Year 3 News

Week beginning 10th June: 

In preparation for our trip on Wednesday the children began to research some information about Whitby. The children used atlases to find Whitby on the map. They also looked at which county Whitby is in and investigated the physical and human aspects of Whitby.


Week beginning 3rd June: 

Today the year 3 children enjoyed experimenting with printing. As part of our Extreme Earth topic, we looked at the famous wood block painting of a wave by Hokusai, a famous Japanese artist. The children sketched their wave design and transferred them to a polystyrene tile before finally painting and printing them. The children discovered it is actually a lot harder than it looks.

Week beginning 13th May:

Year 3 enjoyed their topic lesson in the sunshine today. After learning about how and why volcanoes erupt, they had to sort reason for and against living near a volcano. The majority of the class decided they wouldn’t want to risk it!


Week beginning 6th May:

This week, Year 3 have been learning about the different layers of the Earth. They built their own layers using different foods identifying whether the layer was mostly solid or liquid. This practical activity then assisted them in creating their own diagram of the Earth.

Week beginning 30th April:

To start their new science topic this term, Year 3 have been sharing their knowledge of different light sources and testing their sense of touch in the absence of light.

Week beginning 25th March:

The children in Year 3 are currently doing a Design and Technology project called ‘The Great Bread Bake off’. This project has been linked to their Tudor topic as the Tudors ate bread as a staple part of their diet. The children have enjoyed researching the history of bread as well as tasting a range of breads. Today as part of the design process the children experienced shaping salt dough. The children really enjoyed this process and they are looking forward to developing their final design and making their own bread.

Week beginning 18th March:

The children have been enjoying a weekly yoga session as part of Personal Development lessons. This is run by Miss Blacker from the pastoral team who is a qualified yoga teacher. They have been learning simple yoga poses and how yoga can be used to strengthen our bodies and also to help us relax. The children will continue their yoga sessions until the Easter holidays.

Week beginning 11th March:

This week Year 3 spent the day at Barley Hall taking part in the ‘Fit for a King’ workshop. After being introduced to Henry VIII in the classroom, the children learned more about his life, the decisions that he made and the impact they had on people’s daily lives through drama, craft and problem solving. The children thoroughly enjoyed attending court ,as both the jury and the accused, to learn about crime and punishment and were present at a banquet to learn about the different roles of the servants in a Tudor house. Some children were lucky enough to try on Tudor costumes to play a particular role at the banquet. Overall, it was an informative and humorous day and the children gained a detailed insight into Tudor life.


Week beginning 4th March:

To celebrate  World Book Day, Year 3 learned about the relevance of the day and reported on how we celebrate the day in Chapter House. They visited each class to find out what everyone’s been up to, asking questions about favourite books, before writing a newspaper report on the event.

Week beginning 18th February:

This week, the Year 3 children have begun to focus on York as part of their topic work. In pairs they have used atlases to research towns, cities and rivers within the UK as well as finding out the names of the seas and oceans surrounding the UK. The children all enjoyed learning new map skills and working collaboratively together.


Week beginning 11th February:

This week, Year 3 have enjoyed exploring Tudor portraits using collage. They have drawn their favourite of Henry VIII’s wives and concentrated on developing textures using a range of fabrics, beads and buttons.

Week beginning 4th February:

Year 3 have identified portraits as an important source of information when learning about the Tudors. They used this portrait by Hans Holbein to list adjectives to describe King Henry VIII and then worked as a class to create their own portrait of the king developing their sketching skills and water colour technique. A wonderful piece of class artwork!

Week beginning 28th January: 

This week the children enjoyed a visit to Thrive where they talked about resilience. The children then had to work as a team to get the hoop around the circle whilst holding hands.

Week beginning 21st January:

The children are enjoying their new Science topic this term. Last week, they investigated the effects of friction on different surfaces and this week they have tested materials to find out if they are magnetic.


Week beginning 14th January:

This term the year 3 topic is ‘Tudor York’. During this topic we will be learning all about the Tudors and how they influenced York. This week the children had to be archeologists. They were given images of artefacts from the Tudor period. In groups the children had to work out what they were, what they were made of, and what they told them about the Tudors? The children loved the activity and they had some brilliant ideas. 


