Year 2 News

Week beginning 17th June

In our final week, the children researched, designed, created and evaluate a wheelbarrow suitable for a play mobile person. They were given a success criteria and the materials but they had to plan, design, problem solve and build as independently as they could in order to produce an attractive, working wheelbarrow. All of the children were successful in their task and although they found aspects of the task challenging, they had lots of fun and stated, ‘even though problem solving is tricky with help from friends and having a go, you can be successful!’ A great lesson and fabulous problem solving!


Week beginning 10th June

The children in Year 2 worked in teams to design and describe a dragon, drawing inspiration from Chris Wormell’s, ‘George and the Dragon’. They worked collaboratively to produce a group design before peer assessing each others work. The children then used these initial ideas to design their own dragons and writing interesting, descriptive sentences including expanded noun phrases.

Week beginning 3rd June

Year 2 created dragon eggs this week during art after being inspired by, ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. They then went on to write instructions and will be using their dragon eggs to inspire their creative writing next week! Well done, Year 2.

Week beginning 20th May

Following an amazing trip to Harlow Carr where the children identified wild flowers, plants and trees, Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon competing in sports day! They all tried their best and supported their friends. A fantastic, fun filled week! Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 13th May

Year 2 sequenced and labelled the life cycle of a sunflower during their science lesson this afternoon. They defined germination, flowering and seed dispersal as a class before planting their own sunflower seed. Over the next few weeks the children will monitor the growth of their seeds ensuring they get enough water and sunshine. All of the children moved onto their extension activity and created an independent set of instructions titled, ‘How to plant a Sunflower seed.’ Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 6th May

During our weekly library session, the children discussed their favourite authors and recommended books to their friends. The children then had time to enjoy their new books independently in the library before discussing the story so far and making predictions.

Week beginning 30th April

The first week of the summer term was very exciting in Year 2. The children went out into the garden to identify wildlife and plants as well as discussing how seeds grow. Within literacy, they completed a series of drama activities inspired by Roald Dahl’s, ‘The Magic Finger’. They took it in turns to transform their peers into different animals and thought carefully about their use of space, facial expressions and body language.

Week beginning 8th April

This week, the children had lots of fun in numeracy using a variety of the taught skills from the term in a play based carousel of activities. The children had 5 minutes per station and worked in pairs to access the different challenges. They completed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems, a space race adding tens to 2 digit numbers, matched number bonds to 20, played money dominos, completed time bingo and multiplication four in a row! The children liked the variety and quick pace of the activities as well as working collaboratively.


Week beginning 1st April 

Year 2 had an exciting week in Topic creating prints of Galapagos animals in the art room and exploring the outdoor learning area in the search of mini beast living in the different microhabitats as their science focus. They worked collaboratively, sharing ideas and offering advice to their buddies when they were unsure. They all met their learning objectives and Erasmus was the expert in art. Well done!


Week beginning 28th March

Our Personal Development theme this week in Key Stage 1 was appreciation. We began by thinking about how we can show others we appreciate them and how we know others appreciate us. We then started to think about Mother’s Day and all the things mummy’s, grandma’s and other important women do to support us. The children decided they would show their appreciation to an important women by making a card and writing a special message inside.

Week beginning 11th March

This week, the children have has lots of fun performing traditional tales within their Literacy lesson to the class. They thought carefully about their actions and all used clear voices when performing. Within Topic, the children worked collaboratively to produce spider diagrams about Charles Darwin. They have referenced the interactive power point and secondary sources to gather key facts before producing their individual fact files. Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 18th February

Within Personal Development, the children have been working hard on recognising emotions in ourselves and in others. We have spent the half term thinking about things we can do to help our friends and also, things we can be to look after ourselves. The children have taken all of this previous information and applied it to our image of the term. They decided the superhero looked sad, recognising his body language, and in small groups they thought about ways in which he may cheer himself up. Here are some of their wonderful ideas.

Week beginning 11th February

This week, the children have worked really hard in their numeracy lessons and have moved their learning forward by completing column addition calculations. I have been really impressed with everyone’s growth mind set and collaborative working. Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 4th February

Year 2 began to investigate the weather at the Polar Regions. They began by looking at the wind and wanted to know how we know which way the wind is blowing. They all created a windsock and they are now hanging in our classroom. Well done!

