Year 1 News

Week beginning 17th June 2019

Year 1 enjoyed the sunshine on Tuesday, taking their maths outside, they went on a times tables treasure hunt. They also got creative, making a bookmark for their summer reading and they finished their 3D art project ‘Summer Flowers’ for the ISA art competition.


Week beginning 10th June 2019

Year 1 have been busy writing their ‘Something Fishy’ story, based on the animation they have watched. I was very impressed with the variety of adjectives and punctuation used, well done Year 1!! On Thursday all of Key Stage One and EYFS had a fantastic trip to Hesketh Farm Park and on Friday we had lots of fun making circuits with bulbs and switches.


Week beginning 3rd June 2019

In science the children have been predicting what items will float or sink. From the investigation and discussions the children learnt that a large surface area and air helped to keep things afloat. Using what they had learnt, the children went on to complete a 10 minute challenge to make a plasticine boat that would float. There were lots of good designs, with Olivia’s being the most successful at floating.



Week beginning 20th May 2019

Year 1 did a fantastic African drumming and recorder performance in the Creative Arts Celebration assembly on Thursday, this along with Sports Day and Summer Show rehearsals has meant the children have had a very busy week!!  Continuing with the seaside theme, in literacy the children have written some postcards.



Week beginning 13th May 2019

The children have been busy making their lunch box for Mr Grinling this week, they followed a success criteria and thought about; a quality finish, a catch to stop the seagulls getting in, a handle that would slide down a wire and compartments to keep their food safe. In Literacy the children have written their own Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch story and in numeracy they have been concentrating on addition and subtraction.


Week beginning 6th May 2019

This week Year 1 have been evaluating lunch boxes, using what they have learnt to design their own lunch box for Mr Grinling. The children have continued with work based around ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by using commas to list Mr Grinling’s packed lunch items. In numeracy number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 have been a focus and on Friday the children enjoyed sharing their Learning Log work.


Week beginning 29th April 2019

Refreshed after the Easter break, Year 1 have been busy revisiting place value and number in numeracy. In Literacy the children have enjoyed starting their new unit ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ They did some fantastic speech mark work on Friday in SPAG. Our new topic is ‘Seaside Rescue’, the children used atlases and maps to locate the countries of, and seas surrounding the United Kingdom. On Friday they got creative, making seascapes with lots of different materials and textures.


Week beginning 8th April 2019

Year 1 began the week with some creative writing for our image of the month. The children used lots of adjectives to describe a fantasy world hidden within a magic suitcase. In numeracy the children have been revisiting their 5 times table and using this to help them tell the time. They have also looked at direction using the Beebots to help consolidate quarter and half turns. On Monday the children enjoyed a visit from a Yoga teacher, Miss Blacker. They learnt some breathing techniques and simple exercises to help with balance and posture.




Week Beginning: 1st April 2019

In literacy the children have continued with ‘The Way Home’, by hot seating and describing the characters. They then went on to plan and write their own version of the adventure story. The children have been learning time in numeracy and they have been very busy completing the Key Stage 1 tile for ‘The Great Garden Street Mosaic’, which will be displayed at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show from the 25th – 28th of April. On Friday Year 1 followed a recipe and made some delicious fruit scones, which went down well with the staff!

Week Beginning: 25th March 2019

In literacy this week the Year 1’s have watched a short animation called ‘The Way Home’. The children began by ordering the adventure story and moved onto writing dialogue between the characters using speech marks. In numeracy the children have been measuring length using centimeters. On Friday Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Nuzzlets. We learnt about the needs of animals and fed the goats and ducks. The children also met the newly hatched chicks and went on an Easter Egg hunt.



Week Beginning: 18th March 2019
This week Year 1 have taken their learning outdoors. In literacy they got inspiration from the Woodlands area to help write a forest setting description. The class enjoyed drawing a Goldilocks forest map with a key in geography and in science they have been writing their conclusions to the science investigation ‘what does a seed need to grow?’ In numeracy the children have been working hard to find fractions of shape and numbers.



Week Beginning: 11th March 2019

This week the children have been gathering information using tally charts and displaying the data on block graphs. The Smarties sorting on Monday was very popular! In literacy the children have been describing Goldilocks and in topic they have planned and started a science investigation to answer the question ‘what does a seed need to grow?’. On Friday the children had a fantastic trip to Nuzzlets. They began by identifying wild flowers and trees as part of British Science Week, they also met the baby goats and guinea pigs and then made a bird feeder.