Week beginning 7th January:

Welcome back to the Year 3 children we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. Everyone seemed full of energy and ready to learn after the Christmas break.

This week the children have been learning all about synonyms in literacy lessons.


Week beginning 3rd December: 

This week the children have enjoyed making Celtic shields as part of their Iron age topic. The children used string, matchsticks and art straws to make a 3D pattern, before painting their shields. The final shields have been fantastic.  


Week beginning 19th November:

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed delivering their assembly to the parents, staff and children this morning. They have worked very hard learning their words and preparing a song and poem. A big well done to them all!

To celebrate International Week, Year 3 enjoyed a Korean Pop Dance Workshop delivered by Mrs Oldershaw and some students from Year 6. It was quite impressive what they learned in 20 minutes! Thanks to everyone involved.


Week beginning 5th November: 

This week, Year 3 have been working towards writing their own firework shape poem. As well as broadening their vocabulary choices, they have experimented with writing similes, alliteration and expanded noun phrases. They have produced final copies of their shape poems and the children were very proud of their work.


Week beginning 22nd October: 

Today the children really enjoyed making soup. The children have designed a soup as part of design technology and literacy and today the children had the opportunity to make it. We based our soup on seasonal vegetables, so of course, the feature vegetable was ‘pumpkin’. The children discovered that pumpkins are very difficult to cut into pieces! Everyone loved their soup and all bowls were cleared with most choosing to have seconds.

The children will go on to write instructions for their soup in literacy and evaluate their soup in design technology.


Week beginning 15th October:

This week the year 3 children had the opportunity to attend a first aid course called ‘Restart a Heart’. The children learnt how to do CPR, an important skill that can literally save a life. The year 3 children attended the course alongside a class of year 11 students, everyone worked together in mixed groups with all ages interacting and working in teams.


Week beginning 8th October:

As part of the children’s weekly homework they are asked to complete a task about their current topic in their Learning Logs. The children all produce some fabulous work and they take great pride in sharing their work with the class every week.


Week beginning 1st October:

In Science, Year 3 have been exploring rocks by describing, comparing and testing them. To understand how the three types of rocks are formed they used starburst sweets to make them. They applied pressure and heat to turn their sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks. This week, the children have performed a scratch test to find out which rock was the hardest. Along with learning about rocks they are developing their investigative skills too.



Week beginning 24th September:

At the beginning of the week the Year 3 children enjoyed an educational visit to the Dig Museum and York Minster in York. At the Dig Museum the children learnt what an archeologist is, they also had the opportunity to become archeologists and found out what has been found at real Digs through the ages in York.

In the afternoon the children learnt all about the history of York Minster including the relationship between Queen Ethelburga and York Minster. The children particularly enjoyed sitting in the ‘Chapter House’ in York Minster.



Week beginning 17th September:

This week the year 3 children have really enjoyed getting stuck into their topic work. The topic lessons have taken place in the art room and the children have had the opportunity to use charcoal and watercolours to produce Stone Age cave paintings.

The children will go on to self evaluate and develop these so that they can produce a final piece to be displayed in school.



Week beginning 10th September:

The children have had a fantastic week settling into life as year 3’s in Chapter House. The children really got stuck into their topic work, looking at what we can learn from rubbish that has been left behind. Moving on to archaeology and how archaeologists use ancient artefacts to understand and piece together information from the past.

The children have also enjoyed the challenge of year 3 maths and being active in their maths lessons.



Week beginning 4th June:

After our Chapter House transition day yesterday, we had a circle time to discuss our thoughts, worries, aspirations and excitement for the new school year ahead. The children really enjoyed their experiences in Year 4 and they then produced a poster for the new Year 3 children to tell them all about Year 3 and help ease them into Key Stage 2.

Week beginning 21st May:

This week, Year 3 have been working really hard to complete their silhouette pictures based on the work of the artist ‘Turner’. The children carefully cut their boat silhouettes into various sizes to reflect distance in their paintings.

Week beginning 14th May:

This week Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed mindfulness week. We have completed a range of activities from running around campus, mindful breathing, how to be kind posters as well as mindfulness colouring.

