Year 2 News

Week beginning 9th March

KS1 have completed a carousel of shape activities to consolidate the objectives they have covered this week. They began by differentiating between 2D shapes and 3D shapes and identifying the properties of 3D shapes. They then went on to create symmetrical butterflies, 3D minibeasts using nets and completing repeated patterns! Felicity was very resilient when creating her minibeast and she went on to be the expert offering other children advice. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 2nd March

KS1 took their learning outdoors and, with the support of Miss Smith, they began planting herbs into the new Chapter House gardening area. They will continue to maintain and grow their planters throughout the year. The children also had a fantastic time sharing their learning logs. The creativity and individuality of all of the work was amazing, from leaf rubbings, imaginary islands, a woodlands crown and wand and instructions! Well done, everyone!


Week beginning 24th February

Year 2 made a fantastic start to their new literacy topic: instructions. They began by identifying the features of instructions before sequencing an instruction jigsaw in their pairs. Next they used the instructions to create a superhero picture. Well done everyone!



Week beginning 10th February

Year 2 drew inspiration from the image of the term and began by thinking about what they may see if they were to fly over the polar regions in a hot air balloon. They decided to create their own landscape picture linked to the polar regions topic using chalk and collage. They used white chalk to create a snowy landscape before choosing two colours to create their interpretation of The Northern Lights. Using collage, they made a hot air balloon before sticking it over the top.

Week beginning 3rd February

The children in Year 2 have been recognising the value of different coins and they put them into size order using the values. They then played money dominoes where they had to match the total cost of the item to the correct coin amounts. They all had lots of fun and they worked very well in teams!

Week beginning 27th January

In Numeracy, the children have worked hard to find the difference using a number line. The children were given 50p or £1 to spend in ‘Miss Slammon’s Super Store’. They had to work with their buddy to find how much change they would be given after choosing an item from the shop. They used a number line to find the difference. Simrah was the ‘Expert’


Week beginning 20th January

This week the children in KS1 spent time studying Chinese New Year and discovered 2020 is the year of the rat. They read the story and celebrated with a bag of special treats including sweets and colouring sheets. They had lots of fun celebrating all together. Year 2 also wrote amazing descriptions of a polar bear and its habitat in their best books using their individual writing targets.

Week beginning 13th January

To start the new term, the children received new roles of responsibility with Aliysa being the fruit monitor, Simrah the new form captain, Isabel the new school councillor and Beatrice, Felicity and Olivia being breaktime buddies. They voted democratically to appoint the new form captain.

Our new topic this term is Polar Regions and the children thought of questions they would like to find the answers to and added the videos to ‘Padlet’. As the week progressed, the children added their answers, using the Ipads, and they will continue to use the interactive pin board to collate their ideas which parents can access from home using the QR code provided.

Week beginning 6th January

To start the new term, the children received new roles of responsibility with Aliysa being the fruit monitor, Simrah the new form captain, Isabel the new school councillor and Beatrice, Felicity and Olivia being break time buddies. They voted democratically to appoint the new form captain.

Our new topic this term is Polar Regions and the children thought of questions they would like to find the answers to and added the videos to ‘Padlet’. As the week progressed, the children added their answers, using the iPads, and they will continue to use the interactive pin board to collate their ideas which parents can access from home using the QR code provided.

Week beginning 9th December

EYFS and KS1 performed “Whoops-A-Daisy Angel” during this year’s Christmas performance. They sang beautifully and did a fantastic job at remembering their lines. A wonderfully festive finish to the end of term. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 3rd December

This week, KS1 investigated time. They began by showing o’clock and half past the hour times on their individual clocks before moving on to their individual challenge stations drawing hands on analogue clocks and reading and writing time. They all moved onto their extension activities with Isabel and Robson completing a problem solving task.

Week beginning 25th November

The children in KS1 had a wonderful dance lesson this week. They got in the festive spirit and created a Christmas cracker using their bodies as well as pretending to be reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. They also created a dance to ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 18th November

This week, Year 2 have worked extremely hard to share into equal groups. They began by using uni fix blocks to share practically, before exploring mental and written strategies. The expert this week was Olivia, as she was very resilient during this tricky topic and she offered constructive advice to her friends. Well done!


Week beginning 11th November

The children in Year 2 spent the afternoon studying the Great Fire of London by watching a short documentary. They compared and contrasted primary and secondary sources, discussing the different ways of recording evidence in the past before working in groups of two to order the events to produce a timeline. They all worked collaboratively and used 3B4ME to complete the activity. Well done!

Week beginning 4th November

This week, the children began their new topic, ‘Fire! Fire!’ and asked the question, ‘Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?’. As a class, they researched this question using videos from Discovery Espresso and fact books from the library. They researched into Guy Fawkes and found out the history behind the yearly celebration. They then went on to create firework crafts to produce their own firework display on the topic board. In Numeracy, the children used practical equipment to investigate different arrays and write multiplication number sentences.