Week Beginning: 4th March 2019

Year 1 have enjoyed starting their new literacy unit ‘Traditional Tales’ They began by listening to, then ordering and acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have now started to write the story in their own words. In numeracy the class have concentrated on subtraction. Year 1also started their new topic ‘Plants’ this week, the children learnt about the parts of a plant and their functions, they then made their own 3d plant and labelled it and went on a tree hunt. The children had a treat on Tuesday when the Year 5’s took the class on their tree story trail of Rumble in the Jungle. On Thursday Year 1 had a fun packed day; they started the day off working in the Senior School art rooms, making clay flowers for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show Display, they then spent the afternoon with ‘The Artful Playground’ which brought a book to life with movement and music.


Week Beginning: 18th February 2019

This week Year 1 have been revisiting addition in numeracy. In literacy the children have followed a recipe to make Crunchy Cookies and then wrote up their own instructions on how to make them. In topic the children chose an African Adrinka symbol, they then made a relief tile with their symbol on and printed it onto some cloth.



Week Beginning: 11th February 2019

Year 1 have painted their clay coil pots this week, they also used Austin’s Butterfly to help give next steps to their peers. In numeracy the children have continued to work on division and in literacy they have started to look at instructions. Their first step was to follow instructions to make a cup and ball toy.



Week Beginning: 4th February 2019

This week the children have planned and written their own version of Handa’s Surprise. They wrote some excellent stories, working hard to include adjectives, conjunctions and accurate punctuation. In numeracy we have been concentrating on halving and doubling, moving onto sharing and making groups (as a first step to division). In topic the children enjoyed getting their hands dirty making African style clay coil pots.




Week Beginning: 28th January 2019

This week Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne, they have been ordering the story and retelling it using conjunctions and adjectives. Next week they will begin to plan and write their own version of the story. In numeracy the children have been using coins to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, moving on to recording multiplication number sentences. In topic they have been working on food chains and animal grouping.


Week Beginning: 21st January 2019

Year 1 and 2 had a fabulous trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Tuesday. As part of their Africa topic, they learnt about food chains and met some African creepy crawlies, like Colin the cockroach and Shelly the giant African snail. After lunch we explored the park and saw lots of African animals. Great fun was had by everyone! The children will be writing about their trip in literacy and in numeracy the children have been solving simple word problems.


Week Beginning: 14th January 2019

Year 1 had great fun getting creative on Monday, they painted their African animal in the style of Edward Tingatinga, using lots of bright colours and pattern. In numeracy the children continued with place value work and in literacy they have been using non-fiction texts and videos to learn about African Elephants.

Week Beginning: 7th January 2019

The children began the week thinking of some New Years resolutions in PD. They have also started their new topic ‘Africa’, where they enjoyed learning about the African artist Edward Tingatinga and having a go at drawing cartoon African animals. In Literacy the children thought of questions they would like to ask about Africa, they then went on to find some of the answers using the internet and non-fiction books.  In numeracy the children have been revisiting number and place value.



Week Beginning 10th December 2018

This week has been busy with lots of Christmas craft activities. We have made and decorated some gingerbread biscuits and made paper plate robins. On Tuesday, Year 1 were literally little stars in the nativity dress rehearsal. We can’t wait for the show on Thursday!!


Week Beginning 3rd December 2018

Year 1 have certainly been getting in the festive mood this week. The children have completed and evaluated their Christmas baubles, which look lovely on our class tree. In literacy we wrote letters to Father Christmas and posted them off, hopefully the children should all get a reply! In numeracy the children have been learning to tell the time using analogue clocks. On Wednesday Jade, Sophia and Robyn from BUPA in Harrogate visited Keys Stage 1 to talk about oral hygiene. The children learnt how to clean their teeth properly and learnt about the importance of not eating too many sugary snacks!



Week Beginning 26th November 2018

This week the children have continued to learn about fractions in numeracy, they particularly enjoyed the pizza fraction game. In literacy all the children worked in small groups to bring their own Naughty Bus story to life in an iMovie, they worked hard to choose the correct photographs and add narration. It was good fun watching the completed movies. In topic the children have designed and begun to sew their own Christmas bauble, which is part of a Chapter House Design and Technology project. Once finished the baubles will be displayed on our class Christmas tree, before being taken home.