Week beginning 7th May:

This week Year 3 have had a focus on their mental maths skills, they have been trying incredibly hard to work on their recall speed and how to calculate their answers in different ways.
In order to work on this, Mr Clayton’s maths group have been exploring money related questions and Mrs Clarke’s class have been working hard on recognising and calculating time problems. They have really enjoyed the opportunity to use the Promethean boards and the various maths challenges that are available to them.

Week beginning 30th April:

Year 3 have worked extremely hard this week to create their sunset silhouette pictures based on the work of the artist J W Turner. The children have spent time research his work and now have begun to create their our artistic recreation.

Week beginning 23rd April:


This week Year 3 have had a handwriting focus week. We have tried consistently to use joined up writing in all pieces of work and in all lessons. The children have been completing their image of the month newspaper article and I think you will agree, it looks very professional with their beautiful handwriting with many of the children receiving their pen licences.

Week beginning 16th April:

This week the children in Year 3 became journalists and, after being shown the image of the month photograph of a child in a red cloak walking into a forest, the children then had to come up with a compelling news story. The children really enjoyed donning their detective hats and looking for clues as to what had happened to the child. The children found writing in a journalistic mind set challenging at times but they worked hard and produced a lovely piece of writing.

Week beginning 9th April:

This week Year 3 have been introduced to their new topic for this term of ‘On the high seas!’ The children are very excited to be learning about various elements of the topic such as making a sea themed cam toy, painting a seascape silhouette picture as well as having a volcano and earthquake week. The  children have begun their research into the new topic and produced their topic book page.

Week beginning 19th March:

This week year 3 have been sewing designing and making our Tudor puppets. The children carefully traced their outline onto felt and then cautiously, with a needle and thread, sewed their finger puppet together. The children were so patient and worked well to help each other as, at times, sewing was challenging! Next we will be decorating the outsides of our puppets, before they take part in their own ‘mini Tudor show!’


Week beginning 12th March:

This week Year 3 have been working extremely hard on writing a story starter from a magical picture that Mrs Clarke gave them. They have drafted, written and edited their story starters through the week and have used a range of fronted adverbials, conjunctions, punctuation and ambitious vocabulary to improve their writing.

Week beginning 5th March:

This week year 3 have begun to research Tudor puppets. They have worked with their partners and using the iPad for help, come up with puppet designs for the finger puppets which they will be making in design technology this term. The children have looked at the materials they will need and the complexity of their designs to ensure that they will be able to accomplish the desired effect once they come to make their puppet.

Week beginning 19th February:

Year 3 have been working extremely hard this week on producing a plate design in the style of Clarice Cliff. The children designed their plate carefully in their sketch books and then helped each other with how to improve their designs further. The children then produced their final products which were beautifully decorated.

Week beginning 29th January:

This week, Year 3 have spent the time in their topic lessons learning about the various events that took place in Tudor times. The children then created their own timeline to display these events. They looked at why the events needed to be in chronological order and how they could ensure this was the case on their timelines. The children then finished off their work by researching the events and adding information around their timeline.

Week beginning 22nd January:

Year 3 have been working incredibly hard on their atlas skills this week by researching where the rivers are in the UK. The children drew them onto a map of the United Kingdom and then labelled them which was very tricky. The children really enjoyed working together to complete this task.

Week beginning 15th January:

Year 3 have this week been working on using an atlas in order to locate and label the seven continents of the world. The children were also tasked with finding out the difference between a continent and a country as often the two can get confused. The children worked excellently in pairs and produced wonderful world maps.

Week beginning 8th January:


Year 3 have this week been introduced to our new topic of ‘Tudor York’. They have spent their time conducting research online and using historical books to build up a picture of whom the Tudors were and when they existed. The children then made a beautiful information page with everything that they found out and shared it with the rest of the class.

Week beginning 4th December:

This week Year 3 have worked on Christmas adjectives and written their own acrostic poems using them.

Week beginning 27th November:

Year 3 have really enjoyed working on this term’s image of the month. The picture consisted of a train emerging from a snowy, woodland landscape. The children were given a small version of the photograph and then had to extend and draw the missing parts of the scene. Each sketch was unique and included different elements which once completed we then shared with the class.

