Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn term 2020 

Literacy will link, where possible, with the topic this term. We will be looking at the skills used in narrative, instructions and recount. 

Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. Grammar will be immersed within all writing lessons to ensure that the skills taught are used within their own writing.  

Children will continue to develop their reading skills through shared reading activities. The focus of these activities will be broadening their vocabulary knowledge, inference skills and ability to retrieve and summarise information.  

In addition, they will have a levelled reading scheme book and can choose a ‘free reader’ book from the class bookshelf. 


We will be following the National Curriculum. The children will be provided with opportunities to apply their knowledge through practical, outdoor activities and problem solving. 


To link with their topic, the children will be learning about rocks and soils by completing investigations to answer given questions. Following this, their learning will focus on animals including humans. Science will be a mixture of practical investigations and experiments and theory 


History will be the focus of their topic this term as they take a journey through the Stone Age to the Iron Age while learning about how their lives changed and developed. In geography, the children will look at settlements and develop their map reading skills by designing their own.  

Art and Design Technology 

By exploring examples of stone age art, the children will create their own while learning about the tools and techniques that they developed. After learning about Stonehenge, the children will create a silhouette image along with developing their colour mixing skills.  The children will complete a project which involves designing, making and evaluating their own basic cam toy. Seasonality will be covered by designing and following a stewed fruit recipe.  

Outdoor Learning 

The children will use outdoor learning to access most subjects at some point over the term. Opportunities will include investigating how to use a tree to survive and practical maths. 


The children will be developing their word processing skills, copying and pasting pictures and saving their work. To bring all these skills together the children will be researching stone age animals linked to the topic and presenting all their work in a PowerPoint.  

Educational Visits and Visitors 

We hope to welcome visitors to school to enhance our learning in all areas.