Week Beginning 19th November 2018

Year 1 have been learning how to half numbers this week in numeracy. In literacy they have planned and written their own Naughty Bus Story and in science they were asked by the Magical Toymaker to test out some materials for him. They learnt the words opaque and transparent and enjoyed testing whether things were waterproof or not.




Week Beginning 12th November 2018

The Magical Toymaker left another challenge for the Year 1’s on Monday, he asked the children to sort some toys into old and new. In literacy the children have been using adjectives and conjunctions in their sentences about The Naughty Bus, later in the week they will be planning their own Naughty Bus adventure!  In numeracy the children have continued to work with coins, using them to count in 2, 5 and 10’s.



Week Beginning 5th November 2018

Year One were very excited to find a mystery present on Monday, The Naughty Bus book, a toy bus and a letter had been left in the classroom by The Magical Toymaker!! The Toymaker said he would be leaving the children lots of challenges, the first of which was to order and retell The Naughty Bus story. Toys is our new topic this half term and the children enjoyed talking about and describing their favourite toy. In numeracy we have been working with money and making different amounts.




Week Beginning 22nd October 2018

Key Stage 1 and EYFS had an amazing day celebrating the School Birthday! They all made a party hat and a chocolate lolly before enjoying sticky buns at break time which were delicious. Following our fantastic morning, we then enjoyed our party lunch in the marquee. We can’t wait to celebrate again next year!


Year 1 have continued to learn about 3d shapes in numeracy. In literacy they have enjoyed thinking of ingredients for magic potions and later in the week they will write instructions on how to make the potion. In topic the children have enjoyed getting messy with leaf printing and making autumn leaf hedgehogs. On Tuesday and Wednesday the children had an adventure to the ceramics studio, where they have begun to make their very own clay shaker with Mr Box.



Week Beginning 15th October 2018

Year 1 began the week by measuring mass, they have also been learning to identify 2d and 3d shapes. In literacy the children have had fun designing a wife or sidekick for the Gruffalo, they will go on to write up their character descriptions later in the week. In topic the children have been monitoring and recording the weather in a weather diary.



Week Beginning 8th October 2018

We have been taking our numeracy outside again this week, using standard and non standard units of measurement. The children began by measuring strides between different pieces of equipment on the playground and went on to use centimetres to measure. In Literacy we have been reading, acting out with puppets and retelling The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. In topic the children have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.





Week Beginning 1st October 2018

Year 1 began the week writing sentences about their trip to the Yorkshire Arboretum. In numeracy they have been concentrating on subtraction, using a number line to begin with and then challenging themselves to count back in their heads. In topic the children have been using compasses on the iPad to find north, south, east and west. They then went on to create their own messy maps of the class room.




Week beginning 24th September 

Year 1 completed their fabric faces this week and evaluated them, thinking of two things they liked about it and one improvement.  In numeracy, the children have been using number lines to help with their addition and in literacy they have been using their senses to describe autumn.

Week beginning: 17th September

Year 1 took their learning outside on Monday, they braved the rain and went on a place value treasure hunt. On Tuesday the children had a treat in literacy, they were allowed a marshmallow to inspire their writing. The children began by thinking of adjectives to describe a marshmallow and used these words to write simple similes. In topic the children have started to make their own fabric face, using all of the joining techniques they have practised.





Week beginning: 10th September

What a busy week Year 1 have had! The children finished off their self portraits, which are up on display in the classroom. They are now moving on to making their own fabric face, the first step was to practise running stitch. In numeracy the children have been working on place value activities and in literacy they have finished off their ‘All About Me’ booklets. The children had an excellent day on Thursday, they dressed up as pirates and took part in lots of drama and movement activities with ‘One Day Creative’. The children went on to write some sentences about being a pirate.



Week beginning: 3rd September

This week Year 1 have been settling into their new classroom and routines. They have started their topic ‘Marvellous Me’ and have begun to draw their self portrait. In numeracy the children have been completing some domino addition and in literacy they have been writing words and simple sentences to describe themselves.