Week beginning 20th November:


This week Year 3 have worked incredibly hard on their speaking and listening skills in rehearsing for our class assembly on ‘York through the ages’. The children have worked as a team to learn their lines and practice them with each other. The work that they have produced this term has been beautiful and they have all thoroughly enjoyed the topic and skills they have learnt.

Week beginning 13th November:

Year 3 have this week been painting their very own Stone Age cave art. The children began the task by researching Stone Age cave art designs as a class and then sketching their design onto their tea stained cartridge paper. Finally the children have painted their cave art which they have thoroughly enjoyed.

Also this week, the children have been writing instructions for cooking their own vegetable soup. The children have used their design technology skills to select appropriate tools for chopping and peeling. Year 3 really enjoying eating the soup afterwards!

Week beginning 6th November:


This week in literacy Year 3 have been designing their very own Bonfire shape poem. The children used some fantastic sound words to describe the fire and fireworks.

The children have also worked hard this week to research the role of a famous archaeologist. The children needed to work together using the ipads and find as much information as they could to share with the class to explain why he was famous and who he was.

Week beginning 30th October

Year 3 got off to a spooky start this week. The children became witches and wizards and began writing their very own spooky acrostic poems. The children worked really hard to come up with scary adjectives which they could use in their sentences to terrify the reader. The children also tried to use punctuation within their sentences to add to the effect. Finally, the children then shared their poems with their partner and supported each other with ways to improve their writing further.

Week beginning 9th October

This week year 3 have been working hard in literacy to write a job description for our image of the month. The children looked at the picture of the dream catcher and decided what his role should be. They then described this using adjectives and adverbs which we have being working hard on.  We have also been reconstructing pottery and sketching the missing parts this week in topic. The children really took their time to include all of the detail on their drawings.

Week beginning 2nd October

This week, Year 3 began their first draft of creating their own piece of Stone Age jewellery. The children conducted research into Stone Age jewellery as a class and then created their first design. After that, the children worked with a partner to advise each other on how they could improve their design further. Finally, the children created a finished sketch which they will then turn into an actual clay necklace in the coming week.

Week beginning 25th September

Year 3 have had a very busy week! We began our week with a visit to the Dig and York Minster. The children took part in a variety of workshops which taught them about the various time periods and they also had the opportunity to become archaeologists for the day.

We have also tested our ‘Austin’s butterfly’ technique of improving our art work whilst sketching outside in our new outdoor learning environment which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
The children were tasked with drawing and then improving their work by listening to the feedback of their peers.

Week beginning 18th September

This week Year 3 have been sketching their very own Stone Age cave art. We have watched and learnt about the ‘Austin’s butterfly technique’ which explains how we can improve and edit our art work. The children worked together to discuss how they could edit their cave art and then began another draft.

Week beginning 11th September

This week the children have worked incredibly hard in getting used to life in Year 3 and our new routines. They are all settling in very well and making a number of new friends.

In class, Year 3 have been learning about their new topic of ‘York through the ages’. They have been thinking about daily life in the Stone Age and very soon we will be going to ‘The Dig’ in York to discover more about life in this time period.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Week beginning 5th June


Year 3 have spent this week completing their army boots ready to send them off to be displayed at Harlow Carr. The children have spent a lot of time selecting collage materials and testing paints in order to complete their designs. Finally, the children planted the flowers that they had grown from seeds, into their boots to produce their finished product which they were all very proud of.

Week beginning 22nd May

This week in Year 3 we have spent time with the Thorpe Underwood estate gardeners planting our beautiful flowers into our army boots. We spent time with the children recapping how our seeds had grown into flowers and what we now had to do in order for them to flourish. The children we extremely competent with their scientific knowledge and language.

Week beginning 15th May


Children in Year 3 have been developing their science knowledge and skills. They worked collaboratively to design posters, complete skeleton games and made use of the iPads to research the different parts of a skeleton. They worked hard at this and enjoyed discovering new facts and sharing what they had found out with each other.

Week beginning 8th May

This week in Year 3 the children have worked incredibly hard to complete their pirate playscripts which are all very exciting! The children have learnt how to use stage directions, colons when people are speaking as well as telling an exciting story by using ambitious vocabulary. Next week we will begin to act these out which should be just as thrilling!