Week beginning 28th January

Year 2 started an art project this week using landscape photographs of the estate which they had taken using a digital camera. They began by painting cool colours in watercolour over their picture before adding a layer of blue hues in oil pastels to achieve an Antarctic background. To complete the project they will create a multi media polar animal to make Queen Ethelburgas look as if it has landed in the Polar Regions!


Week beginning 21st January

Key Stage 1 had a fantastic time at ‘The Yorkshire Wildlife Park’ this week. They were all impeccably behaved and learnt lots about food chains during our workshop. After lunch, they explored the park and saw many animals from both Africa and Antarctica.

Week beginning 14th January

Year 2 have spent the afternoon using atlases to identify different countries and continents. We read ‘Ice Trap! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition’ and thought carefully about the tools Ernest Shackleton would have used to navigate across Antarctica. The children used compasses to identify the different compass points before creating and labelling their own compasses. They all worked really hard this afternoon, well done Year 2!


Week beginning 7th January

With the start of a new year, the children in Key Stage 1 considered what improvements they would like to make and created their own resolutions. The children discussed different types of resolutions people make at this time of year and why they do it. The children created fantastic resolutions! Many decided they would like to be brave eaters at lunch time whilst others decided they would like to put their hands up more in class during group discussions. Let’s see if we can help each other keep our resolutions!

Week beginning 10th December

This week in Design Technology the children designed and created a gingerbread biscuit. They thought carefully about food hygiene and how to stay safe when baking. They were really sensible and worked well in their groups. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 3rd December

The children in KS1 were visited by the Bupa Dental team from Harrogate this week in their Personal Development lesson. Jade, Sophie and Robyn shared lots of interesting facts about the teeth and showed the children how to clean their teeth properly as well as informing them about the sugar content in foods and how this can effect the health of the teeth. The children listened carefully and asked lots of insightful questions.

Week beginning 26th November

The children have completed their Design and Technology projects. Each child has designed, produced and evaluated their own Christmas decoration. They had lots of fun working in small groups and they developed lots of new skills. Well done!

Week beginning 19th November

Year 2 began their Design and Technology project this week. The whole school have been given the task to design, produce and evaluate a Christmas bauble. Within the brief, the children must use different sewing techniques. Year 2 have been given a gingerbread man design to complete. The children began by thinking about the equipment they would need, how they would stay safe when using the needles and created a labelled design of how they wished their bauble to look at the end. They then started sewing, using a running stitch to create the gingerbread mans mouth. They all did a great job!

Week beginning 12th November

Within literacy, the children have been building up their writing skills ready to produce their own adventure story next week based on ‘The Quest’ by Aaron Beaker. They have sequenced events using a story mountain, developed their use of speech punctuation and adverbs within grammar lessons and looked carefully at sentence openers. Following a modelled writing session, the children then had a go at writing the beginning of a story. They were tasked to include interesting adjectives and a variety of sentence openers. Here are some examples of their excellent work.

Week beginning 5th November

In order to commemorate Remembrance Day, we created a class acrostic poem. The children worked in small groups to write their own section of the poem and then we pieced it together and up-levelled the sentences. The children all thought carefully about their sentences and worked really well in their groups. Well done!

Week beginning 22nd October

Key Stage 1 and EYFS had an amazing day celebrating the School Birthday! They all made a party hat and a chocolate lolly before enjoying sticky buns at break time which were delicious. Following our fantastic morning, we then enjoyed our party lunch in the marquee. We can’t wait to celebrate again next year!


Week beginning 15th October

The children worked really hard during their numeracy lesson this week. Their task was to investigate the capacities of different containers. They began by estimating the volume and then worked as a team to measure to the nearest ml. Well done!

Week beginning 8th October

In Numeracy, the children have been focusing on units of measurement. We have accurately measured length to the nearest cm and mm and we have begun to investigate scales when comparing different masses. The children have all worked incredibly hard and each child progressed onto their own challenge work. Well done!


Week beginning 1st October

Year 2 had a fantastic morning at Ripley Castle. They identified features of a castle, heard lots of interesting facts about the family who live in the castle and saw some artefacts from historical battles. They asked lots of insightful questions and were impeccably behaved. Well done!