Week beginning 18th June:

Year 1 used their potatoes grown in the Chapter House potato competition to make Latkes, the children certainly enjoyed tasting them and Mrs Kilkenny will choose her favourite potato dish later in the week. We have had a fun time testing our clay boats to see if they would float in the pond, while at the pond we also released the class tadpoles. In literacy the children wrote a seaside themed acrostic poem to get us all in the mood for the summer holidays.

acrostic poems

Week beginning 21st May:

EYFS and KS1 has a fantastic afternoon taking part in the Chapter House Sports Day. They all demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, cheering on their friends and congratulating the winners of each race. A big well done to all of the boys and girls!

Week beginning 14th May:

Key Stage One enjoyed massaging each other’s back on Tuesday as part of well-being week. They also had a very productive time in gardening club planting aubergine, pepper and blueberry seeds.

Week beginning 7th May:

This week Year 1 have been channelling their inner Van Gogh and experimenting with different textures to produce a seascape.  In Maths they have been concentrating on halving and doubling as well as word problems involving sharing and multiplying. In literacy the children have been writing postcards.


Week beginning 30th April:

This week Year 1 have finished off their Mr Grinling’s lunchboxes. They loved testing them by sending them down a wire, just like in the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ stories. They went onto evaluate their box by rating them and suggesting improvements. In numeracy the children have been doing lots of addition and subtraction and in literacy we have concentrated on the seaside as a setting, ready to write postcards next week.

Year 1 addition and subtraction

Evaluation of lunchbox

Week beginning 23rd April:

Year 1 have been busy making their lunchbox which they have designed for Mr Grinling’s lunch. They have also done some excellent independent writing in their best books this week, take a look at some of the Little Red Riding Hood stories they have written.


Traditional tales writing – click here

Week beginning 16th April:

Year 1 enjoyed their final visit to Nuzzlets this week. They looked at frogspawn, met the chickens that were just eggs on our last visit and collected worms for the wormery. The highlight for most was meeting Chomp and Fudge the goats. In literacy the children have practised using speech marks in their writing and in numeracy we have been learning number bonds to 20 and addition fact families.

lunchbox design


Week beginning 9th April:

Year 1 have enjoyed starting their new topic ‘Seaside Rescue’ They have listened to the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers lunch’ and in literacy the children have looked at a seaside setting and used their senses to write their own introduction to the story. In design and technology we have been evaluating the usefulness of Mr Grinling’s basket and then went on to rate our own lunch boxes. In numeracy we have been revisiting place value with an emphasis on writing 3 digit numbers.

Lunch box evaluation


Week beginning 19th March:

Year 1 have had another busy week, they thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Nuzzlets on Tuesday where they took part in a minibeast hunt, a bird spotting activity and a signs of spring treasure hunt. In numeracy we have been sharing equally and beginning to write division number sentences. In topic we have planned and carried out an experiment to find out what a cress seed needs to grow.


signs of spring hunt

jacob division


Week beginning 12th March:

This week Year 1 have been using their senses in the wood, they gathered lots of ideas and used this to write a setting description in their Best Books. In numeracy we have been grouping objects and starting to write simple multiplications. In topic we have continued to observe our bean seeds and we have learnt about the different parts of a plant.

parts of a plant setting descriptions

Week beginning 5th March:

Today, the children in EYFS and KS1 planted their potatoes for our whole school potato project! They had lots of fun and worked well as a team. Well done everyone!

Years 1 and 2 were the proud hosts of family and friends for this week’s assembly. We shared our wonderful work, performed a play and even quizzed our audience about facts we had taught them. Our classes were so proud to share some of the beautiful artwork, including the eye-catching ceramics we painted on our trip.


Data handling – click to view

This week saw another exciting trip to Nuzzlets where the children learnt about the needs of animals. They fed the hens, sheep and goats and also met the donkey. We had another cuddle with the rabbits and guinea pigs and fed the birds. We learnt that hedgehogs enjoy mealworms and you should never feed them milk. In Literacy we have continued with our Traditional Tales unit and in numeracy we have been sorting data using tally charts and block graphs.

Week beginning: 26th February

Year 1 enjoyed World Book Day on Friday. We wrote about our book character and enjoyed searching in Year 1’s book box, we looked for different characters to tick off on our book hunt list.