Week beginning 1st May

This week in year 3 we have been very busy becoming make-believe sailors, mermaids and pirates of the high seas as we began writing our pirate play scripts. The children were fully immersed into the magic of building their own adventure story and have been very eager writers!  Also this week, we were very lucky to receive a visit from Google expeditions where we were treated to a virtual reality science expedition taking us through the body, skeletal system and digestive system. The children had a wonderful day filled with science activities.

Week beginning 27th April

This week the children have returned to school and discovered that their new topic is ‘Treasure’. The children are all very excited and eager to get started.  We have ended the week with the children brainstorming ideas for their very own pirate playscript which they will then role play during the term.

The children have also spent time adding the finishing touches to their army boots in preparation for planting their flowers in the coming weeks.
A very exciting term to come!

Week beginning 3rd April

This week Year 3 have worked extremely hard on their image of the month piece of writing. The children were provided with a ‘Tiny dragon’ as their stimulus for writing and they planned and drafted their work. Finally, the children used their literacy targets to improve their written pieces and the outcome was a diary entry and a ‘lost’ poster. They all worked incredibly hard and should be really proud of the work that they produced.

Week beginning 27th March


Year 3 have had a fun-filled week with their focus on planting. The children have begun decorating their army boots which we collected from our visit to Dishforth airfield. They have been given time to design their boots and they are now ready to create their masterpieces!

The children have also planted their potatoes outside, ready for our school potato competition. The children enjoyed investigating how the potatoes had sprouted and talked through what we needed to plant them, why and how.

Week beginning 20th March


On Thursday, Year 3 spent the afternoon planting the seeds from our trip to Dishforth airfield. We were very fortunate to receive a lesson in planting from our Collegiate gardeners and we will now care for our seedlings until it is time to transfer them to our army boots!

Friday, saw our ‘Red Nose Day’ activities and throughout the day we took part in various activities. The children had lots of fun as well as raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Week beginning 13th March


Year 3 had a fabulous afternoon at Dishforth Airfield on Tuesday. The had the opportunity to look at the equipment that is used and also learnt how to grow plants from seeds. They are now looking forward to working with the Foundation Stage children to decorate the boots and fill them with the beautiful plants ready for the Harlow Carr Flower show in June.

Week beginning 6th March

Year 3 this week, began the designing phase for our vegetable soup. The children have spent time looking at ingredients, researching unique selling features, producing eye catching packaging and then had a go at preparing the soup. Next week the children will be moving on to writing instructions on how to make their exquisite dish followed by cooking it, for all to taste.


On Thursday, we were treated to an excellent educational visit to York. The children were taken on a Tudor Tour of York city centre and given time to sketch the beautiful buildings of that time period. During the day we took part in a workshop of ‘York through the ages’ followed by a tour of the beautiful Minster. As part of the visit, children were able to descend to the ‘Undercroft’ of the minster and witness the different elements of the building which still exist from the various time periods and look at original artefacts which link the city to its past.

Week beginning 27th February

This week Year 3 have spent time designing a portrait of Henry VIII using a collage of various materials. The children have found this a challenging but very exciting!

The week was rounded off with World Book day. The children dressed as their favourite book character and we had a wonderful day together. We completed book scavenger hunts, book reviews, book passports and shared our favourite stories with each other.

Week beginning 13th February

This week, as part of international week, year 3 have been visited from children in the various schools and have had the opportunity to speak and write in a number of languages.

Week beginning 6th February


This week year 3 started off with a visit from a parent who kindly brought his bird of prey in for the children to look at. One of our year 3 students had researched a number of facts on the Harris Hawk which was brought in and the children thoroughly enjoyed hearing what an amazing bird this really is. The children were able to ask the parent a number of questions and we then wrote about the experience in our learning logs.

We finished our week in year 3 by creating a character description of Henry VIII. The children spent time on the ipads conducting research and they then used the ‘book creator’ programme to produce a comic strip about the Tudor king.

Week beginning 23rd January

Year 3 have been discovering more about the Tudors this week. They learnt about the House of Lancaster and the House of York and discovered how Henry VII defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth field in 1485.

