Year 1 Curriculum

Autumn Term 2020 


To support pupils in returning to school in September, Year 1 will begin with a unit based on the text, ‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. The sessions will support the children to engage in reflections around some of the thoughts, feelings, and responses arising from the disruption caused by the pandemic. 

Following on from this, the topic will be ‘Marvellous Me’. The children will be learning about themselves and their local environment. This will include identifying and labelling parts of the body and recognising how they link to their senses. During this topic, their main project will be art-based as they experiment with a range of materials to create their own fabric faces. The topic will also look at aspects of autumn and harvest, related to seasonal change.

After half term we will start our topic ‘The Magical Toymaker’ by looking at a selection of different toys, both old and new. In science, the children will use their investigational skills following receipt of a special request from the ‘Magic Toymaker’ asking for their help to test materials for a new toy. 

The children will begin the year by reading and writing simple sentences. Once secure with this they will look at a range of genres linked to topic work covering narrative, recount and non-chronological reports. Throughout the term there will be a focus on phonics and handwriting. The children will be taught a new cursive style of handwriting that will help them to join their letters later in the year. The children will develop their reading through phonics and work in small groups for guided reading on a weekly basis. 

The term will begin with revising number and place value (0-100) and then will move on to simple addition and subtraction. Alongside this, the children are also going to be learning more about 2D shapes and measuring length, weight and capacity. Other elements that will be covered are money, fractions and time. The children will also be introduced to ‘Beat That Maths’, a weekly challenge that will support them in learning their KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) as well as improve their confidence with mental maths. 

Other exciting things this term include: 

We are hoping to have a visit from One Day Creative, a company who deliver creative and imaginative workshops. TBC