Click here to see Rebecca’s work  Click here to see Sam’s work

Week beginning: 19th February

Year 1 have had a busy week. In numeracy the children have been using different strategies to add numbers, we have chitted our potatoes ready for the Chapter House potato competition and planted some bean seeds which we will observe over the next few weeks. On Tuesday we had a fantastic time at Nuzzlets, we met lots of different animals including Bramble the giant rabbit. We learnt about and looked at the different parts of a tree. It was definitely a fun and fact packed hour!

Week beginning: 5th February

Year 1 have been listening to, acting out and writing the African tale ‘How the elephant got his trunk’. In numeracy we have been finding halves and doubles and in topic the children have compared a child’s life in rural Kenya to their own.

Week beginning: 29th January

Click this link to see examples of the information pages:  African animal info pages

Year 1 completed their African animal information page this week, after lots of research using the internet and non-fiction books. On Friday the children enjoyed making hot chocolate and then writing instructions. In topic they have been learning about Kenya, using the atlases to find landmarks and neighbouring countries. In numeracy the children have been using coins to count up in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. As part of number day the children enjoyed measuring using centimetres.

Week beginning: 22nd January

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic trip to Rainbow Ceramics in York. We plan and designed our plates before our trip and at Rainbow Ceramics we created the final design. It was lots of fun and we can’t wait to see the finished plates next week after they have been fired in the kiln!

Week beginning: 15th January

This week Year 1 have been learning about the features of non-fiction books. They thought of some questions they would like to ask to find out about African animals, then used the non-fiction books to look up the answers. In numeracy place value has been the focus. Topic has been art based this week with the children producing beautiful sunset pictures and designing their plate ready for the trip next week.

Week beginning: 8th January

Click here for an example of our instruction writing

Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the new year and new term. In literacy they have been reading, following and writing instructions. They certainly enjoyed making a jam sandwich on Thursday and writing up the instructions afterwards. In numeracy the children have been revisiting number names. The new term’s topic ‘Africa’ has also been introduced this week, the children learnt about the seven different continents and listened to some African music.

Week beginning: 4th December


magical toymaker letter

This week the Magical Toymaker wanted some help, as it’s a busy time of year for him he asked the children to design and colour a gingerbread man jigsaw each. Because the children have enjoyed the toys the Magical Toymaker has left each week, they decided to write thank you letters to him in literacy. In numeracy we have completed lots of practical activities to help us measure; weight, capacity and time.

Week beginning: 27th November


Retelling Dogger

Year 1 have been very busy in literacy this week; the children ordered the story Dogger using time conjunctions. They then went on to write the story in their own words. In numeracy we have continued to work with money, making amounts with different coins. On Thursday the children had a real Christmas treat watching ‘Crumbles search for Christmas’. It was based around a woodland creature who wanted to have an adventure rather than hibernate. The trip was topped off with an amazing picnic lunch.

Week beginning: 20th November



On Thursday, as part of international week, Year 1 enjoyed a visit from some international students in senior school. Everyone had a go at saying and writi   ng ‘hello’ and ‘happy Christmas’ in Chinese and Russian.

Week beginning: 13th November


science testing materials year 1

This week Year 1 have been learning how to make and recognise halves and quarters in numeracy. In literacy they have listened to the story Dogger and wrote a missing toy poster. In topic they tested different materials for the magical Toymaker and had great fun dressed in 80’s clothes for Children in Need on Friday.

Week beginning: 6th November


This week The Magical Toymaker asked Year 1 to bring in and talk about their favourite toy. The children went on to write about their toy. In topic we have been sorting old and new toys and enjoying the rail track left by The Magical Toymaker on Monday. We also learnt about Remembrance Sunday and each child made their own poppy. In numeracy we have learning how to half shapes and quantities.

favourite toy work 

Week beginning: 30th October

Year 1 were very excited to see ‘The Magical Toymaker’ had made a toyshop in their classroom over the half term holidays, he is leaving different toys each week as well as different challenges for the children. On Thursday they had to sort old and new toys. In numeracy the children have been doing lots of practical activities to spot odd and even numbers, sorting socks into pairs was a favourite! In literacy the children have enjoyed the story ‘Old Bear’, they have used puppets to act out the story and have retold the story using conjunctions.  They also had a real treat, Freja and her mum brought in an Olympic gold medal. Andrew Triggs Hodge, an Olympic gold medal winner for rowing, kindly lent it to them to show to the class. A big thank you to Mrs Thackray and Freja.