In these pictures, the children are recreating the Tudor Rose, which represents the joining of the Houses of York and Lancaster after Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York. Their marriage brought together the two houses and the end of the war of the roses.

Week beginning 16th January


This week the Year 3 children went on a very exciting visit to the West Yorkshire playhouse in Leeds where we were treated to a performance of ‘The Witches’. The children thoroughly enjoyed the production and the following morning we discussed our favourite parts and why. We have also been doing more work on our new Tudor topic and the children have revelled in the opportunity to look at the quirky Tudor fashion. We spent time looking at a variety or clothing from the time and its symbolism in society. Next week the children will then be given the opportunity to design their own Tudor clothing which they are really eager to do!

Week beginning 9th January

Year 3 have got off to an amazing start this New Year. We have been very impressed by their exemplary behaviour and outstanding attitude towards their work. This week we have been looking at the features of a recount and talking about all of the exciting things that they did during their Christmas holidays. We have also started to discuss our new topic for this term which is the ‘Tudors’. The children are very excited and can’t wait to get started!

Week beginning 5th December

This week in Year 3 we have been looking at sunset pictures of Stonehenge and recreating our own silhouette picture of the monument.  The children worked really hard on blending the sunset background and then thought very hard about the size of the stone silhouettes and where they should be placed.  Year 3 have spent time in the art room creating their very own stone age jewellery from clay. The children had to use their cutting and moulding skills to create a smooth edge to the items. They then added patterns to make them more visually appealing.

Week beginning 28th November

img_0002 img_0005

In their literacy lessons, Year 3 have been looking at different types of poetry. First of all, they looked at acrostic poems and then they wrote their own acrostic poem on the theme of Winter. After that, they found out about the Haiku poem, which originates in Japan. It is a 3 line poem that is made up of a total of 17 syllables, as follows;

• 1st line – 5 syllables
• 2nd line – 7 syllables
• 3rd line – 5 syllables

The children enjoyed writing their own Haiku poetry and some children wrote their poems based on the theme of ‘The Four Seasons’. Afterwards, they carefully checked that they had the correct number of syllables on each line.

Here is some of their work:

img_0011 img_0012

Week beginning 21st November

image-1 image-5 image-8 image-4

Year 3 have been archaeologists and palaeontologists this term in topic and science. Here they are testing the hardness of rocks to find out which rocks will scratch most and least easily. Year 3 were lucky enough this week to have a visit from Nuzzlets as part of our Cantwara house charity event. The children were given a talk about the importance of caring for animals as well as how important animals can be for therapy. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to pet and feed the range of animals that Nuzzlets brought in.

Week beginning 14th November

p1140176 p1140177

p1140179 p1140180

This week Year 3 have been working extremely hard in their geography sessions. The children were tasked with trying to understand the complex structure of the Earth’s crust. We talked about how the surface of the Earth is made up of a series of tectonic plates and how as these move it can create earthquakes and volcanoes. The children were mesmerised and enthused by this topic and really enjoyed piecing the tectonic plates back together and also predicting what it may look like in the future.

Week beginning 7th November

img_3028 img_3029 img_3030 img_3031
Year 3 began the week by discussing the importance of Remembrance day and the significance of the poppy. The children then made two poppies, one a collage to present in assembly, the other was filled with the children’s own words for why the poppy was used. The children were amazing and came up with wonderful words such as strength, success, miracles, heroes amongst many others.

At the end of the week, we then went on a visit to ‘The Dig’ in York. The children had the opportunity to experience what life is like as an archaeologist and how looking at artefacts from the past helps us to understand daily life from different periods. The children were all exceptionally behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Week beginning 31st October

img_3004 img_3005 img_3006 img_3007

In year 3 this week we got off to a spooky start by designing our own witch and wizard spell book. The children really enjoyed dying their book covers with tea and coffee and ripping the paper to produce a rustic effect. The children have then spent the remainder of the week writing their own instructions to produce their potion. The children were challenged to use ambitious vocabulary, bossy verbs and time connectives within their instructions which they all tried incredibly hard to use in their writing.