Week beginning 24th September

The children have worked really hard in literacy this week focusing on developing their descriptive writing techniques by focusing on expanded noun phrases. The children have identified adjectives in stories, used their senses to describe a beach and create a whole class word mat and independently described a new under water world for Ben and Sophie to explore from, ‘The Hidden Forest’. They all worked extremely hard, well done!

Week beginning 17th September

The children were very excited and enthusiastic when returning from their music lesson this week. They performed to Miss Slammon and were awarded a class vivo for listening to instructions carefully and sustaining good posture throughout their performance. Well done!

Week beginning 10th September

Within Topic this week, the children have been learning the names of the seven continents and the four countries that collectively make up the United Kingdom. They have used the atlases to label maps and they have all been successful. As an extension, the children worked in groups to put together pieces of jigsaws to build world maps and a map of the United Kingdom. Well done, Year 2!



Week beginning 3rd September

It has been a wonderful first week back in Year 2. The children have been ordering and comparing numbers in numeracy, creating fact files about William the Conqueror in topic and writing class rules in literacy. Here are some excellent examples of writing following our literacy lesson.



Week beginning 18th June:

Year 2 spent the morning using Puppet Pals 2 to create their own story. They had lots of fun adding voices to their animations, working collaboratively and manipulating the puppets. Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning 11th June:

Year 2 have enjoyed acting out their own version of Christopher Wormell’s ‘George and the Dragon’ using puppets and props they have made.
They will be filming their stories later this week using the iPads and using the app, Puppet Pals, to produce an animation.

Week beginning 21st May:

EYFS and KS1 has a fantastic afternoon taking part in the Chapter House Sports Day. They all demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, cheering on their friends and congratulating the winners of each race. A big well done to all of the boys and girls!

Week beginning 14th May:

Key Stage One enjoyed massaging each other’s back on Tuesday as part of wellbeing week. They also had a very productive time in gardening club planting aubergine, pepper and blueberry seeds.

Week beginning 7th May:

This week in Numeracy, Year 2 have been working hard to solve money problems. They have identified different coins to make totals and they played money dominoes using their skills! Well done, boys and girls!

This beautiful, sunny Yorkshire Thursday, year 2 visited Harlow Carr to develop their understanding of plants and how they grow. They took part in a work shop, explored the gardens on a seed hunt, planted lettuce for Miss Slammon’s lunch, bumped into The BFG and played I-Spy looking out for wildlife and flowers. They were all really well behaved, had lots of fun and have made Miss Smith, Miss Patrick and Miss Slammon very proud.

Week beginning 30th April:

Today, Year 2 found a dragon egg in the classroom along with a book, “The Egg” by M. P. Robertson.
The children went on an adjective, adverb, powerful verb and time opener hunt as a class and then used the words to write their own descriptive sentences about the pictures from the book. Here are some excellent examples. Well done Year 2, you all worked so hard!


Week beginning 23rd April:

Year 2 have been using practical, play based activities to practise time this week. They can read analogue clocks in 5 minute intervals and recognise o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter. As a challenge, they used their time understanding to solve word problems. Well done Year 2!

Earlier in the week, Year 2 made the most of the beautiful weather and took their learning outdoors. They went to the secret garden to identify different flowers and make observational sketches in their workbooks.

After a little while and lots of hard work, the children played team games and sat down to enjoy circle time.

Today, Year 2 planted their own sunflower seed in the hope that with water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil, they will grow. They then wrote a set of instructions in their sunflower diaries listing the equipment, so that they could tell a friend or family member how to grow a seedling. Over the next few weeks as the children’s sunflowers grow, they will take measurements and record the development of their seed in their own sunflower diary.
As a control experiment, the class decided to take sunlight away from Miss Slammon’s seed to see if the seed would germinate. They then made predictions as a class and they will see what happens over the coming weeks.


Week beginning 16th April:

During paired talk, the children decided the character in this terms image of the month was Little Red Riding Hood and the monochrome background created a spooky feeling. After gathering lots of powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs the children produced their own fantastic setting descriptions. Well done!

Y2 – Using descriptive language

Meanwhile, in design technology, Year 2 have been given the task of designing a healthy vegetarian pizza. They have all been brave eaters and they have tried spinach, tomatoes, pineapple, red pepper and feta cheese as these are the toppings they can choose from. Many of the children found that they liked at least one of the foods that they had never tried before. Tomorrow we are going to use the ingredients we have tried today to produce healthy pizzas and evaluate our designs based on taste and look. Miss Slammon was so proud of you for trying something new.

