Year 2 Curriculum

Autumn term 2020 – first half 

Topic— Castles 

Our topic work this term is based around castles. The children will learn about The Battle of Hastings, using an atlas to find the route William the Conqueror would have taken from France.  The children will then move on to identifying UK countries and capital cities.  They will be finding out about the different types of castles and weapons and this will lead on to science investigations involving materials and suitability for different purposes.  The children will learn to draw a plan with a key and following the Ripley Castle visit will use printing techniques to recreate a picture of a castle.  The children will design, make and evaluate a 3D castle as a class using TEFOC 


We will be reading stories with familiar settings; carrying out and writing instructions and looking for patterns on the page when reading poetry. The children will be increasing their phonics knowledge; practising their handwriting style and continuing to explore texts through their guided reading sessions. 


The children will practise counting to 100 in ones and tens from any number and locating two-digit numbers on a number line and number square. After revising place value, they will be able to find 10 more/ less than any 2 digit number. They will revise their number pairs that make 10 and 20, using this knowledge to write the corresponding addition and subtraction facts. Number patterns will be covered focusing on steps of 2, 5 and 10. Problem solving using money as well as length and handling data will also be covered. 

Autumn term 2020 – second half 

Topic – Fire 

This half term our topic is ‘Fire’.  We will begin by celebrating ‘Bonfire Night’ through our art work and learning about the reason behind the event and why we should remember it as a part of our history. The children will be investigating ‘fire’ as a source for cooking by making shortbread. ‘The Great Fire of London’ is a focus for this topic and the children will research and learn the historical facts about this significant event. In geography, they will find London landmarks on a map and in science they will be investigating and comparing how a fire engine moves on different surfaces. 


This half term the children will begin by focussing on story settings.  This involves lots of speaking and listening activities such as hot seating and thought tracking. The children will work on using their senses and lots of adjectives to describe different settings, they will go on to write a story set on a beach. The children will also be reading information texts and creating their own information page about the Great Fire of London. 


This half term, Year 2 will revise their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, including symmetry and right angles.  They will learn how to work out fractions of shapes and practise using coins to work out total amounts and change needed. There will be lots of practical activities involving measuring accurately using centimetres and millilitres.