_11_00_39_Pro IMG_8207red

Year 4 have had the fantastic responsibility of planting and growing potatoes throughout the summer term. Today the children had to harvest their individual class crop and weigh their harvest. As you can see the children have had lots of fun and it was enjoyed by all.


Week beginning 6th June:

This week, the children within Year 4 have begun to study ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have looked at both the text and short videos to become familiar with the Iron Man character. As a start point within literacy, we drew inspiration from the first chapter and thought carefully about the opinions people may have, following the arrival of the mysterious iron man and decided to make wanted posters to represent the negative emotions the children decided villagers may have towards him. Here are some fantastic examples of work that two pupils produced.

Iron Man posters


Week beginning 23rd May:

IMG_7726red IMG_7724red

The children within Y4S have worked hard this week in order to produce some innovative and unique persuasive leaflets for their individually designed futuristic house hold robots. They worked hard to produce bold, colourful and attractive leaflets which also included persuasive writing tools in order to advertise their product, well done everybody the work is fantastic!

P1130434red P1130436red

As part of our Innovation topic, the children are working in teams to create a group explanation text about the creator of the world’s first computer, Charles Babbage, along with his colleague, considered to be the world’s first coder, Ada Lovelace.

Week beginning 16th May:

IMG_7561 IMG_7563red IMG_7564red

This week the children of 4S have been learning about Thomas Edison and the light bulb. Within science, the children experimented with electrical components in order to investigate simple circuits. The children discussed variables that may change the success of their circuits and produced labelled diagrams using scientific symbols.

The children have also been writing a descriptive piece of writing about ‘The Shirt Machine’.  Well done to Maria for her wonderful piece of writing:

Maria’s Shirt Machine, 4C


Week beginning 9th May:

4K have been producing a wide range of creative and visual writing prompts in order to plan and produce a fantastic explanation text. Here are some examples:

  Picture1  Picture2 

Jessica david

Well done Jessica and David on your beautiful handwriting!

IMG_7405 red

4S have been investigating different types of electricity. This week they investigated static electricity and the children had lots of fun during the practical experimenting with balloons.


Week Beginning: 2nd May

Within Year 4, the children used the image of the month to write an advertisement with the aim of persuading people to come to a brand new, inter-galactic space hotel. All of the work produced was of a high standard and all fantastically unique. Here is an excellent example of work written by James Homa, Y4S:

Inter-galactic Space Hotel 


Week Beginning: 25th April

Year 4 had a fantastic day at the National Railway Museum in York on Friday 29th April.  The children attended two exciting crodd-curricular workshops: Building Bridges and Stephenson’s Rocket.  thank you to all the staff for making the trip educational and fun.



Week beginning 18th April:

y4y4 2

The year 4 children took on the role of advertising specialists this week in order to create a selection of persuasive posters. They had lots of fun creating colourful and attractive advertisements and are moving their learning forward by transferring the persuasive language into a television script to support the work.

4C have been investigating coding during our computing sessions this week.  Occasionally they might ask one another for assistance, and there’s always a friend willing to share their expertise!