Week beginning 9th April:

During literacy this week, Year 2 have focused on using adverbs independently to add detail and description to their writing. They all had fantastic success and here are some excellent examples of their independent work.

Using adverbs – Independent writing

Week beginning 19th March:

In science, year 2 began to look at biodiversity and the different eco-systems around us. We then had lots of fun making a biodiversity fortune tellers. They were tricky at first but with lots of resilience and team work, we succeeded!

In addition, they produced some fantastic story openers using ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as inspiration. Once they had written their opening, they checked their work using purple pencil and independently improved their work using purple pencil. Wonderful writing and excellent editing skills, Year 2!

Alice in Wonderland text

Week beginning 12th March:

This week in Science, Year 2 researched animal habitats and choose their favourite animal to create a fact file about. They all worked really hard and I was impressed with everybody’s work! Well done!


Week beginning 5th March:

Today, the children in EYFS and KS1 planted their potatoes for our whole school potato project! They had lots of fun and worked well as a team. Well done everyone!

Years 1 and 2 were the proud hosts of family and friends for this week’s assembly. We shared our wonderful work, performed a play and even quizzed our audience about facts we had taught them. Our classes were so proud to share some of the beautiful artwork, including the eye-catching ceramics we painted on our trip.

Week beginning: 26th February   


This week, Year 2 have been creating their own algorithms to program their friends to recreate patterns on graph paper. They were very good at creating algorithms and reading them! Well done everyone!

Week beginning: 19th February

Year 2 had lots of fun on Friday afternoon taking part in the whole school Clarice Cliff project. We designed our plates, drawing inspiration from the ‘Bizarre’ collection by Clarice Cliff and then used tissue paper and PVA glue to create a glazed effect. It was lots of fun and we are very proud of our final pieces of art work.

Week beginning: 5th February

Year 2 have worked extremely hard in Literacy over the last few weeks. They have been experimenting with sentence structures and looking at different connectives they could use to extend their sentences. As a class, we used the image of the month to inspire our writing. We began by collecting noun phrases as a class and then included them in our sentences with a connective to add detail. They have done a fantastic job and I am very proud of all they have achieved. Well done Year 2!

Week beginning: 22nd January

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic trip to Rainbow Ceramics in York. We plan and designed our plates before our trip and at Rainbow Ceramics we created the final design. It was lots of fun and we can’t wait to see the finished plates next week after they have been fired in the kiln!

Week beginning: 15th January


Year 2 have had all worked very hard this week to create a super information page on Emperor Penguins. They have used the IPad’s and non-fiction book to research, created word mats and defined tricky key words using dictionaries before writing up their own information page. Here are some super examples! Well done Year 2!

Week beginning: 8th January

This week, Year 2 have been researching Antarctica and polar animals using a variety of secondary sources. They had lots of fun using the IPads to research an animal of their choice and they went on to produce a fact file recording key facts such as what they like to eat and where they like to live. Well done everybody, you worked really hard!

Week beginning: 4th December

This morning, Year 1 and Year 2 gathered together during extended form time to share their festive Christmas party hats. From Christmas trees to elf ears everybody made a fantastic, festive effort for our Christmas lunch today!

Week beginning: 27th November

The children in EYFS and KS1 had a wonderful day on Thursday when we went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse. We travelled by coach to Leeds where we all thoroughly enjoyed the festive production, ‘Crumble’s Search for Christmas’. On the way home, Winter made an appearance and delivered snow before we tucked into our delicious picnic lunch! We all feel very festive and we can’t wait to share our Christmas Nativity with you all!

Week beginning: 20th November

The children in Year 2 had a visit from some international students from the Faculty. The pupils taught the children how to say ‘Hello’ in Chinese and Russian. They had lots of fun and they were able to ask questions about other countries. A really big thank you to the older pupils for the visit!

Week beginning: 13th November

The Year 2’s have spent the week investigating 3D Shapes. We have matched shapes to their names and we know how to spot edges, faces and vertices on 3D shapes. To finish the week, we investigated how 3D shapes are made and had a go at creating cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms. It was lots of fun and everybody should be proud of everything they have learnt this week. Well done, Year 2!