Week beginning 21st October

To complete this half terms topic on Castles, the children in Year 2 designed, made and evaluated a class castle. They thought carefully about how to work well as a team and they designated roles. Olivia was the team leader, Alisya made the flag, Isabel and Felicity constructed the drawbridge and Beatrice was in charge of the overall finish. Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 14th October

Following the Harvest assembly, the children wanted to investigate the signs of autumn and why we harvest foods during this time of year. We explored the site and found signs of autumn around school using our senses. They all worked together and completed an autumnal scavenger hunt. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 7th October

The children in Key Stage 1 researched the meaning of Langar and Langar meals this week in Religious Education. They discovered Langar means ‘free kitchen’ and the meals are typically vegetarian so that all people, regardless of faith, could enjoy the meal. Using this information, they went on to design a Langar meal before creating it out of FIMO and painting it in art.

Week beginning 30th September

Year 2 took their learning outdoors this week to make the most of the lovely weather. They collected leaves of all different colours and size which they will then use to create artwork. They identified different seeds and discussed how seeds need water, sunshine and soil to grow into trees. A wonderful afternoon before our science lesson!

Week beginning 23rd September

One Day Creative visited Chapter House and the Year 1 and 2 children took part in a fantastic drama workshop. They worked together to retell the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. They all had a wonderful time using props, listening to music and playing games.

Week beginning 16th September

Year 2 returned from break to find an unusual suitcase with lots of magical items inside, along with a poem. They used the poem and the magical items to deduce that the suitcase must belong to a wizard! They then spoke about what they would keep in a magical suitcase and used these ideas to create noun phrases before writing their own list poem.

Week beginning 9th September

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this week. They used their senses to collect adjectives in nature, began touch typing in Computing and solved tricky place value problems in Numeracy. Well done, Year 2!


Week beginning 2nd September

It has been a fantastic first week back with the new Year 2 cohort. They have worked hard to produce class rules, played numeracy games linked to reading and writing numbers and discussed their new roles of responsibility. A highlight was the outdoor learning treasure hunt where the children focused on teamwork and cooperation to solve riddles and find the hidden treasure. A fantastic start to the new academic year. Keep up the good work!

Summer Term 2019

Week beginning 17th June

In our final week, the children researched, designed, created and evaluate a wheelbarrow suitable for a play mobile person. They were given a success criteria and the materials but they had to plan, design, problem solve and build as independently as they could in order to produce an attractive, working wheelbarrow. All of the children were successful in their task and although they found aspects of the task challenging, they had lots of fun and stated, ‘even though problem solving is tricky with help from friends and having a go, you can be successful!’ A great lesson and fabulous problem solving!

Week beginning 10th June

The children in Year 2 worked in teams to design and describe a dragon, drawing inspiration from Chris Wormell’s, ‘George and the Dragon’. They worked collaboratively to produce a group design before peer assessing each others work. The children then used these initial ideas to design their own dragons and writing interesting, descriptive sentences including expanded noun phrases.

Week beginning 3rd June

Year 2 created dragon eggs this week during art after being inspired by, ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. They then went on to write instructions and will be using their dragon eggs to inspire their creative writing next week! Well done, Year 2.

Week beginning 20th May

Following an amazing trip to Harlow Carr where the children identified wild flowers, plants and trees, Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon competing in sports day! They all tried their best and supported their friends. A fantastic, fun filled week! Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 13th May

Year 2 sequenced and labelled the life cycle of a sunflower during their science lesson this afternoon. They defined germination, flowering and seed dispersal as a class before planting their own sunflower seed. Over the next few weeks the children will monitor the growth of their seeds ensuring they get enough water and sunshine. All of the children moved onto their extension activity and created an independent set of instructions titled, ‘How to plant a Sunflower seed.’ Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 6th May

During our weekly library session, the children discussed their favourite authors and recommended books to their friends. The children then had time to enjoy their new books independently in the library before discussing the story so far and making predictions.

Week beginning 30th April

The first week of the summer term was very exciting in Year 2. The children went out into the garden to identify wildlife and plants as well as discussing how seeds grow. Within literacy, they completed a series of drama activities inspired by Roald Dahl’s, ‘The Magic Finger’. They took it in turns to transform their peers into different animals and thought carefully about their use of space, facial expressions and body language.

Week beginning 8th April

This week, the children had lots of fun in numeracy using a variety of the taught skills from the term in a play based carousel of activities. The children had 5 minutes per station and worked in pairs to access the different challenges. They completed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems, a space race adding tens to 2 digit numbers, matched number bonds to 20, played money dominoes, completed time bingo and multiplication four in a row! The children liked the variety and quick pace of the activities as well as working collaboratively.

Week beginning 1st April 

Year 2 had an exciting week in Topic creating prints of Galapagos animals in the art room and exploring the outdoor learning area in the search of mini beast living in the different microhabitats as their science focus. They worked collaboratively, sharing ideas and offering advice to their buddies when they were unsure. They all met their learning objectives and Erasmus was the expert in art. Well done!