Week beginning 17th October


This week in Mrs Clarke’s class we have been piloting a new mindfulness programme where the children are learning how to breathe slowly and effectively when they are feeling anxious or upset. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this continuing experience and we will be developing the practice further as time progresses.

img_2997 img_2996 img_2995

img_2994 img_2993 img_2992

After enjoying our Harvest assembly this week, Year 3 have continued the theme and written their very own rhyming or acrostic poems. The children had to think about using descriptive language and rhyming sounds in words which produced some wonderful poems.

Finally, we would just like to say well done to the Year 3 children and how impressed we have been with their effort and enthusiasm in all of their lessons this half term. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and we will see you all raring to go again after the half term holidays.

Week beginning 10th October

P1140048  P1140056red P1140057red

This week we have been learning about the role of an archaeologist and what their job entails such as; excavation, analysis as well as many more. We then became pottery investigators where we reconstructed ancient pottery. The children were given half a pot vessel and their task was to draw the missing half. This was not easy and required a keen eye for detail. The children did an excellent job and we will be displaying some of this work in the classrooms very soon to celebrate their successes.

The children also created story settings in literacy, based on the image of the month.

Story Setting – Sofia


Week beginning 26th September

image image image image

This week during our art lessons, Year 3 have spent time looking at the monument of Stonehenge and the history behind its Stone Age builders. The children have really enjoyed trying to understand its potential uses and have thoroughly enjoyed drawing it in their sketch pads.
The children have been focussing really hard on developing their artistic skills of planning, refining and altering their drawings. This has required a growth mindset as it is a tricky set of skills to master.

Week beginning 19th September

P1130961red P1130963red P1130958red P1130960red

In Year 3 this week we have been thinking about new starts and especially how we can make a good start in Key stage 2. We discussed with the children how they could make a good impression and make our class a nice place to be. The children were fantastic and came up with lots of wonderful ideas such as being kind to one another, always trying hard and respecting people.

We then spoke to our children individually and asked them what they would like to achieve this year and how they were going to reach their goal. The children really enjoyed this activity as it gave them an opportunity to lead their own learning.

Week beginning 12th September


This week in Year 3 we have been concentrating really hard on ways to improve our writing. Continuing with our ‘All about me’ theme we have been thinking about facts to describe ourselves and then how to deliver them to the reader in an interesting manner. We have talked about adding a variety of adjectives as well as openers to make our writing interesting. The children have then spent time self-evaluating and refining their pieces of writing.

Week beginning 5th September

redDSC02728 redDSC02729

redDSC02730 redDSC02731

Since returning to school Year 3 have been busy getting to know their new teachers and class mates. We have spent time learning our new routines, creating our own class rules and learning how our mind set can positively affect our learning outcomes.  During this time we have also discussed what makes us unique and we wrote amazing facts about ourselves to share with the class.  We are all very eager to continue with our learning next week!

Summer Term 2016

 Week beginning 13th June

DSC02045red DSC02033re

On Thursday Year 3 visited Whitby. We had a fantastic day walking up the ‘199 steps’, visiting the church, exploring the graveyard, finding out about the whale bone arch and seeing the swing bridge in operation. We finished our day playing on the beach and some children made a map of Whitby in the sand. We then came back to school and wrote a recount of our day.

‘Year 3 went to wondrous Whitby on Thursday. We had lots of fun and laughter. In the graveyard we walked around and explored the graves’. Sophia

‘When we got there we walked up Whitby’s famous 199 steps. It took about 45 minutes for us to get up! Eventually we saw the roman numerals which told us how many steps we had climbed’. Jack

‘First we saw lots of boats. We saw a boat called Libby (which is my friend’s name) and a swing bridge. If a tall boat was coming the bridge would open so the mast wouldn’t get damaged. Priya-Rae


Week beginning 6th June:

P1130558red P1130562 red P1130565 red

On Wednesday Year 3 took part in transition day, spending the day visiting Year 4.
‘We wrote an acrostic poem about ourselves. We wrote our name down the side and put adjectives to describe ourselves.’ Priya-Rae
‘In Year 4 I made a vibrant picture mind map about me.’ Theo
‘My day in Year 4 was amazing. I enjoyed all working together.’ Lily-May
‘I loved everything we did in Year 4 because I love fun and games and that is what we did.’ Jessica

Week beginning 23rd May:


Year 3 have been working hard to learn the Ukulele. They have learn to play the ‘C’ and ‘F’ chords. They used this knowledge to help them play the ‘Best day of my life’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’.