Week beginning: 30th October

This week, Year 2 created rockets linking to our fire topic. We had lots of fun following instructions, helping our friends and using different materials.

 Week beginning: 9th October


Today Year 2 visited Ripley Castle for a private tour to learn more about the Ingleby family and study a castle within our local community. They had a fantastic guide who told them lots of information and they climbed the steep steps to find the secret hiding place for priest!

Week beginning: 2nd October


Year 2 went on an autumnal walk to link to our descriptive writing theme in Literacy. They had lots of fun creating noun phrases in the secret garden working in pairs to think about what they could see, hear, smell and touch.
Lily’s favourite noun phrase was “rough, orange, crunchy leaves” and Emily and Aoife could see “golden leaves falling from the trees.” Well done Year 2!

Week beginning: 25th September

This week, the children in Year 2 have been having lots of fun using practical equipment to estimate and explore subtraction. The children have worked really hard and achieved lots, well done Year 2!

Week beginning: 18th September

The children in Year 2 have produced some wonderful independent learning logs so far this term. Here are some fantastic examples of the work so far:

Week beginning: 11th September

The children in year 2 have been working really hard this week within Literacy. The spent today identifying and sorting rhyming words into columns and they all managed to complete the task independently.  Well done Year 2!

Academic year 2016-2017

Week beginning:  5th June

Year 2 have had a very varied week, on Tuesday we went on our Key Stage 1 and Early Years end of year trip to Billy Bobs and the Bolton Abbey Steam Train. The wet and windy weather certainly did not spoil the children’s fun.  On Thursday, the children enjoyed a taster day in Year 3 and Friday we all had great fun at Sports Day.

Week beginning: 22nd May


Bellas evaluation

Year 2 finished and evaluated their wheelbarrows this week. Everyone worked hard to meet the success criteria and Bella got star of the week for her stable, movable and neatly finished wheelbarrow.

Week beginning: 15th May


What an exciting week Year 2 have had! On Tuesday, we braved the rain on our trip to Harlow Carr. The children had a great time learning all about plants. They went on to write a recount of the trip in literacy. On Thursday, the sun shone and we all enjoyed a delicious picnic outdoors, the children made their own ice cream sundaes, which was a real treat.

Week beginning:  8th May

Year 2 have been busy making their dragon eggs this week. They started by making paper mache on Monday and completed their egg by painting it and adding sparkles today. Next week they will be writing some instructions to explain how they made it.

Week beginning: 1st May

Amani’s division

Helena’s division

Zara’s division

This week we have been covering multiplication and division in numeracy. In science, we have been learning about the different parts of a plant and their functions, the children have been making careful observations and recordings of their seed germination experiment.

Week beginning: 24th April


On Tuesday Year 2 followed a recipe to bake some Sunshine Shorties and they have gone on to write their own instructions on how to make the delicious biscuit.  In numeracy the children have been revisiting telling the time to the quarter hour and five minutes. Today the children enjoyed planning and setting up a science experiment to answer the question ‘What does a seed need to germinate?’

Week beginning: 3rd April

This week Year 2 have been learning about habitats and life processes and they all enjoyed a mini beast hunt on Friday. In literacy, the children have been writing instructions.  The highlight was definitely making a hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows) then writing  instructions on how to make one.  Amani and Daisy were awarded star of the week for their amazing work.

Instructions Amani


Week beginning: 27th March

In topic this week Year 2 have completed their blanket for Charles Darwin. They sewed together squares of felt using running stitch and attached their print of a Galapagos animal which they made using a texture relief tile. In literacy they have been writing a riddle for the image of the month and in numeracy the children have completed their fractions unit.

Week beginning: 20th March

Year 2 enjoyed sharing their work in their class assembly this week, their recorder skills were amazing! The children have been improving their sewing techniques when they sewed a blanket for  Charles Darwin.  Next week they will be printing a design onto the blanket.

Year 2 have also planted some seed potatoes as part of the Chapter House potato growing competition, fingers crossed for a bumper crop!

Week beginning: 13th March

Year 2 children have worked hard on their topic this week, they have all completed an information page about marine iguanas in literacy.  The trip to the Yorkshire Museum on Friday really helped to consolidate their learning about Charles Darwin.  The children were captivated by Charles Darwin as he took them on his journey around the world.

