Year 1 News

Week beginning 19th October:

It has been a busy end of term with a School Birthday Celebration enjoyed by all.  See all of the photos on the QE Facebook page:

Week beginning 12th October:

This week Year 1 have been using counters to subtract in Numeracy. In Literacy the children have been listening to Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. They spotted rhyming words and used lots of adjectives to describe the witch. In PD the children thought about what they would like to do when they grew up; there were lots of ideas from a fireman to a teacher. In Topic the children tested out different joining techniques in preparation for making their fabric face.

Week beginning 5th October:

This week Year 1 have been working on number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100! In circle time, the children talked about what makes a good friend and enjoyed passing the smile! In literacy all the children worked hard on their handwriting and their first piece of work in their best books. In topic the children experimented with different joining techniques, in preparation for making fabric faces.


Week beginning 28th September:

This week in Year 1, the children enjoyed using their imagination to find their perfect stick. They went on to perform and write their own version of ‘ This is not a stick’. In PD the children talked about how we are all unique and they were brave spellers when they wrote their favourite things down. In topic the children learnt about the senses and enjoyed smelling, tasting, and feeling different things.  In numeracy the children have been using different strategies to add, including using acorns and leaves outdoors to make number bonds.

Week beginning 21st September:

Year 1 have enjoyed some outdoor learning this week; in maths, the children consolidated their place value knowledge with a tens and units hunt and in music they used percussion instruments to understand pitch. In topic they have drawn a self-portrait and learnt about the body. While in literacy, they have been writing sentences thinking about their finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


Week beginning 14th September:

Year 1 have settled well into their new classroom and routines. This week in PD the children enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Making of Milton’ about a little boy who conquers his worries and fears, they went on to make their own worry monster for home. As part of our transition back to school, we have focused on the book ‘Here We Are’. This is written in the style of a guidebook about Earth. The children enjoyed using Google Earth, zooming in to find the school and spot the different areas from above. The children also got crafty making space rockets and collage Earths. A great first week Year 1’s, well done!