Week beginning: 9th October

fabric face 1

fabric face 2

fabric face 3

Year 1 have been busy in topic lessons making their fabric faces, can you guess who the faces are? In literacy the children have enjoyed using puppets to act out ‘Room on the Broom’ and have also ordered the story and retold it using simple sentences. In numeracy we have been concentrating on subtraction using number lines.

Week beginning: 2nd October

senses poem 2

senses poem 1

This week in literacy we have been using our senses to describe Autumn, we had an autumn walk and used this as inspiration to write an Autumn senses poem. In numeracy the children have been concentrating on addition and in topic the children have designed their fabric face.

Week beginning: 25th September


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to The Yorkshire Arboretum on Thursday. It was the perfect weather to bring Traditional Tales to life in the woods.  The children used puppets to act out the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, they built a straw, stick and brick house for the three little pigs, however the highlight was definitely eating some of the three bear’s porridge. In the afternoon the children took part in lots of different maths activities from counting in twos using pine needles, to counting conkers and practising number bonds to ten using ladybirds.

Week beginning: 18th September

The children have been finding different ways to join fabric in their topic session this week, they will go on to use these methods again when they make their fabric face later on in the term. In literacy Year 1 have been using their senses to describe their favourite things and in numeracy the children have been comparing numbers by using the greater than and less than sign.

Week beginning: 11th September


Year 1 have worked hard this week, in literacy they have been completing an ‘all about me booklet’. In numeracy the children have been doing lots of practical number ordering and place value activities and in topic they have been drawing their self-portrait.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Week beginning: 5th June


To complete this term’s topic ‘Seaside Rescue’, Year 1 were given the task of making a lighthouse. They were given all the equipment to make a simple circuit with bulb but were challenged to work out how to make the lighthouse light up by themselves. They worked in pairs, sharing their knowledge with each other and were excited by their achievements!

Week beginning: 22nd May

Year 1 have completed their DT topic this week. After reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ in Literacy, the children were challenged to design and make a new lunchbox for Mr Grinling. They were given criteria to follow, the lunchbox needed to; look attractive, have a strong handle, have different compartments and be waterproof. Once the children had made their lunch-boxes, they evaluated them using a star grid and then were given more time to make improvements.

Week beginning: 15th May

This week we celebrated National Outdoors Day and luckily, the sun came out to join us.


Linked to our Literacy work, the children were challenged to design an ice-cream sundae for Mr Grinling. They were given a list of his favourite ingredients to incorporate into their design. Having then made their ice-cream sundae design, next week the children will write a set of instructions to explain to Mr Grinling how to make it.

Week beginning: 8th May

Year 1 were challenged to a timetables treasure hunt on Wednesday. In pairs, they worked together to apply their knowledge when counting in tens, fives and twos. Luckily, the sun was shining and the children really impressed me with their recall. Well done Year 1!

Week beginning: 1st May

Year 1 were given a science question to answer this week – Which objects do you think will float? They shared their prior knowledge and used it to make predictions, organising their predictions using a Venn diagram. Then they tested the objects and recorded their results. The children observed that all the metal objects sank so asked the question – Do all metals sink? This question will be answered in their next science lesson when we look at what materials boats are made from.

Week beginning: 3rd April

Year 1 children had a chocolate-filled morning making Easter nests by following some written instructions. They worked as a team and learnt about how chocolate changes when it is heated.
Happy Easter everyone!

Week beginning: 27th March


It was our final visit to Nuzzlets this week that focused on animal welfare. The children learned about the responsibilities involved in looking after animals. Feeding the lambs, brushing the goat and feeding the chickens were voted as favourite moments!

Week beginning:  20th March

This week Year 1 had a rainy visit to Nuzzlets. They were greeted by three new born lambs and had the opportunity to give them a feed. Their main session focused on habitats and they thoroughly enjoyed exploring the surrounding habitat collecting worms, slugs, centipedes and snails as well as meeting Henry the hedgehog. Back inside the children took a closer look at the animals they had collected using magnifying glasses and a Digi scope. Another super visit; thank you Mary!

Week beginning: 13th March

Year 1 enjoyed learning about planting and growing this week at Nuzzlets. The children started by identifying different types of plants, including flowers and used them to create a nature garden. Then they planted a bean and marrow seeds and talked about what a seed needs to grow. After that they were challenged to a nature hunt where they had to find different types of flowers and leaves. Finally they talked about the parts of a plant and the job they played in the plants growth.

