Year 3 Curriculum

Summer Term 2021


To start the new term, we will be revising mental and written methods for answering calculations involving the four operations as well as applying their knowledge to solve word problems.  


‘Flood’ by Alvaro L. Villa will be the stimulus for writing an adventure story, providing children with the opportunity to further their skills in planning the structure of a story through paragraphs, using dialogue in their writing, selecting effective vocabulary and experimenting with varied sentence structures. Linked to their topic-based learning, the children will also explore explanation texts and poetry.  


During science lessons, the children will continue to develop their investigative knowledge and skills while exploring the subject of ‘light’. 


Our summer term’s topic is titled ‘Extreme Earth’ and the activities that will be completed will focus on developing the children’s Geography, Art and Design skills. We will be learning about the extremes of this Earth and how and where natural disasters occur through practical investigations and tasks. Having read ‘A Great Wave’, inspired by artwork by Hokusai, the children will work towards their own version while exploring perspective and colour mixing. We will have the opportunity to identify human and physical features of our surroundings as well as topographical features while using fieldwork skills to collect information. Their final project of the year will be to design, make and evaluate a cam toy linked to their topic title.  


Our computing objective will be composing and recording simple melodies using Garage Band.  

Personal Development  

This term we will be continuing to work on taking responsibility for ourselves, including being responsible for our own actions as well as our own learning. We will be learning about equality and considering the lives of other people who have different values and customs.