During literacy we have been looking at features of persuasive texts including emotive language. We have used these features to write our own persuasive text on visiting Whitby. Here are some of our ideas:

If you come to Whitby you are guaranteed to have a fun, enjoyable, sunny time. Whitby beach is the most popular beach in the UK and they have the best fish and chips! (Jessica)

Would you like to have a fun day out? Whitby is beautiful, outstanding and stunning. (Tehila)

In addition to boating tours, you can go on an underwater adventure and see lots of sea creatures. (Sophia)
Whitby is probably the best known beach for fossil hunting ever, in fact Whitby is famous because of the fossils found there. (Jack)

Week beginning 16th May:

DSCN0588red DSCN0591red DSCN0584red

We used the internet to search for facts about Iron Age Hill Forts. We discovered a hill fort called Danebury Hill Fort, that you can still visit today. We designed and made leaflets to persuade people to visit Danebury using the skill we had learnt in literacy.

During our science lesson we have been looking at translucent, opaque and transparent materials. We discovered that stained glass windows are translucent and cast coloured images or shadows on surfaces inside buildings. We wanted to test this out so designed and made our own stained glass windows.

Week beginning 9th May:

DSCN0580 red

In science we have been exploring light and shadows. This week we have been looking at sundials and how we can use the position of the sun to indicate the time. We then made our own sundials and went outside to see if we could use them to tell the time.

Week beginning 2nd May:

oliver 1 oliver 2

 In literacy, we have been creating persuasive writing for a space holiday, based on the image of the month.
We looked carefully at the image and discussed what was happening and we let our imaginations run away with us.
The children came up with all sorts of creative ideas and used persuasive language in their writing.  Some of our favourite persuasive sentence starters were:
• Be hypnotised by the beauty of the universe!
• Relax and enjoy the luxurious surroundings as you take your once in a lifetime holiday for an extended 1 year period.
And some of our sentences:
Do you want to find out about stars and planets? Well you are in luck! Our trusted Rageling Tour Guides will give you an amazing tour around the solar system. (Sam 3C)
Come and stay at the gorgeous Naco Hotel where you can see the luscious galaxy! Space rocket flights to Nacoland are 50 Space Coins per person. (Lara 3C)

Week beginning 25th April:

In art we have been exploring the work of JMW Turner.  We have described his pictures, created a soundscape of one of his paintings of a storm and explored the techniques and textures used in his work.  We then used what we had learnt to create our own sunset pictures using watercolours.

DSCN0560 rDSCN0564 r

During our literacy lessons, Year 3 have been designing their own superheroes.  Our superheroes have all had special powers including being able to fly, move at the speed of light and stretch as far as the eye can see.  We then wrote a fantasy story about our superheroes:

On a planet far, far away lived a boy by the name of Stan. All he had ever wished for was to become a superhero. So he can be loved, get awards and especially, get more attention. He made posters about heroes, comics and he even made a sash, which he wore everywhere.                         Jack 3D  

As the gloomy moon shone, out jumped the Speedy Stretcher’s enemy the Disolver. ‘I thought I’d banished you from this city,’ said the Speedy Stretcher. Suddenly all the lights in the lights in the city turned off and it was only the Speedy Stretcher’s glowing cape that made any light. Everyone began screaming…                  Jessica 3D 

Once upon a foggy night, the woodcutters were watching the stars because they loved to watch the stars glimmer in the night sky. There a man lived in the woods, he could leap off trees and lived alone in the dark forest.            Issac 3D 


Week beginning 18th April:

The children had a fabulous time at the Independent Schools Association Festival of Dance competition. The children confidently showed off their talent for dance.

y3 dance 

In maths this week we have been learning about column subtraction and exchanging. We used these skills to work out the height of the camps you would stop at if you were descending Mount Everest. The children have worked fantastically hard and really enjoyed today’s activity about Mount Everest.

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