Week beginning: 6th March

Year 1 had the first of four weekly visits to Nuzzlets this week. This week they were tree detectives and learned the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. They learned how to work out the age of a tree by measure the circumference of the trunk. Through different observations they identified signs of spring as well as making leaf and bark rubbings in the new bird house.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the children loved their experience of learning through the outdoors.

Week beginning: 27th February


One of the children’s activities to celebrate World Book Day was to create their own character puppet from Little Red Riding Hood. The children in 4S came to help them with measuring and cutting their materials. All the children worked cooperatively, sharing some imaginative and creative ideas.

Week beginning: 13th February

This week Year 1 have been writing their own version of Handa’s Surprise, changing the setting and the characters. Once they had finished their stories the Year 2 children very kindly agreed to read them and give us some constructive feedback using ‘a star and a wish’. Their feedback was very helpful as they provided good next steps to work on next time the Year 1 children look at story writing.

Week beginning: 6th February

The year 1 and 2 children had a chilly but fun time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. They enjoyed spotting the African animals and learned lots about polar bears during their workshop. The meerkats were definitely a favourite!

Week beginning: 23rd January

The children have been developing their creative skills this week. Firstly, they were asked to design a front cover for the class information book about African animals. They all worked very hard and then each voted for their favourites. Miss Wise was glad she didn’t have to decide upon the winner and she was very impressed with everyone’s efforts.
In Topic lessons the children experimented with colour mixing to create African sunset paintings. Once again, the children were very proud of their work!

Week beginning: 16th January


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their first gymnastic session with the school gym coach. They all finished the session completing forward rolls safely and confidently. We are looking forward to some of the Year 2 pupils  joining us next week so that we can start preparing for the Gym and Dance workshop in March!

Week beginning: 9th January

Year 1 started their ‘Africa’ topic this week with the question ‘Where is Africa?’. They used an atlas to locate Africa and learned that it is one of the seven continents of the world. The challenge was to locate and label all seven continents and five oceans. Having found the equator some children chose to add it to their map. The children had previous knowledge of Africa being a hot place but now they know why!

Week beginning: 5th December

img_3080 img_3084 img_3089 img_3090

img_3092 img_3098 img_3102

KS1 have loved participating in Netball Club this term. It was been wonderful to watch them grow in confidence and understanding as they have developed their ball skills and knowledge of the game. A big thank you to Ms Hyndman who has been their coach for the term!

Week beginning: 28th November

img_3048 img_3052 img_3054 img_3055

Year 1 have been very busy this week helping the Magical Toymaker; each day he set them a new challenge. On Wednesday, he left instructions telling the children how to make a cup and ball toy. As a class they read the instructions and followed them carefully to make one. On Thursday, he left picture instructions for make a magnetic fish game. Once they had sequenced the pictures correctly they could make the game; next week they will be writing instructions on how to make the magnetic fish game. Finally today the children were left their final challenge, to design a new board game. They have looked at popular examples like snakes and ladders to gather ideas. Some children chose to give their game a Christmassy theme to attract customers. Phew…what a busy week!!

Week beginning: 21st November

img_3014 img_3017 img_3018

img_3011 img_3013

Year 1 enjoyed their cuddles with the Nuzzlet animals. Thank you to all parents for their kind donations.

Week beginning: 14th November

img_2994 img_2995 img_2996

This week the children have completed some independent writing based on the whole school writing prompt. Firstly they worked together to mind map descriptive phrases and then used their ideas to write a descriptive story opener. Well done Year 1 for taking the next step with your independent writing!

Week beginning: 31st October

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Year 1 received a mystery package from the Magical Toymaker when they arrived back from half term. The note read:
What’s inside the box, you ask
Why, this is your special task!
A toy, a toy for you to find
But remember, you’ll have to use your mind!
The children worked together using their problem solving skills to work out what they needed to do. They used the bag of ‘junk’ left with the package to explore their own toy making skills.

Week beginning: 17th October

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This week Year 1 have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. They were challenged to make common 2D shapes out of lollipop sticks but some children went on to extend their learning by making pentagons and octagons.

Week beginning: 10th October

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Year 1 have been retelling the story of ‘Room on the Broom’ using finger puppets. They used the rhyme in the book to help them remember what comes next.