Week beginning: 6th March

Amani partitioning

Daisy partitioning

The children really did themselves proud in the Gym and Dance workshop on Friday, well done everyone. In numeracy Year 2 have been doing lots of addition activities using partitioning. In literacy we have researched marine iguanas, ready to write an information page next week.

Week beginning: 27th February

Year 2 have had a busy week. In celebration of World Book Day there have been lots of activities linked to books.  We have been hot seating, using adjectives to describe characters, looking at story structure and retelling a story. Everyone looked fantastic today in their book character outfits!

Week beginning: 13th February

Year 2 have had a busy week, they have completed a science experiment to see which part of a penguin huddle is the hottest. This involved planning a fair test and accurately reading a  thermometer – you could ask your child what they found out!  In Literacy the children have written letters to a class mate and the author Anthony Browne. In numeracy the children have been doing lots of work involving multiplication, a highlight was playing hit the button and table mountain in the ICT suite.

Week beginning: 6th February

The year 1 and 2 children had a chilly but fun time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. They enjoyed spotting the African animals and learned lots about polar bears during their workshop. The meerkats were definitely a favourite!

Week beginning: 30th January

The children enjoyed using the Ipad app ‘Book Creator’ to make a comic style eco-friendly poster.

Week beginning: 23rd January

This week the Year 2’s have completed their Anthony Browne unit in literacy by writing their own version of the Gorilla story. All of the class worked extremely hard and  Bella, Zara, Beth, Benjamin and Daisy  got a punctuation medal for their  amazing use of  punctuation.  Beth and Zara shared their stories with the Year 5’s. Well done Year 2’s!

Week beginning: 16th January

The Year 2’s had a magical trip to the Rainbow Factory on Thursday.  Once they stepped through the door they were immersed in the magic of fairy stories.  They met different fairy story characters, listen to and acted out  fairy stories, they went through a story woodland, finding clues and feeding the giant.  Some children even ended up in the giants cage!! The children showed lots of imagination and I am sure they will put their experiences to good use in their literacy lessons.

More photos can be found in the visits section.

Week beginning: 9th January


The children have settled back well into their learning this week.  They have been looking at books by the author Anthony Browne, discussing what they liked about them and writing their own blurbs.  In numeracy the children have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. We have also started the new topic ‘Polar Regions’ which fits in well with our current weather conditions!

Week beginning: 5th December

Year 2 have been working with money this week, recognising coins, making amounts and finding change. In literacy the children have been writing a diary like Samuel Pepys and we have made shortbread in design and technology.

Week beginning: 28th November

broghans-fire-engine-exp bellas-fire-engine-exp aus-fire-engine-experiment daisys-fire-engine-exp

The Year 2 children have been learning about friction, they planned a fair test to find the best surface for a fire engine to travel on.  They used a ramp and measured how far the fire engine travelled on each surface. They tested, tarmac, grass, tiles and carpet. The results showed the  best surfaces  were tiles and tarmac and the worst was grass.

Week beginning: 21st November

practical-fractions-1 practical-fractions-2 practical-fractions-3

This week Year 2 have all written an information page on the ‘Great Fire of London’. Both Harriet and Beth got ‘Star of the week’ for working so hard on their pages.  In numeracy we have been working with fractions and learning how to find the fraction of a shape.



Week beginning: 14th November


The Christmas play rehearsals for ‘Baubles’  have started in earnest this week!  This picture shows the Year 2’s practising their songs.  They have also completed  an independent piece of work; a story based on a  short animation called ‘Bubbles’. Lots of children received punctuation medals for their amazing range of punctuation.  





Week beginning: 7th November

beth-and-benjamin-measuring arthur-and-brogan-sorting-smarties-msg aus-and-bella-sorting-smarties

This week Year 2 have been gathering and sorting information in the form of tally charts and block graphs. Tuesday was a very popular numeracy lesson as we sorted Smarties into their different colours.  On Thursday we started to look at reading scales and did lots of measuring in millilitres. In literacy the children have been working hard at improving their punctuation and have practised using speech marks.  We have also researched The Great Fire of London in the ICT suite as part of  topic  this week.



