Year 2 Curriculum

Summer Term 2021

Topic – Global Gardens 

Our final topic this year will be based around plants. The children will learn where different foods come from and they will create their own healthy pizza using the ingredients we research. We will conduct a science experiment, recording the conditions needed for sunflower seeds to germinate as well as taking part in the whole school potato project. Within Art, the children will produce some wonderful watercolour paintings in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and Monet and with Design and Technology they will design, produce and evaluate their own model wheelbarrows.  


Within literacy, the children will spend 3 weeks studying ‘The Crows Tale’, developing their sentence structures, descriptive language features and use of subordinating conjunctions. They will write their own short story based upon Roald Dahl’s, ‘Magic Finger’ and create fantastic instructions linked to ‘How to make a Dragon’s Egg.’ In reading, the children will continue to boost their reading comprehension skills through guided reading tasks 


During the final term, the children will consolidate telling the time; quarter past, half past and quarter to and they will look at telling the time to 5-minute intervals. They will find different fractions of shapes and complete challenges find simple fractions of amounts. We will also describe the properties or 2-D and 3-D shapes as well as consolidate the written formal methods using word problems.  


Within computing the children will use technology to purposeful create, organise, store and manipulate content. They will begin their coding unit, consolidating the taught content from the previous term focusing on directional language and simple algorithms