The children have also written autumn poems based on the image of the month:

IOM Oct       Autumn is here – Lola

Week beginning: 3rd October

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This week 1W had an exciting outdoor maths lesson using practical equipment to solve a treasure hunt within the secret garden. They had lots of fun solving addition problems. Well done everybody!

Week beginning: 26th September

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Year 1 arrived at school this week to find a question; ‘do the tallest children have the biggest feet?’ They talked to each other about how to answer the question and decided to measure each other’s height in hand spans.
They showed great cooperation and thinking skills while doing this.
Their work this afternoon also linked with a science objective to name human body parts. Miss Wise was impressed with some children’s knowledge of the body that they shared with the class

Week beginning: 19th September


This week the children have started their Year 1 challenge to learn the cursive handwriting style in order to join their handwriting. The children tried really hard and showed good levels of concentration. Miss Wise chose an excellent example to go on the WOW wall!  For any parents who would like to know more about the cursive letters please pop in and see Miss Wise.

Week beginning: 12th September

Year 1 have been exploring place value in the sunshine using natural objects. They built a tens tower and found sticks that measured the same length.  They chose to use pebbles, acorns and pine cones as their units.  The lesson focused on teen numbers but some children challenged themselves with numbers beyond 20.  They were shocked and excited when they arrived at school on Monday. They found some giant, magical footprints left with a letter in their classroom.  To answer the mystery visitor’s question they have been busy this week making their own ‘All about me’ booklets.

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Week beginning: 5th September

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Year 1 enjoying their finger gym challenge which was to pod some peas for Miss Wise’s dinner tonight. They have also helped Miss Wise with her phonics display by decorating a fish. A busy first morning on Thursday for everybody!

Summer Term 2016

Week beginning: 13th June

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The children had a jam packed day at Hesketh Farm on Thursday. They helped the farmer count his sheep on the tractor ride and fed donkeys and horses their lunch. After having their own lunch they were then busy making up the lambs feed and giving the guinea pigs lots of cuddles. A lovely day for both the children and staff involved!!  More photographs can be seen on the Year 1 Visits page.

Week beginning: 6th June

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Year 1 had the Friday topic challenge to build their own lighthouse with a working light. They were given all the equipment needed but no instructions. Working with a partner, they had to use their prior knowledge to build a simple circuit. All children excitedly completed the challenge and now have a good understanding of how a simple circuit works.

Week beginning: 23rd May

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Year 1 have been investigating how to make a ball of clay float. They used their knowledge of boat structures to change the shape of the clay. They then tested their boats to find out whose boat carried the most ‘cargo’. Harriet and Amani’s boat held the most marbles and Talei and Zara’s boat held the most paper clips. The other children  used their boat designs to make improvements to their own.


The children were given a learning log challenge for the summer term. They were asked to create a brochure for a seaside town following a given criteria. All the children put lots of effort into their designs and Mrs Kilkenny was impressed with all the entries. The winners were Beth (1st prize), Aus (2nd prize) and Harriet (3rd prize) but well done to all of Year 1!

Week beginning: 16th May

Year 1 have been revising ‘telling the time’ using an analogue clock. Talei and Arthur worked together to independently complete the loop cards.  The children understand telling the time using o’clock, half past and quarter past and Miss Wise would love them to continue practising at home!


Week beginning: 9th May

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This week the children have been experimenting with different materials to create seascapes. They used oil pastels and tissue paper to create a Grace Darling rescue scene. They then used watercolours to paint beautiful lighthouse inspired seascapes.  Here’s to some budding artists of the future!

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Week beginning: 2nd May

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Year 1 showed great team spirit during the sponsored mini olympics today. It was lovely to see them working together and congratulating each other on their achievements.

Week beginning: 25th April

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Daisy and Beth took on the multiplication loop card challenge.  They were successful in understanding a range of vocabulary linked with multiplication, worked as a team and improved their use of mental maths.  Well done girls!


Week beginning 18th April:

Year 1 pupils have started looking at instructions in Literacy. The challenge was to order and follow the instructions to make a banana smoothie. Drinking the smoothie made this ‘the best day ever!’ for Amani. After following the instructions the next challenge was to re-read and highlight the verbs. Beth noticed they were all at the start of the inst