Week beginning: 31st October


Year 2 have had a fun packed week!  It began by making 3D pumpkins on Monday, on Tuesday we were treated to a production by Tall Stories ‘Alfie White – Space Explorer‘ and on Friday the children made 3D fireworks. In Literacy we have been reading ‘The Hidden Forest’ by  Jeannie Baker and doing lots of written work and speaking and listening activities linked to the book. In numeracy the children have been learning to multiply, identify odd and even numbers and solve word problems. Two examples of the work can be seen below:



Week beginning: 17th October

img_2987 img_2988 img_2989

Year 2 have had a busy week; they have designed, made and evaluated their castles with a moving drawbridge, they also finished the class brick castle which everyone had a turn at completing. In literacy, Year 2 have written a recount about their Ripley Castle trip last week. There was some excellent recounts, Zara won a punctuation medal for hers! In numeracy the children have been learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Week beginning: 10th October

The children worked hard this week to produce literacy work based on the image of the month:


Describe a setting – Daisy


Week beginning: 3rd October

This week in numeracy Year 2 have been working hard at addition and subtraction.  Click on the links below to have a look at some of the our column addition:

Amani’s column addition

Beth’s column addition

Harriet’s column addition


We have also been solving and writing word problems for our class mates to solve:

I had 41 cars and I gave 13 away how many do I have now? (Benjamin)

If there was 16 cakes and my brother ate 6 and I ate 6, how many would be left? (Daisy)

There were 8 cattle and the farmer took away 4, how many were left? (Aus)

I have 7 biscuits, I made 10 more. How many do I have altogether? (Zara)

Week beginning: 26th September

image image
This week Year 2 have been learning how to measure accurately using centimetres; they have measured their hand and lots of different things around the classroom. In literacy we have started the unit ‘Traditional Tales’. To help us feel like Little Red Riding Hood we went down to the woods and used all of our senses to describe the setting.

Week beginning: 19th September


Year 2 had a fabulous time doing the dance workshop ‘Dino Stomp’. They enjoyed learning and performing  a dinosaur dance.

Week beginning: 12th September

Arthur Aus Beth Zara

The Year 2 children worked with a younger child to build a chair out of unfix blocks for a teddy. There was lots of great team work.

Week beginning: 5th September

Year 2 have started their Castles topic by learning about the Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror.

Castle work – Zara and Bella

Summer Term 2016

Week beginning: 13th June

hesketh farm 5 hesketh farm 3 hesketh farm 2

The Year 2’s enjoyed the Key Stage one trip to Hesketh Farm Park trip on Thursday. We all went on a trailer ride, held some chicks and guinea pigs, fed the lambs and had a play on the park and go-karts.  More photos can be found on the Year 2 visits page.

Week beginning: 6th June

transition day 2 red transition day 1 red

Year 2 enjoyed their transition day in Year 3 on Wednesday.

“We enjoyed the star treasure hunt, it led us to the Woodlands playground” Sally, Kitty and Sofia.

“We loved games, we played cricket and splat”  Isaac, Edwin and Cole.


Week beginning: 23rd May

This week Year 2 have been describing scenes from Narnia involving the White Witch.  They have written sentences using different openers such as alliteration, similes and adverbs.

Isabella’s sentence openers

William’s sentence openers


Week beginning: 16th May

Budding artists

Year 2 have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh.  They have been using oil pastels to recreate his famous Sunflowers picture.

Maisie’s picture

Zak’s picture


Week beginning: 9th May

Year 2 have been consolidating their knowledge of column addition and subtraction.  Many of the class have been challenged with the Year 3 objective of exchanging 10’s when subtracting, the next step will be to exchange 100’s.

Isaac’s column subtraction

Some of the children also shared their creative writing with 5Y this week and received some useful advice on how they could improve the work.


Week beginning: 2nd May

This week in numeracy Year 2 have been revisiting multiplication and division.  Sally is Year 2 Star of the Week for her excellent division work.

Sally’s division work


Week beginning: 25th April

Year 2 have produced some excellent descriptions of their dragon this week.  The focus has been on using amazing adjectives.

Cole’s dragon description

Sofia’s and Edwin’s dragon descriptions


Week beginning: 18th April

The Year 2’s had a surprise this week when Mrs Sigsworth brought in a mysterious egg she found in a cave while out walking. There was lots of discussion about what it could be; a dragon’s egg, a mythical creature or even a unicorn! The class worked especially quietly to encourage it to hatch and have also started to make their own eggs.

This is sure to be an exciting stimulus for lots of descriptive writing.

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