Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn term 2019

Literacy will link, where possible, with the topic this term. We will be looking at the skills used in narrative, instructions, recount, persuasion and poetry. Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. Children will continue with literature circles, group and guided reading. This will mean a set amount of reading each week, given to the children at the start of term and then a set piece of independent homework each, which they will then feed back to their peer group.  In addition, they will have a levelled reading scheme book and can choose a ‘free reader’ book from the library.


We will be following the National Curriculum. The children will have one day a week of problem solving when they will be expected to apply what they have learned.


To link with their topic, the children will be learning about rocks and soils by completing investigations to answer given questions. Following this, their learning will focus on animals including humans.


The children will be developing their word processing skills, copying and pasting pictures and saving their work. To bring all these skills together, the children will be researching Stone Age animals linked to the topic and presenting all their work in a PowerPoint.  


History will be the focus of their topic this term as they take a journey through the Stone Age to the Iron Age while learning about how their lives changed and developed. In geography, the children will look at settlements and develop their map reading skills by designing their own.

Art and Design Technology

By exploring examples of stone age art, the children will create their own while learning about the tools and techniques that they developed. After learning about Stonehenge, the children will create a silhouette image along with developing their colour mixing skills.  The children will complete a project which involves designing, making and evaluating their own basic cam toy. Seasonality will be covered by designing and following a stewed fruit recipe.

Outdoor Learning

The children will work towards answering the question ‘How would you use a tree to survive?’ linking with building shelters, painting with natural materials, cooking and making tools.

Educational Visits and Visitors

Wednesday 3rd October – Stone Age workshop at Murton Park, York

October 2019 – Sammy Lambert, Podiatrist

November 2019 – Amy Husband, Children’s Illustrator


Summer Term 2019

To start the new term, the focus for numeracy will be geometry and statistics. Having covered all the necessary Year 3 units, the rest of this term will be spent revising mental and written methods for answering calculations involving the four operations as well as applying their knowledge to solve word problems.

‘Flood’ by Alvaro L. Villa, will be the stimulus for writing an adventure story, providing children with the opportunity to further their skills in planning the structure of a story through paragraphs, using dialogue in their writing, selecting effective vocabulary and experimenting with varied sentence structures. Linked to their topic-based learning, the children will also explore explanation texts and poetry.

During science lessons, the children will continue to develop their investigative knowledge and skills while exploring the subject of ‘light’.

Our summer term’s topic is titled ‘Extreme Earth’ and the activities will focus on developing the children’s geography, art and design skills. We will be learning about the extremes of this Earth and how and where natural disasters occur through practical investigations and tasks. Having read ‘A Great Wave’, inspired by artwork by Hokusai, the children will work towards their own version while exploring perspective and colour mixing. A visit to Whitby will provide the children with the opportunity to identify the human and physical features as well as topographical features while using fieldwork skills to collect information. Their final project of the year will be to design, make and evaluate a cam toy linked to their topic title.

Our computing objective will be composing and recording simple melodies using Garage Band.

Personal Development
This term we will be continuing to work on taking responsibility for ourselves, including being responsible for our own actions as well as our own learning. We will be learning about equality and considering the lives of other people who have different values and customs. Finally, we will be taking part in the whole school Cancer Awareness week.

Thursday 23rd May – Visit from Amy Husband, children’s illustrator
Wednesday 12th June – Visit to Whitby


Spring term 2019


To progress further with their writing, Year 3 will concentrate on how to use paragraphs to structure their ideas, write effective sentences and present dialogue. To support their learning, they will be exploring newspaper reports, re-writing a fairy tale, performing playscripts and using persuasion to write an information page. As part of literacy the children will continue to have lessons on grammar, spelling and punctuation. As part of these lessons the children will have their weekly spelling tests before completing handwriting tasks linked to phonics. We will be developing our grammatical knowledge and will be looking at inverted commas. Homophones, a and an, paragraphs and prepositions.


In numeracy, the children will continue to consolidate their learning of the four operations using both mental and written methods, involving measure and money. They will use their understanding of division to move forward with using fractions and continue to practise their 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


Our new topic, for this term, is titled ‘Tudor York’ and this will involve investigating the links between the Tudors and the city of York as well as learning about the key events in this period of history and completing a case study of York using maps as a key source. Alongside this, the children will develop skills in creating portraits using a variety of media and evaluating, designing and making their own bread.


Science lessons will firstly concentrate on forces and magnets; investigating friction, the strength of magnets and discovering the meaning of magnetic poles along with designing and making a magnetic game. After half term, the children will revise their knowledge of plants and further their investigative skills around this subject.


During the spring term the children will be building upon the coding skills previously taught in Year 2. They will be using Kodu, a program developed for children to learn key coding skills. The class will be taught key skills including planning and executing a series of commands, or algorithms. They will use logical reasoning to explain how some of these simple algorithms work in Kodu and detect and correct errors in their programming.

Educational visits

During the term, we will be visiting Barley Hall in York to see how people lived and prospered in Tudor times.

Autumn term 2018


Our topic this term is ‘Stone Age to Iron Age‘. During the term, we will be learning about what life was like during this period using a range of sources and creating a timeline of main events. The children will be learning about the role of an archaeologist and will experience this role first hand through a visit to The Dig in York. Their art lessons will include exploring cave paintings and designing and making a Stone Age necklace.


Literacy will link, where possible, with our topic. We will be looking at:

  • Recount – including a diary entry from someone living in the Stone Age
  • Narrative – based on Stone Age Boy
  • Persuasive Writing – including posters advertising a round house and selling stone age tools
  • Instructions – linked to Stone Age recipes

Grammar and spelling will be on-going with a weekly set of spellings to learn and a weekly test. We will also concentrate on our phonics knowledge. Literature Circles will be taught weekly which will focus on comprehension skills.


This year will begin with revising number and place value knowledge. We will recap the four operations in more detail this term as well developing their approach to mental strategies. We will also further our understanding of the properties of shape and measure.


The topics that will be covered this term are ‘Rocks and Soils’ and ‘Animals including Humans’. The children will learn how to identify different types of rocks and how soil is formed, carrying out investigations linked with this. Their work on animals will be linked with their topic focusing on how animals have evolved.


The children will begin the year by revisiting the basics of logging on and accessing the school files. We will then look into researching Stone age animals using the internet. The children will then use word processing skills to present their findings on a PowerPoint presentation.

Personal Development

The children will start the year talking about new beginnings and will be finding out about key religious leaders. In the run up to Christmas, the children will revisit the Christmas story and look at traditions and beliefs linked to this.

Educational Visits

During the term, we will visit The Dig and York Minster, where we will spend time learning about the job of an archaeologist and exploring how York has changed over the ages.