Year 3 News

Week beginning 19th April:

In literacy, Year 3 have challenged themselves to improve their sentences by completing a class sentence writing competition. They received points for their spellings, grammar, and punctuation. All the children did incredibly well and enjoyed taking their learning outside.

Week beginning 22nd March:

Year 3 have been learning about money this week. We worked together to give change when buying items in our shop.

Week beginning 15th March:

Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in activities related to the Census this week. We have completed a mini census in our class. We also thought about what we would put in a time capsule to let people know about life today. We wrote a letter to a child in the future to tell them all about us.

Week beginning 8th March:

Year 3 have been writing setting descriptions this week – they worked well together today to edit and improve their work.

During this period of remote learning, updates will be given via the QE Facebook page and @HeadofCH Twitter account.

Week beginning 14th December:

This week, Year 3 took part in the whole school science investigation. We were investigating ‘Can the largest hands grab the most sweets?’ We first thought about how we would investigate this and how to ensure it was a fair test. We each measured our handspan and took turns to grab the sweets out of the bowl. We had three turns and then worked out the average to ensure our results were accurate.

Week beginning 30th November:

Year 3 have used paints to recreate a photograph taken of Stonehenge, linked to our topic work. First the children painted the ground and the sun setting. They then used dots to recreate the stars before adding stones using grey card. The children really enjoyed learning new techniques in art.

Week beginning 16th November:

In preparation for National Space Day on Friday, Year 3 have been exploring satellites in space. We looked at the uses for satellites and then designed and made our own models of satellites. The class worked very hard to include all the features including solar panels and sensors.

Week beginning 9th November:

Year 3 have taken part in the Children in Need 24 hours workout challenge. We took part in the last 20 minutes of the challenge with Joe Wicks live online.

Week beginning 2nd November:

This week in numeracy, Year 3 have been focusing on multiplication and division. On Friday, we looked at the link between multiplication and division. We learnt that multiplication is the inverse of division.

Week beginning 19th October:

It has been a busy end of term with a School Birthday Celebration enjoyed by all.  See all of the photos on the QE Facebook page:

Week beginning 12th October:

Year 3 chose to link the Image of the Term to our work on the book Here we are that we studied earlier in the term. They chose to recreate the picture adding their hopes and dreams for our planet on the clouds. Here the children are learning to blend colours using watercolour paints for the background.

Week beginning 5th October:

Year 3 have been working together to compose music to accompany a ‘Haunted House’ poem.  They have listened to Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and sung a medley including Ghostbusters and Monster Mash!

Week beginning 28th September:

Year 3 got creative this week and used fruit and powders to make out own paints. The children pressed the fruit through a sieve to extract the juices to make paint. We then went outside to paint our own cave paintings. It was very messy but lots of fun.

Week beginning 21st September:

Year 3 have been reading books about the Stone Age in preparation for writing a setting description for a Stone Age story. This week, we used different textures and colours to make our setting and used this to write a bank of ideas for our writing.

Week beginning 14th September:

This week Year 3 have been using the book ‘Here we are: Notes for living on planet Earth’ to explore our world and the recent changes to how we live.  They have written letters to a special person in their lives, described and drawn their favourite place, used water colours to paint the sky and wrote notes for others on living on planet Earth.