Year 1 Curriculum

Summer Term 2021

Story writing skills will be taught further using ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. They will then move onto exploring the features of instructional texts while designing an alternative lunch for the character and writing postcards from a seaside setting. 

This term will consolidate their learning in all the key areas. They will use their knowledge of the 4 operations to solve word problems. To prepare the children for Year 2 they will have regular practice of their 2, 5 and 10 times-tables. 

For the final term our topic will be ‘Seaside Rescue’. The children will learn about the history of the lifeboat. They will find out about Grace Darling and her historical impact on the improvements of seaside rescue in Great Britain. In geography the children will learn the different countries making up the United Kingdom, as well as their capital cities and surrounding seas. Science will be covered while investigating types of materials and their properties, linked with floating and sinking and identifying waterproof materials.  

Art and DT 

Based around the story of the ‘Light House Keeper’s Lunch’ the children will design, make and evaluate a new lunch box for the character. The sea will be used as inspiration for their art work, specifically looking creating seascapes exploring texture and colour.  


The children will continue to share their achievements during circle time. We will think carefully about keeping safe, friendship, feelings and choices as well as transition and change. We will also begin to look at different religious ceremonies in different faiths.