Year 1 Curriculum

Spring Term 2021


The topic ‘Come with me to Africa’ will have a strong emphasis on geography and art. The children will use maps and atlases to locate Africa and become familiar with the 7 continents. They will learn about Kenya and compare their daily life to those living in rural Kenya. In Science, the children will learn how to group and classify animals as well as learn the terms, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. In Art the children will be printing their own Adrinkra cloth and painting Tinga Tinga style animals, as well as making an Africa silhouette picture and clay pot.


The children will begin the spring term by reading and becoming familiar with the features of non-fiction books linked to Africa. The children will research an African animal and write an information page about their chosen animal. Later in the term, the children will be reading, following and writing simple instructions.  Each week, handwriting practice will continue to focus on the cursive style of handwriting and the children will begin to learn some joins. The children will develop their reading through daily phonics sessions and work in small groups for Guided Reading on a weekly basis.


The term will begin with revisiting number and place value (0-100) and then will move on to measuring mass using standard and non-standard units. Other elements that will be covered include money, multiplication and division. The children will also continue with ‘Beat that Maths’, a weekly challenge that will support them in learning their KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) as well as improve their confidence with mental maths.